Casey Anthony: Jose Baez to Defend Aruba Suspect Gary Giordano

Jose Baez, who is most well known for his role as Casey Anthony’s attorney, says he will defend the U.S. businessman who’s being held in the presumed death of his travel companion in  Aruba.

From ABC News:

The defense attorney who helped get Casey Anthony acquitted of murder charges has flown to Aruba to take up the defense of Gary Giordano, the man held in the disappearance of 35-year-old Robyn Gardner of Maryland.

Baez confirmed to ABC News today that he is in Aruba and will be joining the defense of Giordano, who has been in prison there since shortly after Gardner vanished on Aug. 2.

Shortly after the Casey Anthony verdict, Baez told ABC News’ Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview, ”After I heard ‘not guilty,’ I had a moment. I thought, ‘My life is going to start to change.’”

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jose Baez to Defend Aruba Suspect Gary Giordano”

  1. GL Carpenter Says:

    On to the next TV show defendant. Does this mean Casey is a Has-been or perhaps she will acompany Jose so she can coach this killer on lieing technics. Maybe this guy can live with Jose and Casey and he can kill Casey too

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    Love his 1’st thought-“My life is going to change”sure it is.He is going on the hunt to find High profile cases to keep his smug little mug on national news as long as he can.. I would have thought his 1’st thought may have been (WOW I ACTUALLY WAS ABLE TO LIE & DECEIVE THOSE 12 JURORS INTO BELIEVING THIS LINE OF SH__ THAT I BLEW UP THE WORLDS A__ & THEY BELIEVED MY BULL____)

  3. zelda Says:

    haahahaa………….right on Sandy. Now he’s hooked.
    Monumental egos are so predictable aren’t they?
    Sad to see our justice system become just another “reality” show.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    I know what MY first thought is— “Lie.. Cover Up.. CHECK… Another Murderer off the Hook.. CHECK CHECK.”

  5. zelda Says:

    Baez is a waste of space in my opinion.
    Say Honeydog,(and all),,,,,,did you read where he was telling the news that poor casey has been seeing a therapist because of all the trauma SHE has been through etc. and will need extensive care . Her daughter’s death and all that time in jail and the trial and everything,,,,,,,,,,poor thing. Who is paying for that ?????

  6. Says:

    bozo thinks he is the smartest lawyer now not.he thinks he will be in luck pulease what a jack ass.he did not win the jury got it wrong but now we must accept wht happened and go forward thats all.bozo sure is a waste of space and stupid maybe he thinks he can win the courts as well what a sad case he is.the reason he took on the case in aruba is one he cant argue with the courts nor can he get smart like he did at casey case.he is a finished piece of trash that is taking up population in one calls for him no one wants him thats why he decided to go to aruba he has no work here thats for sure what else can he do?

  7. Says:

    as l was writing my comments went through by accident yes bozo needs to disappear from florida so does his girlfriend one will take him for a lawyer period he is a jack ass.casey is not going for help are you kidding me nothing is wrong with her why would she take those steps?then we have her parents going from one show to another lying some more is that all this group of idiots know how to do get out of town we have seen enough of all of you.bye bye cant help gary he is another killer and you dont have the same stupid jury either so you wont win.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Zelda. Yes, I heard about Casey allegedly being under Psychiatric care (I say “allegedly” because this is WHAT??— the 3rd or 4th time we’ve heard she is “going to” and/or “is” since the day after she walked free??). I’m not sure I even believe it. And furthermore, I couldn’t care less. It disgusted me when I watched Cheney Mason’s Interview with Jean Casarez, when he told her to think about how much Casey has endured— “the loss of her Daughter”… “the loss of her Family”… “being in Isolation 23 Hours a Day for 3 Years”— as if we should all realize how HARD she’s had it and cut her some Slack. HEL..LO!!!!… She put HERSELF there. Oh I don’t doubt for a second that she needs HELP, but God help the person who tries to straighten HER out, and being that it’s supposed to be a Psychiatrist rather than a Psychologist she’s seeing, her “Help” will mainly be “Pills”, which in no way are going to correct or solve the numerous Issues of a Narcistic Sociopath. And as one Psychologist stated on JVM the other night, the whole damn FAMILY needs to be involved in order to even attempt to make a DENT in everything that’s wrong with her, and that there are so many complicated matters, in so many directions, which need to be addressed and taken-apart and dealt-with, it’s going to take a Sigmond Froyd (sp?) to be successful with such an individual. First we hear that she’s in Mexico, living it up in the Sun and Sand, then she’s taking-up Spanish while she’s serving her Probation so she can high-tail it back there in a year, and now suddenly she’s in Therapy because she doesn’t feel so good. If anything, I think this latest Report— even if True— is in anticipation that SOMEone will want to make a move to pay her for an Interview when her Probation is over, so that she can make some Money, because I honestly don’t believe that Casey Anthony is truly genuinely interested in any kind of Help, other than for the purpose of leading-to and/or getting her where and what she wants for her own self-Indulgent Pleasure and Benefit. No mere Anti-Depressant 3X/Day is going to change a person like that. God knows her own Mother is living Proof.

  9. Donna Says:

    George Anthony is the lone individual with the courage to speak the truth about what happened to adorable Caylee Marie, his beloved 2-year old granddaughter.That is exactly what he testified to in court, that last time he checked,1+1 still equals 2, and that skank baby killer, Casey Anthony, was responsible for whatever happened to Caley. Meanwhile, Cindy made all kinds of excuses for Caley’s killer mom, even committing purjury. She played this ridiculous game in her head that if Casey was acquitted, Cindy believed that would be a sign from God that Casey was innocent and that Caley could rest in peace. Turns my stomach. Can’t wait to hear that Casey has met her demise.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Right, Donna. The Apple doesn’t fall too far from the Tree, does it.

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