Casey Anthony: ‘Caylee’s Law’‎ Introduced in Ohio

Ohio is joining the list of states to propose laws that require prompt reporting of missing children in response to public outrage over the acquittal of Casey Anthony.

From WESH:

Ohio lawmakers are now among 15 states to consider the so-called Caylee’s Law.

The law would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours. The law would also require the report of a child’s death within an hour of the discovery.

Other states proposed similar laws. Officials said they need more time to consider the laws.

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: ‘Caylee’s Law’‎ Introduced in Ohio”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    This is a good thing. But I have one Question— How would the Authorities be able to know for certain how long a Child was actually Missing? Couldn’t Parents who had committed “Foul Play” on their Child simply SAY that they are reporting their Child missing within the 24-Hour Time Frame, when it could really be a Day or a Week or whatever later? The same with reporting a Child’s death— especially if Parents deliberately caused it…. How are the Police going to know that the “Discovery” was made “within the last Hour” of when the Report comes in. These Parents could Lie and SAY they just Discovered it, when they’ve actually held-off longer. I suppose this Law would be most effective where “Honest” and Caring Parents are concerned, but I don’t know how much for those of Wrong-doing. I’m sure I’m just being Stupid here in not seeing something I should, so if anyone wants to make Sense out of this for me and adjust my Skeptical Mind on this Law working for all and being “Fail Safe”, please……

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