Casey Anthony: Ordered to Return to Florida

A Florida judge has ruled that Casey Anthony must return to the Orlando area to serve check fraud probation.


Judge Belvin Perry had to rule on whether Anthony, 25, should serve probation for a check fraud conviction — or if she had already completed it while awaiting her murder trial in the Orange County Jail.

Perry said he would authorize the Department of Corrections to make an exception and keep Anthony’s address private during her probation.

“It is clear the court stated the defendant’s probation was to start once she was released from jail,” Perry said in his order.

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15 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Ordered to Return to Florida”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Finally the little brat DOESN’T get away with something!!!! About time SHE has 2 pay the piper

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Pay the price!!!!!
    Do the right thing..
    Screwed your family up &
    NO LESS!!!!!!

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, GOOD. Her being Incarcerated for the last 3 years had nothing to do with the Check Fraud she committed, was Charged with, found Guilty of, and ordered Probation for. Totally separate matter. It is only Right that she pay the appropriate Consequences for that Offense, the same as anybody else would be required to.

  4. GasCanGeorge Says:

    Wow, 3 yrs sitting in jail isnt paying the piper? LOL,,,Get real

  5. Sandy Says:

    3 years in jail 4 MURDER CHARGES!!!!! Not stealing from a vacationing friend.. Someone needs to get real! And I think it’s Casey needing to learn how to live in the REAL WORLD & Get out of her little fantasy world!!! BELLA VITA 4 CAYLEE (not Casey)

  6. Alana Says:

    Killer’s sleezy parents are still raking it in too! They are going to be on Dr. Phil, asking people to send money to Grandparent’s Rights! How much lower can these creatures go?? Don’t they have any respect for little Caylee? She’s only a Money Maker to them! They have no shame, and are the very lowest form of humanity!

  7. One Op Says:

    Asking for money for Grandparent’s Rights!!!???? Interesting because I would think this organization, if it already exists, would be when grandparents need to step in and take their grandchildren out of a bad situation. In their family they were part of the bad situation
    and I find it disgusting that Dr. Phil would even turn a head to talk to these people. I hope he turns the table and really blasts them but the ratings are soooooooooo important to all the media interviews.
    To read about this interview with them makes me sick. The best thing would be for all the stations to turn them down. C & G should get back to work and contribute instead of taking and they should be jailed and have probation too, the three of them need to be locked up in the same 6×8 room together. Let them claw each other to shreds. I had held some respect and compassion for C & G for a long time. Not any more! THEY did not care about Caylee and that is part of why Casey thought it all right to get rid of her. As a matter of fact the whole horrible plan was carried out by all of them, exactly for the money returns. When they went on their first cruise while everyone was working and tax monies were being used to cover Casey’s ass, it gave clear understanding of what they were all about.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    When I heard that George and Cindy are going to be on “Dr. Phil”, the first thought that crossed my Mind was, “Jesus Ch***t, why don’t these people just STOP!… The damn Trial is over!… EVERYthing is over!… Just go back to your Lives like everybody else does! We didn’t see Lacy Peterson’s Parents or Nicole Brown-Simpson’s Family on TV every time you turned it on after the Trials were over, and Beth Holloway was only kept in the News for a while longer because Natalee was ACTUALLY “Missing” and the Investigation was on-going— and yet, ALL of these people either started or got involved with certain Organizations as the result of their own personal Tragedies. But NO— Not The ANTHONYS!… They freakin’ love the SPOTLIGHT more than their arrogant DAUGHTER. And this “Charity” for “Grandparents of Missing and Abused Children”??? All I can say is, WHAT a freakin’ FARCE! Yeah.. Caylee was ABUSED alright, so why a Charity for “Grandparents” and not the “Abused” themselves. I’LL tell you why (Nevermind, you already KNOW!)… And FURTHERmore, CAYLEE was NEVER “Missing”. Compared to those individuals I mentioned above, George and Cindy Anthony have less Right or good Reason to deserved-Help than any of them, to do what they’re doing. Their DAUGHTER is responsible for their Grand-daughter’s death, and unlike those other individuals, they have the Nerve to go around and ask the Public for what I consider Self-serving Compensation for it. And it doesn’t matter a Hill of Beans to me that Dr. Phil says “He looked them straight in the Eyes and they answered all his Questions”, or that he himself isn’t “Paying” George and Cindy for this Interview and that this is supposed to make us all feel better about it— Cindy, especially, can be as good a convincing Liar as Casey, and as Wise as Dr. Phil is, she can unwaveringly stay True to form if she WANTS to bad enough, George can always manage to slide through, and they are both there to “Plug” their newest “Income-making” Business, from which I’m sure they Profit and allows them to continue to “Use” the Country as a “Crutch”, because they’re too Selfish and Spineless to stand on their own two Feet and move forward. As much as they portray themselves as True and Sincere “Advocates” for Crime Victims, they can’t hold a Candle to the likes of Lacy Peterson’s, Nicole Simpson’s, or Natalee Holloway’s Families, and everything they do is to satisfy their own Self-indulgent Motives. It makes me sick that there are vulnerable people out there who are gladly forking-over Money to The Anthony’s particular “Foundations” which are based on a Lie and serving their own Weaknesses, and Sad for the many other Righteous Organizations whose purpose is Accurate and Deserving. This had better be the last time I see their Hypocritical Faces on a TV Show. I am thoroughly fed-up with their Cheap Game, Braisen Character, un-founded Cry for Help, and Appetite for Media Attention.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Dr. Phil sucks…………the anthonys suck.
    The case sucked……………crime paid.
    Why wasn’t cindy charged with tampering with evidence etc. etc……perjury??????Are these laws now defunct?
    The unbelievable beat goes on…….what the hell????????????

  10. Anonymous Says:

    whoa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I came up as anonymous….it’s ME,,,,,,,,,,ZELDA! hahahah,,,,,,,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmlet’s see……….how do I get my name back on………..

  11. zelda Says:

    let’s see if I pop up again

  12. zelda Says:

    tah dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. Honeydog Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!! Zelda!

    (P.S: Ya know what gets me? They head-up their own humble wonderful “Foundations”, making themselves look like such Good and Trustworthy individuals, and yet everyone knows they’ve deliberately told Lies and Covered-up for a period of 3 Years— not to mention even UNDER OATH in a Court of Law. They think they deserve to be Respected, Trusted, Listened-to, Believed, Understood, Felt-sorry-for, and Supported as “Victims” and “Advocates”, with a Character Background like THAT? How anyone can even entertain the thought of wanting to Contribute to anything these particular people put their Name on is beyond me. (Oh yeah, that’s right… Suckers are born every day)….

  14. zelda Says:

    lol…….right on Honeydog !!!!!
    I can’t fathom ANYONE wanting to talk to them again………..they are liars……..and tenacious to a point of madness.Who gives a shit WHAT they have to say? Game OVER>………….time for karma to take over.
    Unbelievable ANYWAY you look at it…………

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