Casey Anthony: Living the Good Life?

It appears that Casey Anthony may be hiding out at the Southern California home of her former attorney, Todd Macaluso, this according to those who have stated that they have spotted her at the residence.

From WDBO:

HLN and several online tabloid reports claim that Casey may be hiding out in southern California.

Monday evening, Nancy Grace showed pictures of a mansion belonging to Anthony’s former attorney Todd Macaluso.  The home, a five-bed, five-bath, $5 million property, is located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 

Neighbors say Casey is living in the mansion with two bodyguards.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Living the Good Life?”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah.. Infinity Pool, Helicopter Pad and all. Anyway, I know what they’re “Reporting”, but it was also Reported that this House is “Gated” and pretty-much Isolated at the end of its own Private Road— So I’m wondering how the “Neighbors” are spotting anything, when even one Reporter claimed they couldn’t get anywhere near the place… another Reporter claimed they talked to someone on the Intercom at the Gates, got through, but had the Front Door closed in their Face when they got to it… and on NG’s Show, she showed Pictures of the Living Room and such (how did she get Pictures of the inside of that House). It all sounds Fishy to me. Nevertheless, it sure doesn’t appear that Casey went to “Rehab” like her lying Attorney stated she was going to do… but then, she’s probably Screwing one or both of her Bodyguards by now, and that kind of “Therapy” always seems to work for her.

  2. Jen Says:

    Well first off, I would not rely on anything coming from todays entertainment media as being even remotely close to the truth.

    But unfortunately, people believe what they want to believe and so facts and truths are not an issue.

    The comment prior to mine is a perfect example.

    Honeydog said: “It all sounds Fishy to me. Nevertheless, it sure doesn’t appear that Casey went to “Rehab” like her lying Attorney stated she was going to do”

    So even though it sounds fishy, it’s enough to make someone believe that Casey isn’t in rehab.

    I guess I only come to a conclusion when I know the facts. And as of yet, I haven’t heard any facts as to where Casey is or Isn’t.

    Unlike the majority, I want to hear what Casey Anthony has to say concerning the happenings surrounding her childs death. And I could care less if she gets paid for the interview. And I also think any news outlet that refuses to interview Casey Anthony for fear of backlash from the public, are not true journalist.

    Even though she denies it, I’m sure Nancy Grace is secretly drooling at the chance to interview her “tot mom”. But I think a real journalist will eventually get that oppourtunity.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Based on “Fact”, if anyone thinks they’ll come away truly knowing the real definitive “Truth” from Casey’s mouth in ANY Interview— Paid or not— without any Question or Doubt whatsoever, they’re Kidding themselves. “Hearing” what she has to say will be no more than just that. What’s the point in giving her that opportunity… Only to satisfy the need for Drama by certain Viewers, like being Hooked on a bad Reality TV Show. As for “Journalists”, there are Excellent ones, Very Good ones, Good ones, Bad ones, and Very Bad ones… But they’re all “real” Journalists just the same, and they’re indeed all on the same Mission— Only their method of Questioning and Discussion separates them. Casey will get Paid to “Appear”— And regardless of whether or not a “true” Journalist is at the Helm, Casey will “Answer” how she pleases, having already informed her Host of any and all “No-No’s”. I would bet my Life that we’ll NEVER know the exact “Facts” OR the “Truth” concerning Caylee’s death, despite all Excellent and/or Very Bad attempts to get it. Again, why bother. She should just go away, live her Life, and, if anything, spare all of us from continuing to have our Intelligence insulted and our bad Attitudes amplified in granting her the chance to deliver more well-orchestrated Manipulativeness and Deception. Speaking of being influenced by the “Media”, it’s the Media who is responsible for keeping her “Prime News” and making some of the Public WANT an Interview. If no one heard any more about her, Public Interest wouldn’t be so strong, and would eventually Fade. We can blame the Media for continuing to Feed the Public’s Appetite.

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