Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Delays Release of Jurors’ Names

Judge Perry has ruled that the names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial will remain a secret until October 25.

From Reuters:

Judge Belvin Perry acknowledged in his 13-page order that juror names must be disclosed eventually under Florida’s broad Public Records laws. But he took the opportunity to complain about modern-day media.

Perry lamented what he said was the blurring of lines between news and entertainment, saying court proceedings have become just another form of mindless entertainment and a revenue source for broadcast networks.

“It was reported that television ratings for the trial were extraordinary. Clearly, the broadcast of an official and serious court proceeding such as this trial where a young girl was dead and her mother faced the death penalty devolved into cheap, soap-opera-like entertainment,” Perry wrote.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Delays Release of Jurors’ Names”

  1. Carol in VA Says:

    Well, if it weren’t for sleezy lawyers a case such as this would never be treated as a money making cheap soap opera.

  2. zelda Says:

    Sleazy …………..all of them.The jury gets a bug “F” from me………….they were just plain stupid and took no time to even think…………dumb shits.
    We out here need to BOYCOTT everything…………send a clear message to the money mongers that caylee’s life is not a bargain basement DEAL to be had on a reality show.
    Sleazy cindy anthony and sleazy george are sickening too…………..egad.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Couldn’t say it better myself about that than you two.
    And it won’t matter whether the Juror’s Names are held-off until October of 2011 or October of 4011… People aren’t going to feel any differently toward them then, than they do now, and I imagine now that the Date has been released, the anticipation to be able to get to them is already mounting. Enjoy the “Anoniminity” a little longer, then Look Out #1 through 12…

  4. Rosanne Coln Says:

    Interesting variant

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