Casey Anthony: Leonard Padilla to Sue

Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla says he will sue Casey Anthony and her defense attorney Jose Baez for misleading him when he helped search for Caylee.

From CNN:

Leonard Padilla said he is seeking $200,000.

Padilla said Anthony’s attorney allowed him to fly to Florida in 2008 and help search for Anthony’s then-missing 2-year-old daughter.

Anthony left jail Sunday after being acquitted of murder charges in connection with the death of her daughter.

Padilla says when he heard Baez’s opening statement during Anthony’s murder trial he felt conned.

“It turns out she knew where the child was all along,” Padilla said. “They misled me, and it is definitely fraud.”

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Leonard Padilla to Sue”

  1. Kmsc Says:

    Go Lenny go!!! Keep em coming. She does not deserve any blood money. Her Bella
    Vita is going down the drain. I could care less that poor Casey can’t get a job and live. Cry me a river. She should have told the truth and just maybe someone may have had compassion on her. Boycott her and all the Anthony’s scam foundations taking 80% of donations as their salaries. Remember the good book states that we can be forgiven, when we CONFESS or sins, but the consequences will surely come and to sum it up…We reap what we sow. For them a nightmare that they brought on themselves. Don’t expect to be rewarded with donations to help “keep” you when you can’t find a job because no one wants you because of your own behaved actions. Sue your daughter for a wrongful death lawsuit. Now that would be standing up to your daughter, but no, wouldn’t do that. The enablers will just hold out their hand for “our donations” instead. They need to learn about their mistakes of enabling and take it by the horns and move forward, consequences be it as it may. They will pay everyday with their memory of Caylee. Their enabling cost them dearly with the loss of such a precious baby.

  2. Jenna Says:

    Padilla no doubt has already made more money for getting involved with Casey Anthony than she ever cost him. He just likes the attention.

  3. Ina Says:

    Exculpatory evidence was withheld in the nthony trial. See JB missions blog!

  4. Honeydog Says:

    I like everything the first Poster said… Makes Sense and it’s the damn Truth. There are plenty of other good Organizations out there for “Missing Children” and, while I do of course Sympathize with George and Cindy’s Loss, I also feel that there is an “Unworthiness” here in using this Method to take the Easy Way Out of the Mess they themselves and their own Daughter caused. The Facts alone that they are associated with Casey and what we beleive she did, HER Lies, THEIR Lies, and that Caylee WASN’T ever even “Missing” in the FIRST place, should be enough to turn ANYbody off from wanting to Donate to THEIR “Missing Children” Fund, and why people actually WOULD is beyond me. I’ve never seen such Gall. And, by the way, how can Cindy make the kind of Money generated by this Fund and still collect Disability?… and, just why CAN’T they both get “Jobs”?? If they can still live in the same House, in the same Community, go Grocery Shopping, go to Church, go on Vacations where people surely recognize them, etc etc, then they are out there walking amongst the Public and could certainly find “Work” as well. SOMEone and somePLACE would Employ them. It’s bad enough that the Citizens of FLORIDA have already “Kept” their Daughter in Food and Shelter and a slew of Attorneys for 3 Years, for which they paid dearly and unfairly, and I think it’s even worse that they ask the COUNTRY to take care of THEM.

    As for Leonard Padilla, hey, why not. Take a Number. My Guess is that some of these Lawsuits will fall by the Roadside, but, can’t hurt to try, and it’s at least Worth making Casey’s “Freedom” more Miserable, and Burdening her Attorneys with even more Work that she can’t Pay for…

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