Casey Anthony: Do You Respect the Verdict?

In an interview with Geraldo Rivera,  Jose Baez discussed his reaction to the public outrage surrounding the not guilty verdict and stated that we “need to start respecting the jury verdict and decisions that the juries make.”

Well…do you respect the verdict?

From Fox News:

In response to a question about whether Anthony planned to cash in on her fame, Baez told Fox News that she has “certain rights as an individual in this country.” Attorneys planned to handle Anthony’s affairs in a “dignified manner,” he said.

“If she decides she wants to speak publicly about it, she’ll make that decision,” he said.

“Pundits and media personalities have no right to try and alter the life of any individual because of what they think may or may not have happened,” added Baez.

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28 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Do You Respect the Verdict?”

  1. Sherry Says:


    I respect the system but not the verdict in this case. Why is that? By the jury members’ own mouths they proved that they did not follow instructions, ask questions or even put the right person on trial. If these jurors would have given the evidence against Casey the same consideration they gave non-evidence against George, we would have seen a hung jury at least.

  2. Laurali Says:

    Absolutely not! How they reached their verdict is beyond me. They worried more about the sentencing than they did the actual evidence. They believed the lies Jose spewed in Opening statements.

    The system let Caylee down. Even her lawyers knew she was guilty. That is why they had no plans for where she would live.

    IMO Casey and George both need to be hooked up to lie detectors and once and for all show who the liar is. Who the killer is.

  3. Hilde Says:

    I do not respect the Verdict!
    The Jury did not do their Job and listen to Judge Perry as for the Rules and Instructions before they started to deliberate.
    They did not connect All the Dots, didn’t think it was their Job?
    Injustice has been done therefore no Reason to respect the Verdict.
    This Jury disrespected our Legal System. JMO
    My sincere Hope is that those Members of that Jury will never serve again on another Jury. JMO

  4. Hilde Says:

    As for Casey Anthony may or may not speak publicly, who really cares?
    I know I don’t. I have heard enough Lies from her and her family, sure in the World not going to listen to any more and waste my time. If there are People want to listen to her, more Power to them. I am not one of them.

  5. sophie Says:

    Nope, don’t respect the verdict. I accept it, grudgingly. I don’t think jurors should be allowed to profit off a case. This taints their judgement. If there was not a dime to be had in this for them, they might have bothered looking through the evidence. Somehow I believe they KNEW she was worth more to them not guilty than guilty. Plus they just wanted out of there. I don’t feel sorry for them, I don’t buy their backpedaling over how sick they were to have to hand in that judgement.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    No way Jose not now not ever no respect for u or this jury!!!

  7. zelda Says:

    I have no respect for that jury ..they did not have a clue what they were doing or how to “see” the evidence. A very dumb jury…….
    As for the system……….naw…….it needs a kick in the pants.
    A travesty all around.

  8. zelda Says:

    By the way,,,,,,,,,,,”shut up Geraldo”…………….

  9. GL Carpenter Says:

    I don’t respect the verdict because I believe the jurors just wanted to go home. Wouldn’t they have been there another month for the penalty phase? I know had that been me and my daughter come up missing and found dead after being in my care I would have been locked up long before her trial even started. I’m sure it was an accident. That blanket was in the trunk with Caylee along with the doll while mom put her out but it went wrong and I truly believe it was proven in court.

  10. No respect for the verdict at all


  12. Debo Says:

    No, I do not respect the verdict. I didn’t respect the OJ Simpson verdict either. In both cases the the defence teams presented a boogeyman to distract the jurors from analyzing the behaviours and evidence of the defendants. Mark Fuhrman in the OJ trial, and George Anthony were simply distractions and the jury went along for the ride. In any murder trial it is the attorney who is able to win over the jurors that wins and that result is often not based on evidence but on the emotional and intellectual capabilities of the jurors. Not all jurors are created equal and that is why both sides very carefully try to vet those who will be most easily swayed to their side.
    The current spin is that the system works, as though it is some infallible and pure process. It is not. Casey Anthony could have been convicted of murder or a lesser charge with a different jury.
    The public understands that justice has not been served and are justifiably upset.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    First, on Jose Baez’s Statements….

    Sorry, but we do not “NEED” to “starting Respecting the Jury Verdict and Decisions that the Juries make”— the same as we do not “NEED” to Respect anything ELSE in this World, if we do not Agree with it and see clear Reason NOT to. Just because something is SUPPOSED to be that way, does NOT mean it should AUTOMATICALLY Warrant or Deserve RESPECTING.

    Just as CASEY has “certain Rights as an Individual in this Country”, every OTHER Individual has the same— It is OUR Right to React accordingly, whether Positively or Negatively, if we so Desire, firmly Believe, or Feel strongly about something— Legal, Political, Religious, or otherwise.

    While “Pundits and Media Personalities have no Right to try and Alter the Life of any Individual because of what they think may or may not have happened”, it is obviously JUST FINE for a LAWYER, in a Courtroom, to ALTER THE LIFE of INNOCENT Individuals by SLANDERING, HUMILIATING, and DRAGGING THEM THROUGH THE MUD in front of the whole World, because of what they may or may not have been told by their Pathological Liar of a Client, which may or may not have happened, but DO think it will HELP THE JURY WIN THE CASE for them.
    What an F-ing Hypocrit. If he thinks we’re going to “Respect” THAT, he “NEEDS” to go back to Puerto Rico and go tell it to some Coconuts in a Palm Tree— and take Geraldo with him.

    In answer to the Question…. NO WAY. Not that I even needed it to Convince me, but I really hope the Jury members watched the Special Report on HLN last night about all the many “Disconnections” they were guilty of with regard to the Facts and the Evidence. This was not some Hokey-Pokey “Entertainment Segment” with “If this” and “If that’s” and “Arm-Chair Opinions”, but a simple, clear, sharp, accurate, definitive “Breakdown” of these Facts and Evidence which they Failed to Consider and follow Instructions on. At the end of the Special, any Bum on the STREET could see and do what they didn’t— both during the Trial AND in the Deliberation Room….

    Casey Anthony was never, still isn’t, nor ever WILL be, “Not Guilty”, and if I myself Say So, as well as the majority of the Public and Experts believe, I don’t give a damn WHAT the “Verdict” was—- and I have no intention of ever “Acccepting” it. I hope, for a change, that the Public DOESN’T Forgive or Forget, and that the “Outrage” NEVER dies-down. We had to “Swallow” O.J…. Now we’re expected to Swallow another one. No. It’s about time we firmly Stand our Ground and start Defending “What’s Right is Right, and What’s Wrong is Wrong”. That’s what we “NEED” to do……

  14. Ina Says:

    It is scary that some people have no respect for Justice. Not guilty means over and done with. Yes, you need to respect the verdict.
    Casey was found Not Guilty. The evidence was not convincing.

    The majority of the public never discussed this case, so how does anyone know what the majority thinks? btw It is not what the (rather bias) public in blogcomments thinks, but what the jury decided that counts.

  15. Sherry Says:

    Oh, Ina, geesh! You over-criticize us! We respect our justice system just not the verdict. BTW, you missed two posts with your “thumbs down”. lol!

  16. Ina Says:

    Geesh Sherry! I suppose you are one of those “us”?

    People who don’t want Justice done, are those who keep saying the verdict was wrong. How can I be so over critical! LOL Well 3 years of reading horrible comments that were just mean and ugly, and can now be called harrasment and slander for sure, might have done it?

  17. Sherry Says:

    Ina sez:
    People who don’t want Justice done, are those who keep saying the verdict was wrong.

    Wrongo! People who want justice done can see, plain as day, it wasn’t served in this case.

    GMAB about you being slandered-it was quite the other way around!

  18. Ina Says:

    Sherry: First of all: if a jury gives a verdict, it is Justice. Justice is served. Period. I have often discussed the jury system and this is what I was told over and over. so there. Just because you are not satisfied, it does not mean it was not Justice.

    Second: I was not talking about me being slandered, I was talking about the Anthony family.
    You must feel guilty to make such an error. And now you mention it: yes that was quite nasty what MD’s commenters and MD started. Remember how you called me a mental patient? I never had any words with you before MD strted those lies about our phonecalls and my supposedly stalking, I could not comment there, the lies went on and you thought it was okay to attack me. Remember MD’s rants? The Chickenhead blog?

    I said something back alright if I ever got a chance. Of course I did. But YOU and the MD bloggers started and don’t twist things around! Casey had to be fried so it was said, remember how Casey was discussed over there? Sickening! That was an insult to any kind of Justice. JMO 🙂 and I wouldn’t stand for that. Not on the blog I was part of (MD’s words).

    Keep living the lie lol. I don’t care anymore.

  19. Sherry Says:

    BTW, I NEVER called you a mental patient! I would NEVER call ANYONE that! Get over yourself and quit falsely accusing me of this without proof!

  20. Ina Says:

    Well you have to look it up yourself, somewhere in 2009 🙂 You still had your old nick then btw.

  21. zelda Says:

    Ina,,,,,,I don’t know if you just need to argue things to feel good but if you do, argue away.You have a different mind set than a lot of us out here……….go for it.Different opinions are what make the world go around.

  22. Honeydog Says:

    Per the Dictionary, “JUSTICE”….

    “Conformity to Truth”
    “To Act Justly”
    “The Maintenance of what is Just”
    “The Quality of Being Just, Impartial” (*)

    (*) Among other “Wrong” things, this Jury put considerable Weight on their “Dislike” of certain Witnesses. This type of “Personal Feeling” was instructed not to be Considered in determining their Conclusion).

    Per Ina, “If a Jury gives a Verdict, it is Justice”. “Justice is Served”. “Period”.

    No. If a Jury gives a Verdict, it’s a VERDICT.
    “Justice” was not Served. Period.

  23. Ina Says:

    Zelda, thank you for the compliment. 🙂
    Honeydog: Well sue me, lol.
    Al the definitions can apply btw:

    The evidence was not convincing: Justness
    If the evidence is not convincing, the accused is found Not Guilty: Fairness
    This means a person that has wrongfully been accused or accused of something not proven, is not convicted: Right
    So should it be: righteousness
    The jury could not say the evidence was convincing: Conformity to truth
    An accused can only be convicted if the evidence is without reasonble doubt : Correctness
    So the verdict was Not Guilty: To act Justly
    By the Not Guilty verdict Casey was cleared from suspicion, as there was no evidence: The maintanance of what is Just
    This was the only verdict possible, seen the lack of convincing evidence: The quality of being Just, Impartial.

    (Now I have to end this discussion, because it is too time consuming. )

  24. zelda Says:

    Ina,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol! Have a good day……….lol!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha.

  25. Honeydog Says:

    My new “Song” (to the beat of Aretha Franklin’s

    The Jury got it Wrong we see–
    The Jury don’t get none from me.

    (Like it Zelda??!! LOL!)

  26. zelda Says:

    Love it Honeydog! Cooooooooool…………………….

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