Casey Anthony: Release Date This Weekend

As most of us already know, serving nearly three years in prison while awaiting trial, Casey Anthony will be released from prison this weekend. The exact timing when Anthony will be released hasn’t been made public as of yet.

Well…it’ll be interesting to see what happens next, that’s for sure!

From CNN:

The abrupt end to a criminal case that at times transfixed the nation resulted in anger and revulsion as well as donations of cash to her jailhouse account. It’s also led to speculation that the polarizing subject of the “I Hate Casey Anthony” Facebook page — and the source of ire for its more than 40,000 fans — might change her name and appearance and move someplace far away.

“If her attorneys are doing the right thing and are doing their jobs, they’re going to have to explain to her that there is real hatred out there for her, that there have been death threats, that she cannot just walk amongst the population,” HLN legal contributor Sunny Hostin said. “That is not just going to happen.”

Few details have been publicly released about how Anthony will be let out of the Orange County Jail, where she has been held since her arrest in October 2008.

Court officials have released limited information to reporters, mostly plans to bring three journalists inside a secure area of the jail sometime late Friday or early Saturday and cut them off from outside access while they wait for Anthony’s release.

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Release Date This Weekend”

  1. chazzie Says:

    The OC Jail owes Casey Anthony no more protection than to be escorted to the back door and released just like any other prisoner. At that point she is on her own, come what may. I’m sure her attorneys already have a plan to have her whisked off to some recluse hideaway, probably in Puerto Rico (Baez and Geraldo connection). If anything horrible happens to her as she smells “freedom”, it is no responsibility of the State of Florida. They can just claim that it was “an accident that snowballed out of control”

  2. zelda Says:

    Yeah…old baez is whisking her off in a private plane no doubt to his place(or?) Puerto Rico. Isn’t that nice.

    He probably did all the shopping for her new wardrobe which will no doubt consist of some bikini stuff don’t you think? THEN he will have a fund set up for all of her adoring fans to send her money and broker all the book and movie and rag mag deals.

    This is all sooooooooooooo nauseating, But hey…the price for all of her win win deals was ONLY the life of her daughter…………so no biggie eh!!!!!!!!!!

    She has that infamous eye batting grin all over her face again.

    Bitch……..goons……sick society………crappy jury…………shitty laws.

    Dead child…………..

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  4. Honeydog Says:

    It is absolutely unbelievably revolting..the extent to which she is being Protected, the Special Treatment, and all the “Fringe Benefits”. If she’s so frickin “Tough” and “Smart”, like her Lawyers claim, why the hell can’t she Fend for herself like every other person when they’re released from Prison… She certainly didn’t seem to have any Problems holding her own when Confronted and brutally Interrogated by Law Enforcement, figuring-out how to Dodge the Predicament she was in, and living as though nothing could touch her, before. A hell of alot of the Public was “Outraged” and “Hated” O.J. TOO, but you didn’t see HIM getting the “Star” Treatment when he was Acquitted and got out— and he WAS one. What IS this Shit— A “Caravan” of Cars with Blackened-out Windows, a Plan to “Split-up” in different directions, talk of “Private Planes” (Yeah.. Who’s paying for THAT), etc etc…. If all this “Special Attention” doesn’t give her a Thrill and get her right back on her “Casey Track”, I can’t imagine what will. She’ll be LOVING it. And so what she runs into some “Angry” Citizens— We’ve seen how Angry SHE can get and verbally Battle with the best of ’em. She should be taken by Car to an undisclosed Location, let out, and told “Goodbye, Good Luck”. But No. Can’t do THAT.. It’s Casey ANTHONY.. Can’t let ANYthing happen to HER. I’ll tell ya ONE thing… I really hope some Criminals out there have seen and taken-in what went on in this whole Case and, if they’re ever Caught, demand the same damned Treatment— Hey, “Fair’s Fair”, right?
    Anyway, I heard a Puerto-Rican Reporter on the Phone with Jane Velez-Mitchell state that the Puerto-Rican people do not want Casey Anthony there. Good. Not far enough away for my liking anyhow. I wish they would put her on Shuttle and send her up in Space…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    what were these jurors on drugs? They didn’t have enough evidence to convict this lying sociapath. That poor little girl trusted her mother and she killed her daughter to drink and have sex. Casey Anthony does not see the value of life and only cares about herself. The only time we ever saw real tears, was when the Not Guilty verdict was announced. I hope she kills herself, but than again why would she, she loves herself too much and dosn’t feel any guilt or a sense or what is right or wrong. Her mother raised a fuckin monster. Casey laughing in court and hugging her attorney like she is doing him. Disgusting. No evidence.\ What about the duck tape, the heart sticker, the chloroform searches which the prosecution proved that Cindy Anthony was at work on the day these searches were made. What about the smell of death in her car and the garbage bags and the fact that she didn’t report her little girl missing until 31 days and only under the pressure of her mother; and her mother, Cindy reported the little girl missingl. That raises so many things that she was hiding. What about all of the lyes. Who lyes when they are inicent? Who parties and fucks around when your little girl is no where to be found? I hope the jurors all die of cancer. All of the attorneys that defended O.J. Simpson died of cancer except for one. God will seek justice. Even Robert Kardashian was shocked when the jury announced that O.J. Simpson was not guilty. Watch the replays and see Robert Kardashians face of shock during the announcement. He turned and looked at O.J. with a look of surprise and I can’t believe that you actually got off. She will get what is coming to her.

  6. zelda Says:

    Yup………’s a travesty alright………….terrible example of justice. What a farce. Stupid jury………….really.Awful.
    I hope she gets hers soon………..that insipid grin and flirty look just gags me………..I think casey thinks she is a “star” or something.Well she is something alright………..the name is too vile for me to post on here so you will have to use your imagination ………
    Damn stupid jury…………

  7. tinadeily Says:

    The court has to protect Casey Anthony upon being released from jail? Who protected Caley and you cannot tell me that Cindy Anthony did not know how irresponsible and unstable Casey was. If you were the grandmother, wouldn’t you file for custody and be hesitant to let your grandaughter go off with your sychopathic daughter. Especially, after you (Cindy Anthony) are constantly yelling at your daughter for being not trustworthy and fighting with her putting her down. Our children become what we tell them. I guess this stands true. Casey became the monster her mother told her she was. If you look at the beautiful little girls pictures, she always had dark circles under her eyes. In one picture when Casey was playing with Caley, Caley even looked like she had a black eye. (I believe this was the picture where Casey and Caley were sitting on the sofa playing guitars.) Obviously, she wasn’t well rested and fed right if all her mother thought about was stealing checks from people and hanging out at her boyfriends house partying and going to bars and entering BEST BODY CONTESTS. Why didn’t these grandparents take a more protective stand? I am a single Mom, I have to clean houses to support my son and supplement the little bit of child support I get, and I wouldn’t dream of even leaving my son with a babysitter. Let alone to go running around like some horney louser at a bar. Is there no justice in the courts during these non moral times?, I am thoroughly disgusted with our justice system. My ex-husband leaves my son alone when my son goes to visit his father. I went to court and told the judge. The judge asked my ex why he leaves his son alone. My ex lied and said “well, he tells me that she leaves him alone too. I said “your honour I leave my son alone to go and get the clothes out of the dryer. This is a lie. The judge said you leave him alone and he leaves him alone. He is ten years old. Give me a break the judge said. She than said case dismissed. What happens if there is a fire? What happens if a unwanted stranger appears at the front door? The judge could not be bothered. My ex left me son alone for two hours and said I am going to the airport to go on a business trip. My son was so scared. Another time he left my son alone on a sking trip to Colorado on a ski slope in the cold for over an hour with strangers all around. My son was so scared. The judge could care a less. It isn’t her son. Just like Nancey Grace has said “the devil is dancing.” This is so evil on every level.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I hope and pray some one gets her , and makes her life a hell , I want to see the worst thing possible happen to her. she dose not deserve to live, she better take her Bella Vita and have it replaced with I am going to die and I know it because what i did to my daughter.

  9. GL Carpenter Says:

    I wonder if any of her defense team ever asked the question. What happened? Listening to the jurors that did speak, education wasn’t there highest priorety in life. They voted then high tailed it home. Now Casey gets to high tail it home where ever it may be. I can see it now “BOMB SHELL” Casey marries her attorney.

  10. One Op Says:

    It might help prove the defense team really believes Casey did not murder her daughter by

    1. Jose Baez taking her in as a “zanny nanny” for his two month old
    2. Cheney Mason adopts her to live among his family.

    I wonder if Cheney Mason has small grandchildren

  11. zelda Says:

    Cheny is old and horny…..a creep morally.So he was a shoo in for old eye batting casey.
    Baez is just plain morally bankrupt.Another shoo in for grinning flirting casey………………
    She is workin it!
    Who knows what will happen.
    Personally I’d like to kick her ass.I am sure we all feel that way.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    The World knows her well now, and how she is. Let those who are Blind, Weak, Insecure and Stupid who want to Marry her or Hang-out with her or give her Money and think she’s Great, keep her Company— Birds of a Feather. But the Bigger, Badder, Wiser, and Unforgiving rest are out there too….

  13. zelda Says:

    yup.we sure are.
    We are the “Life Value Society” in spades.

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