Casey Anthony: Appeal Filed

Casey Anthony has filed an appeal of her conviction that she lied to law enforcement officers.

From ABC News:

The appeal came days before Anthony, 25, is scheduled to leave jail. She was sentenced to four years on four counts of lying to investigators about Caylee’s death. Since she has already served three years and is credited for good behavior, she will be released from the Orange County jail on Sunday.

The jury that acquitted her of murder agreed that she broke the law when she told police she worked at Universal Studios, that she left her daughter with a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, when she claimed that Caylee was missing, and when she claimed that Caylee was still alive and she had spoken to her on the phone July 15, 2008. None of those statements were true.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Appeal Filed”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I hear that this is a Typical move of The Defense, so as to make it more difficult for The State in their current effort to attempt to “Recoup” the Money it took to Prosecute this Case. It would require The State to spend more Time getting all their Records and Evidence together and, basically, they would have to “Start all Over” with a new Case against her for these 4 Offenses. Problem is, The Defense itself already “Conceded” in their Opening Statement that Casey was a Liar, and these Lies were Proven through Videotape, Witness Testimony and other Evidence, so, even though the Appeal was “Filed”, they say it won’t GO anywhere. Regardless though— whether this was “Expected” or not— it still makes me Sick.. The Nerve of The Defense to feel so Vindicated that they can Slap the Public’s Faces and rub their Noses in it with this Appeal when it’s Wrong enough that she got Off in the first place, the volume of “Special Treatment” this girl continues to get, and the whole “Justice System” in general. I’m thoroughly Disgusted with all of it.

  2. zelda Says:

    Me too,what’s up with all that special treatment stuff?????Could it be old Baez’s inflated ego(imagine that) is feeling untouchable now that they won and is wired up to thinking he is a real genius etc. etc. and can manipulate the system within a hair of the law?AND how about future “money” deals to be had from all of this fiasco that Baez smells.I think that may be one reason to coddle old casey ,they are protecting their assets so to speak.
    I am disgusted………….beyond that really.
    Profiteering from a dead murdered child sickens me.

  3. GL Carpenter Says:

    Her day is coming. I believe she feels invincible now. Her attorneys aren’t helping matters any. The madia isn’t helping matters ither. Karma will prevail. She will pay 7 times over for the wrongful death of her child and Jose will end up back where he started, represnting 2 bit crack whores and the jurors for just wanting to go home will be avenged by Karma as well.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ I believe the Term is their “Cash Cow”. I have no doubt that Baez and Company will be Directing and and Handling her “Monitary Moves”, which, of COURSE, will require a “Cut”. If he had any Honesty, Decency, Values, Principles and SMARTS about him at all, he wouldn’t want any part of it, and advise her to Turn-DOWN all that Shit for at least the Sake of some possible Goodwill toward the Public’s already-Bad Opinion of her. Right. FAT Chance. Forget the “Duct Tape”—- “Follow the Money”….

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