Casey Anthony: Sued By Texas Equusearch

Let the lawsuits begin! Casey Anthony was served with a lawsuit at the jail by Texas Equusearch earlier today.

$1000,000 for “wasting their time.”

From MyFox Orlando:

The search team that searched for Caylee Anthony is suing Casey for over $100,000.00. They claim she wasted their time searching for Caylee when Casey knew they would never find her.

Bonnie Moore from Process Express, served the lawsuit to Casey Anthony at the Orange County jail. Moore says it appears that Anthony had just woken up when she got there to serve here. “There was really no reaction. She just asked me if I had gotten a copy to her attorney.”

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Sued By Texas Equusearch”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    I hope Tim and other missing children cases will reclaim their funds, but even if awarded, I can’t see money changing hands.

    As far as I know, Dominic Casey has still not been paid by Baez.

  2. Mary Says:

    Let’s see how happy Baez is as all these law suits and relentless attacks continue to barrage Casey Anthony. If we really want justice for Caylee, may people shun them all and let them know that we will not forget. Let’s see how Casey Anthony handles all the backlash and hatred towards her. She probably feels that because there are those out there that have sent her money was she was incarcerated, she has fans. Little does she know. I think she is so narcissistic that she will try something stupid. Casey may be a clever liar but she has no brains.

  3. zelda Says:

    this case makes me sick………..literally

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Of COURSE the only Thought she’d have is to ask if her Attorney got it— SHE doesn’t concern herself with ANYthing. Like a Spoiled Brat, she sits while everyone ELSE runs Circles around her doing everything for her— “Oh HERE Jose, this is for YOU”— Pass it off, keep on Playing, no Worries, Clue or Regard whatsoever for how much Time, Work AND Money she’s caused people over the past 3 Years… “OH Well, THEY’LL take care of it for me… and for FREE too… La De Da De Da…”

    “Lawsuits” are being Served on her left and right— Zenaida Gonzales, Tim Miller, Leonard Padilla… not to mention the Money she owes the IRS for Tax Evasion, Court Costs, and what The State wants to Recoup. I would really like to see Orange County throw one in there too, for the Fraud she committed on all the Law Enforcement Officials and Investigators to whom she Lied and caused considerable Manpower for her Wild Goose Chases. I think every PERSON and every AGENCY to whom she did Injustice should keep Lining-up. In any case, I pray to God these people are BRUTAL in going after any Money she happens to make for Profiting off everything we can expect she will try to in the future, and that ALL are successful in Recovering everything they Deserve.

  5. zelda Says:

    Yes,there can NOT be ANY profit in the murder of a child,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not in this so called civilized society we live in.We need to “stand guard” for the innocent children who are murdered by these inhuman butchers.
    The laws have to meet the social pulse.

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