Casey Anthony: Are We to Blame for the Not Guilty Verdict?

Very interesting piece on the website of the Orlando Sentinel today. I suggest clicking the link below for the full article.

It turns out that a consultant for the defense analyzed more than 40,000 highly-charged opinions, both negative and positive, that were found on social media sites and blogs, and used them to help the defense craft their trial strategy.

“A perfect example was Cindy Anthony. People hated her when she admitted to the chloroform searches, but there were many who said she lied out of motherly instinct. They felt a kinship, especially mothers. In closing, the defense softened its approach and said she lied to protect [Casey Anthony].”

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“When bloggers and others in social media sites started to attack George Anthony about his alleged mistress, the defense team beefed up their questions against him,” said Fort Lauderdale-based consultant Amy Singer. “None of the bloggers ever changed their minds about him.”

The innovative pro-bono tactic by Singer shows how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter could revolutionize the way lawyers defend their clients, especially in highly-publicized cases like the Casey Anthony murder trial.

“This is the first time I have heard of this kind of consulting for a trial and it’s incredible,” said Florida A&M University professor Shiv Persaud. “It definitely might become a part of my curriculum in trial practice. We could benefit from a new type of tool we didn’t have before.”

“I’ve spent 32 years listening to people’s reactions to trial stimulus, but it’s never been anything like this,” Singer said. “This whole case was driven by social media. We really tapped into people’s minds and I think it’s a tool that should be used by defense and prosecution.”

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15 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Are We to Blame for the Not Guilty Verdict?”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I’m not surprised…

  2. Mary Says:

    I kept telling people during the trial that it seemed as if the defense team was taking what was out in the media (rumors and theories) and using it to craft their opening remarks. I still believe this today. It wasn’t “follow the duck tape” but more like follow the media.

    Something to think about – social networking and tweeting may be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Look what has happened. While the jury may have been sheltered from all of this, it enabled the defense team to strengthen their case and bring up reasonable doubt.

    Now what?

  3. One Op Says:

    Could be! Cheney says “Casey did not murder her daughter”, that is a lot to take back if he ever finds he was mistaken I would think.

  4. one4truth Says:

    While I agree that social media is way out hand and causing many problems in our society, the media did not kill a little girl named Caylee, lie on the stand, or have an affair on a River Cruz……… the people involved must take repsonsibilty for these!!

  5. Terry in GA Says:

    This outcome has been really hard to accept. For those of us who have been captivated since the first moment Caylee was reported missing, those of us who have seen all the evidence and watched all the interviews with family members, it is really hard to process how twelve reasonable adults can listen to the evidence and find Casey not guilty in little Caylee’s death.

    I know that I personally have a great respect and admiration for Judge Perry. He exemplified professional leadership in the courtroom. The prosecutors all did a good job, the police investigators, etc., did a good job, and now it appears from interviews of the jurors that they did carefully listen and thoughtfully process all the evidence. Was it the evidence they didn’t get? Was it the big fight with Cindy and Casey on the night of 6-15 that the jury did not hear? Was it all the stolen checks, stolen bank cards, $45,000 in fraud against Cindy, Cindy’s mother and father, Casey’s friends that the jury didn’t hear? Was it threats by Cindy to Casey that Cindy and George would sue for custody of Caylee because Casey was an unfit mother? I understand rules of evidence, constitutional protections, blah, blah, blah… My brain knows all these things but, still, I know in my heart, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is guilty. If we are to be a just society, how can we resolve the clear lack of justice for Caylee?

    The jury clearly did not see the same George that we have watched for three years. That has been one torn grandfather whose heart has been repeatedly shredded by everyone around him. Caylee was clearly the light of his light!! It amazes me that the jury wasn’t able to see the broken George that we have seen. We, as spectators, witnessed what brought George to the point of suicide over such a grief. We understood the suicide note. We saw inside George’s heart. How did the jury only see his resistance to answering questions from lawyers on each side pulling against the other without seeing the pain?

    My faith in the justice system is shaken. My only solace is in knowing Caylee is in the hands of a great God who will, in the end, have a true and final JUST penalty for they exact crimes committed. It is enough for me to know that God IS in control and he IS the final judge.

  6. Terry in GA Says:

    One more comment: In their spare time at a later time (because I know they are on overload from the trial) I do wish the jurors would take the time to look through the evidence files listed on the links at the station’s main page just to get an idea of the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say. There is so much they were not provided, I just think I would feel a sense of relief knowing they did eventually have all the information to understand why the world has responded to them as they have. I don’t doubt their doing their duty in a fair and thoughtful manner, but I do wonder how such a competent jury could get this one wrong. Heck, nobody ever knew how Laci Peterson and baby Conner Peterson died, either — just that Scott Peterson had dumped them off in the Bay.

  7. offthecuff Says:

    The jurors were duped. I don’t think they would ever want to admit to that.

  8. zelda Says:

    Terry in Georgia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your post was very well put………
    I don’t think the jury looked hard and long and with intelligence at what was before them. I think we assume they did a good job.They didn’t take enough time behind those closed doors and I don’t buy the “there was not enough evidence” thing.
    My faith in the justice system is shaken also Terry,
    This was and is a huge reverberating travesty to my way of thinking that has set a new low to how we protect the innocent in this country.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    In my Opinion, The Defense using Social Media Sites and Blogs to conduct their Case was CHEATING in the highest form, and I think it was a Low-down, Sneaky, Shameful, and Dishonorable Act. As I once said, I hope Baez and Mason don’t think for one second that they Won this Case because they demonstrated “Great” or “Skilled” or “Intelligent” Lawyering… Hell, they weren’t even GOOD. They came out of the Gate with Big Fat Lies and Promises to the Jury, never DID prove themselves Credible, couldn’t even follow the Rules, they were Objected and Over-ruled more times than I could count, and they were downright “Sloppy”. But hey, no big fricken Deal— Easier to have someone to do some “Dirty Work” for them so they can Win, than to Lose with Respect for a Job done based on using their own Brains, Education and Knowledge of the Law, and Committment to the Honorable Practicing of it. I seriously don’t like what I now know, and I don’t at all agree that this “Horse-Racing-Bookie-Like-Tactic” should become part of any University “Curriculum”, or a future “Cheating Tool” permitted in any Courtroom. As if I was not already Disgusted enough with the way this whole Shady Deal of a Criminal Case went down, I am, and will now be forevermore, in thorough Disgust and Distrust of our “Joke” of a “Justice System”. NOTHING is “Righteous” anymore….

  10. zelda Says:

    You got that right Honeydog……….but we can’t let the scumbags win…………our kids and grand kids deserve a better world….or at least a better country..
    Remember……….STAND UP……..SPEAK UP…..AND DON’T GIVE UP!!!!
    It’s a tee shirt in the making don’tcha think?
    Enough is enough…………

  11. Honeydog Says:

    I DO think! It’s a GREAT “Slogan”!! (But I think your orginial words were “STEP” Up.. Speak Up.. and Don’t Give Up). In any case, as its “Creator”, you should really look into Marketing this Clever and Wonderful piece of Child Advocasy, hmmmm?….

  12. Honeydog Says:

    (I think I spelled “Advocacey” wrong.. maybe this time too.. but you know what I mean)..

  13. zelda Says:

    Lol. yup you are right lit’s STEP UP …SPEAK UP………AND DON’T GIVE UP.
    Advocacy.,,,,,,,,,I think,,,,,,,,,,,
    my health issues are sapping me of my energy. ………..I need you and OneOp and others to help. “Every Child Is Yours and Mine”.

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Hey, another GOOD one! I love that one too!… Tender, but Strong.
    I’m sorry you don’t feel so well my Friend. I know how much you’ve involved yourself with the Frustrations of this Case, and it is because you truly “Care” that you don’t turn away in spite of your Health Issues, but I can imagine that it hasn’t helped them any. Please Take Care though! You know you can count on me and OneOp, and there really are thousands of others out there who feel the same as we do… And, from this Sad and terrible Tragedy upon an innocent Child for whom there has been no Justice, as well as from Casey’s Despicableness and unjust Right-to-Freedom, each of these are sure to bring forth SOMEthing we can take both Comfort AND “Satisfaction” in, in the Future. Advocacy for Children and Animals— I AM THERE.
    We will “Hang in”… We HAVE to.

  15. zelda Says:

    thank you Honeydog……….you are truly special………

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