Casey Anthony: Controversial Video May Be Released

A judge is currently considering whether to unseal a jailhouse video of Casey Anthony that was considered inflammatory and would have made it difficult to give her a fair trial.

WKMG filed the request to unseal the video last week  just before the verdict came down.

So…should it be released?

From ABC News:

The video shows Anthony reacting to news reports that a child’s body had been found in a swampy area near the Anthony home.

The tape reportedly shows Anthony double over and start to hyperventilate when Orange County jail officials told her a meter reader had stumbled upon the remains near Suburban Drive, according to an Orlando Sentinel article from 2009.

The court took what is called an “unusual step” and sealed the video on June 17, 2009 claiming that allowing the public to see it would be “highly inflammatory,” and that the court “could not absolutely protect the defendant’s right to a fair trial,” according to the order to seal document.

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11 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Controversial Video May Be Released”

  1. Kim Says:

    Yes – I want to see it

  2. zelda Says:

    What is the point in seeing it? It’s too late now to do any good anywhere……..

  3. one4truth Says:

    Did she double over every time the news reported a posssible sighting or just when they mentioned Suburban Drive??? She must have been “sick to her stomach” like juror # 3 was when the “truth” stared then in the face……………..

  4. sophie Says:

    She had absolutely zero reaction when bones were found at Blanchard Park where she said Zanny had pushed her down and taken Caylee. She smugly remarked, “they haven’t even found her clothes yet.”

    So her reaction to the location where Caylee really was is TELLING.

  5. offthecuff Says:

    Release of this tape will fuel the fire.

    Everyone must leave these jurors alone. Perhaps we should all be positive, as Dr. Drew and others have suggested, and compassionately mail large doses of tums to the jurors.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It won’t do any good. She can say exactly how she did it now and it won’t matter. I would like to see it just because I feel it should have been use in court. Alot of things that would have pointed guilt weren’t used. From sociopath to psychopath she will kill again but this time she won’t have mom to clean the evidence from the trunk of a car. I’d also like to know what was on the doll that Cindy washed clean and the pants.

  7. GL Carpenter Says:

    in reference to the above

  8. Honeydog Says:

    “Highly Inflammatory”…. GEE. I wonder the hell WHY!
    But then, if all her LYING and giving Law Enforcement the RUN-AROUND (not to mention all the OTHER Evidence) wasn’t Clear enough to make 12 people see right through the BULL SHIT, I doubt this VIDEO would’ve gotten through their thick Skulls EITHER. Yeah SURE. Release it NOW.. ’cause they certainly wouldn’t have wanted to make poor Casey LOOK Bad during the TRIAL— a time for the Search for TRUTH— now WOULD they. This whole Miscarriage of Justice is making ME “Double-over”. But yeah, let’s DO it… I hope they Release EVERYthing that the Jury never saw or heard… Keep it COMING…Put it ALL out there… Spread it AROUND, Far and WIDE… Let it all follow Casey wherever she goes for the rest of her Life, Show-up her LAWYERS for the CRAP they Shoved down everyone’s Throats, and give the Public the Satisfaction of Gloating in it all. The “Verdict” is what it is, but WE know the Truth, and I think, at the very least, we all deserve that Satisfaction. She GOT her “Fair Trial”— Thanks to many Pages like this Video being conveniently torn-out of the Storybook— and that’s ALL she deserves. I say, “If the Shoe Fits, Wear it”— even if it’s in the “Aftermath”….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    can’t wait till the jury gets to see that video. I guess it will confirm the fact that they made the “right” decision..huh. Being sarcastic of course. I saw it when it first came out thanks to Nancy Grace and it was outrageous.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure how Baez and the other jerk sleep at night.. How can they look people in the face and think this is acceptable. They honestly think the American people are morons and played us like a fiddle.
    I guess the jury can attest to that since they fell for it.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    It truly makes me Wonder why we should have Trials at all, when it’s someone’s paying “Job” to deliberately Deceive and Cover-up the Truth, and worse, want the Guilty to go Free. I will never understand how that is “Justice”, nor earns or deserves it’s Respect.

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