Casey Anthony: Will We See “Caylee’s Law”?

Lawmakers outraged over Casey Anthony’s acquittal have responded by proposing “Caylee’s Laws” that would allow prosecutors to bring felony charges against parents who do not quickly report their children missing.

From the Associated Press:

The new measures were triggered, at least in part, by an online petition that had more than 700,000 signatures Friday. Some questioned whether a new law would do any good because the circumstances of the Anthony case were so rare, but lawmakers in at least a dozen or so states have already floated proposals reacting to the verdict.

“Casey Anthony broke new ground in brazenness,” said Florida state Rep. Scott Plakon, who is sponsoring the proposal in his state. “It’s very sad that we even need a law like this, but Casey Anthony just proved that we do as unfortunate as that is.”

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Will We See “Caylee’s Law”?”

  1. sophie Says:

    I hope to God this goes through, so poor little Caylee did not die in vain.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    It’s a damn Shame that something like was not in place long ago. Could have used it in little Zahhra Baker’s Case, and I’m sure there had to be others. Casey Anthony certainly wouldn’t be Walking Free next week.
    Better Late than Never I guess.

  3. zelda Says:

    yes…………it’s at the very least a positive…………I will never forget Kyron and Zahara and all the Other murdered children………….forgive my bad memory for the Other’s names……….We need to do better to protect them and to punish those that harm the innocent.
    There are many many Honeydogs and OneOps and all of you that care on here (thank you John). We just need to step up,,,,,speak up and NOT give up!

  4. sophie Says:

    Sadly, perhaps this was Caylee’s purpose in life. This law must be passed so that this child and others don’t die in vain. If her mother had been put away for life, it could be that there wouldn’t be an urgency for a law like this to be passed.

    There are mothers everywhere who are too young, immature, uneducated and financially unstable whose children are at risk of being the next Caylee. If this prevents just one of them from being a statistic, then Caylee can smile in heaven.

    This law must must must go through!

  5. Katydid Says:

    Yes it is very sad that we even have to comtemplate a law such as this. But is so needed. IF you take a look at the Doe Network, you will see lots of children on there without anyone knowing who they are. They are someones child that didn’t report them missing. If Cindy had not called…Caylee would be one of these children.

    Caylee, you are now an Angel in God’s hands.

  6. zelda Says:

    I don’t think it’s ANY innocent child’s purpose to be murdered in life…
    It’s OUR purpose to see that they are NOT ……..

  7. Honeydog Says:

    You said it… “Stand Up, Speak Up, and not Give Up”…
    I like that.

  8. One Op Says:

    Zelda @ 8:35, You really said it all, I would like to see your words used as a slogan to keep awareness on bill boards across the nations, as well as those by Honeydog @ 5:59 am.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Right on OneOp! Zelda, get your Posterboards and Paint out! (I’m afraid of “Heights”, but I’ll steady the Ladder and hand-up the Nails!!)…

  10. […] voluntarily dismissed, generally a new case will have to be filed under Florida Law in order to ‘re-start’ the divorce […]

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