Casey Anthony: Sentence is Four Years, Minus Time Served

Casey Anthony has been sentenced to four years in jail. This does not include the nearly three years she has served. The exact amount of time she will spend in jail has not yet been determined but should be announced shortly.

From USA Today:

The judge has sentenced Anthony to four years in jail, minus time served. He ruled that the four counts of lying were distinct, and should be punished at one year person count, to be served consecutively. However, he ruled that she should get the sentence reduced based on time served. The hearing will try to determine how much credit she should be allowed.

Judge says Casey Anthony may be released from jail in late July or early August based on time served and good behavior while incarcerated.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Sentence is Four Years, Minus Time Served”

  1. GL Carpenter Says:

    She was also serving time for the money she stole so minus that time and start time served for the 4 counts.

  2. zelda Says:

    Oh isn’t that nice………….it’s all neat and tidy……..she walks.Whew ,that was a close one for Casey……….but she is all smiles and coochie coo for the cameras,Of course she lied her way through an incredible scenario so …………she is happy as a clam. Plus all those offers for books and movies plus the looming realization that she will be rich helps put that shit-ass smile on her face.
    I wonder how karma will trip her up? I hope I live long enough to see it.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Really. A mere Drop-in-the-Bucket for not only the taking of a Human Life, but for all the Time and Efforts of hundreds of Individuals who became nothing more than Pawns in her Despicable Self-Serving Game for 31 Days.

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