Casey Anthony: Jurors Banned From Local Restaurant

I wondered when something like this might happen.

It turns out that Skyline Chili, a Florida-based restaurant, is refusing to serve any jurors from the trial.

To see the video, please follow this link to the coverage on WESH.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jurors Banned From Local Restaurant”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    The court personnel at the end of the clip implied that anyone who works in and knows our justice system do not condemn the jurors in their decision.

    But he forgot to point out that EVERYONE WAS SHOCKED !! They are not allowed to condemn jurors.

    But the jurors condemned themselves when they allowed family dysfunction to explain her lack of guilt.

  2. zelda Says:

    The restaurant can reserve the right to not serve certain people. Is it ok….I am not sure.

  3. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Restaurants have the right to refuse service. Signs are posted at numerous establishments. Whether they should in this case is up for debate. Have fun on this topic! šŸ™‚

  4. Cameron Says:

    Abby Tabal, you highlight the reason that defense lawyers search for 12 morons to occupy a jury. You completely ignore all the evidence and drive immediately to a false conclusion that was not substantiated by any evidence. If you think God is on the side of Casey Anthony, then God help you for where you will eventually end up.

  5. I would not serve them or any member of the defense .

  6. terri Says:

    I’m happy to see that the resturant and it’s employees,aren’t going to serve anyone who helped Casey Anthony get away with murder. I’m with you 100 %

  7. Honeydog Says:

    You know, I’ve been watching the continuing Coverage on HLN, listening to the on-going Analysis, Opinions and Debates coming from those I personally feel are very good, very knowledgable, and very reputable Reporters, along with their Cast of Guests who include just about everyone (past and present) connected to the Trial and associated with The Anthony Family, as well as those outside of it in the Professions of Law, Psychology, Law Enforcement, etc etc etc… and, as I’m taking it all in, learning more and more, hashing and re-hashing, the more I tend to believe that— while they may have done their “Job”— this Jury made Mistakes.
    The State initially took its Case before a Grand Jury, and the list of Charges were Substantiated at that Juncture, meaning that they were “Appropriate” in every way, in accordance with the Evidence presented. During the Trial, The State covered Evidence which at least one of the Jurors now claim they did not “hear”, yet, accross the Board, it most-certainly WAS “Heard”, as well as “Proven”. Additionally— for whatever reason unknown to Professionals where a complex Capital Case of this nature is concerned— these Jurors blew-off their own personal and thorough Inspection and Analysis of over 136 items in Evidence, which really should never have been Disregarded. As well, among alot of other obvious “Faults”, when a Juror states that they “felt George was Combative”, it indicates that their own “Emotional Reaction” took-over their “Thinking”, rather than relying on “Facts”, which was instructed not to use, and is different than considering “Credibility”… And when a Juror states that they could find it more believable that it was an “Accident” more than they could believe otherwise— WITHOUT a Shred of “Support”, much less Evidence— something is Wrong… Especially when The State had the MOST Evidence, in general, to Support their Theory, or ANY of the other top Charges for that matter. Further, in their unanimous Agreement that Casey was NOT Innocent, they most-definitely COULD have gone with one of the lesser Charges, due to the Fact that there was indeed “Enough” of the “corresponding Evidence” to do so. While I am not simply “Listening-to” the Opinions of all these Reporters and Professionals and being “Influenced” by them without thinking it all through on my own, I do have to say that the many Points and in-depth Cyfering being brought-up are not without considerable Significance and Credibility. My feeling about this Jury’s “Job” and the Outcome of Casey’s Fate has nothing to do with my personal feelings about HER— I honestly and truly think that the Jurors themselves fell short of DOING their “Job” with the Total, Necessary, and Deserved absolute “Efficiency” this “Job” should have entailed. I don’t think it was a “Timely”, “Collective”, “Hands-on” nor “Well-thought-out” Effort, and I do Criticize and Blame them for that. Between some of the Public against them simply because they hate CASEY, and some of the Public against them because they “Feel” for CAYLEE, and still others like myself who believe their ways and means of handling the Process they were involved-in is Questionable and with Faults, I think these Jurors are going to find that being “Rejected” by a Restaurant is just the beginning of what they will encounter and endure for a long time to come, and, whether it’s Fair or not, it’s Understandable and even partly Justifiable.

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