Casey Anthony: Cheney Mason Gives Crowd “The Bird”

It appears that attorney Cheney Mason got a little crazy while celebrating Casey Anthony’s not guilty verdict.

Thanks to TMZ for the picture below.

From TMZ:

An official COMPLAINT has been filed against Mason with the Florida Bar Association because of the finger  … in which Cheney is accused of violating a code of conduct which requires lawyers to maintain “integrity of the profession.”

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Cheney Mason Gives Crowd “The Bird””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    screw the defense lawyers and the whole anthony family they need to be hung till dead then burned and throned in the dump

  2. One Op Says:

    John, I like that you put a sock on it! lol

    Anonymous 9:45 Where and when should we meet to do that, I’ll bring the rope if you will do the hanging, burning and throwing in the dump. There would be others who would want to do the same to us, so where would it stop. The state gave their case, they got a verdict. It has happened before that verdicts do not satisfy all of us. There are more children being killed this very moment for which no one will ever even go to trial. Some who were lost after Caylee’s death came to light.

  3. zelda Says:

    That is not good enough OneOp…………just because it’s over and a verdict was reached does not mean by any stretch it’s ok and that we out here just need to suck it up with an oh well,,,,,,Gezus!
    We need to be advocates for justice for our defenseless children and if the laws don’t suit us then we need to change them. There is a ton of work to be done on our laws………..I say we get off our dead asses and make those changes.
    To sweep this verdict under the rug with a ” well that is the way it went” thinking is beyond stupid, short sighted and beyond callous.
    My gawd,,,,,,,,,,

  4. One Op Says:

    I agree with you Zelda, it needs to be done, and I dare say many of us here have experienced so many years trying to help to no avail. When we get too old to physically carry the burden all we can do is speak. If we do not have political power who cares about justice, more than their own acclaim to power it is not going to come about, and where are we going to find that? Our gov is more intertested in outside than our own inside horrors. I don’t know what happened in this case, the state as well as the defense had the say on the jurors picked along with the judge and I don’t know that there has even been a picture or identity of who they are.
    I do see they are gradually stepping out for their money, one even stating what he wants for his story. His story? I thought they were to serve as a duty. Of course the media is going to go after them an I would hope they would say no to it, but they want. The attorneys, both state and defense already are getting their interviews and not for free. It is not just Casey, it is the whole kettle of rotten fish which has gone wrong. As far as my comment above I do hold to the fact that if I want someone to pay as does Anon then “I” have to be willing to put the noose on and cut the rope, in the act, not holler and want someone else to do it for me.
    Am I going to get hit with some of them rocks? Zelda, I love ya!

  5. zelda Says:

    hahaha,well OneOp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe you should have a bucket of ice and a towel ready to wrap your head in just to be on the safe side,,,,,,
    heh heh

  6. Honeydog Says:

    I love ya OneOp, but Zelda is Right. In particular, the Jury in this Case did not do their Homework, nor either Follow or Understand their Instructions for the Deliberation Process. If you listen to the Explanation given by Jennifer Ford (Juror #3), she implies that they expected the Attorneys to fill-in all the Blanks, and that they wanted a “Motive”. This was a
    “CIRCUMSTANTIAL” Case— but far from being a “Weak” one— and it was THEIR responsibility to piece everything together— not have it all done FOR them.
    And, although The State didn’t HAVE to, they DID provide a “Motive”. “Personal Feelings” were ALSO used to Discredit certain Witnessess, and they were instructed not to do so, Disregarding “Facts” or EVERYthing the Witness stated, just because they did not like their Demeanor. They said they didn’t “Hear” things, when everyone else seemed to. They Overlooked Key Evidence, and they barely took Notes. They “Closed the Book” on all the Evidence that WAS there— Not even taking any time whatsoever to do their own physical Inspections and Analysis during their Deliberation. They were in the Jury Room only a little over 10 Hours— It would have taken them a Minimum of FIVE just to Review the considerably-thick Packet of Instructions, and, with one Hour off for Lunch, Four Hours can not Logically be anywhere near Sufficient to go over EVERYthing that this complex Trial encompassed for 6 Weeks. This Jury was Tired… They had been Sequestered long enough… It was the Fourth of July Holiday… and it is my Belief, as well as some Experts, that they just wanted to go Home. All Roads pointed to Casey, whether “Directly” or not (and again, this was not a “Direct Evidence” Case, and they KNEW that) and to come to such a quick Decision, come-up with some of the Reasons they are giving for it, and finding NO Fault with her whatsoever, is a clear Indication that they did not “Study”, didn’t want to, and simply threw their Hands up. I think the majority of us would have rather this Jury come to the exact same Verdict after taking more Time to do the Thorough and Efficient Job they were supposed to do, than the way it went down. No. After three long Years, and a Month-and-a-Half of Trial Proceedings, this Jury Cheated the System out of, at the very least, a Good Job, and that part is just not Acceptable. Of COURSE Verdicts do not always Satisfy us… But being Satisfied at how they were REACHED, definitely should.

  7. zelda Says:

    love ya Honeydog…………good going

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