Casey Anthony: Secret Exit Prepared?

According to reports, officials have prepared a secret exit to ensure Casey Anthony’s safety following her acquittal yesterday.

From Reuters:

The exit plan will allow Casey, 25, to leave without having contact with the public or members of the media.

Casey was convicted of lying to police, but it is widely believed that she will not receive any more jail time after already spending nearly three years behind bars.

The next big question: Where will she go?

“She’s got to find someone to allow her to live with them,” said Karin Moore, a veteran trial lawyer and death penalty law specialist at Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando.

“If I were (Casey’s parents), it seems pretty clear to me there is no way she’s going back home,” Moore said.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Secret Exit Prepared?”

  1. Katydid Says:

    You do know she can be retried if more evidence is found….just not in state court. She could be tried in Federal court if it could be proved that Caylee’s civil rights were violated. I believe they were.

  2. armyveteran Says:

    I live in Northeast Florida. Speculation has run a muck regarding whether or not she will be released tomorrow. A lot of retired FL judges are saying that she will be given more time on the misdemeanors, probably some counseling, and fines/fees. However, who knows? This has been bizarre with the media frenzy and all….. Poor little Caylee… Hopefully one day, this side of heaven, the truth will be told. Otherwise we will find out on the other side.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I too have heard different Expert’s Opinions as to whether or not she’ll spend more Time behind Bars. Personally, I would rather see Judge Perry make her do some kind (or several types) of “Community Service” for the remainder of any Time he would otherwise keep her in Jail— Make her get out there and bust her Lazy Ass for a change… Allow the “Counseling” to come from the Discipline of being forced to Learn and Understand what it’s like in the “real World”, to “Work”, and deal with People and Situations on all levels, with whom she won’t find so easily Manipulated. More Jail Time?.. Fines?.. Big Deal. Teaches her nothing.

    Regardless of what “Exit” she takes if she’s allowed to go, ain’t no way Casey is re-joining her Parents in that Household. She hasn’t had to deal with them for the last 3 years, and she likes it that way. “Home” would be a real “Bummer” for her, and inevitably equal “Confrontation”, which she has been able to enjoy avoiding. It’s now been reported that The Defense plans to “Help her” find a place to Live and get her Life back together (how Nice), and that a Relative on Cindy’s side of the Family, who lives in Houston, Texas, has offered Casey a Home there. My guess is that she will take advantage of the first one, wanting to stay-away from living with ANY Family Members. The individuals associated with The DEFENSE are her “Family” now, and she knows she can count on them to provide whatever her little Heart desires. Whatever. New place to live… New “Town”… New Friends.. New Lies.

  4. zelda Says:

    oh balonennnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee, What planet are you on for gawds sake?

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I’ll believe “God’s” Justice when I get UP there. Right now we want it down HERE….

  6. Hildy Says:

    “The Fifth Amendment does not protect a person from being tried by two or more separate governments. Thus, both the federal government and the state government are able to charge and prosecute one person for the same criminal act, which is often the case for drug related crimes. As well, two or more states can prosecute and try a person for the same criminal act. People need to start a website for FBI to file murder charges against Casey Anthony on the federal level!!!! FBI HAS JURISDICTION TO REFILE MURDER CHARGES AGAINST ANTHONY WITHOUT IT BEING DOUBLE JEOPARDY PLEASE GET THIS INFO OUT TO EVERYONE.”

    The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court
    Sign the Petition here:

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Hildy… This Subject and this “Petition” was discussed by a Panel of Attorneys and Legal Experts on TV tonight, and, inasmuch as the majority of us would love to see it happen, the Probability is unfortunately Zero Percent.

  8. Jim Says:

    @Hildy LOL, No the FBI doesn’t even prosecute cases. Hildy you don’t know what jurisdiction is. No, there can never be a fed trial for this crime because the things that gives the Feds the authority to prosecute, terrorism, involving 2 states in committing the crime, ambassador death etc, those elements are not there. So no fed case. No CA can not be charged again if new evidence comes forth that is double jeopardy for sure.

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