Casey Anthony: Let the Deliberations Begin…

Jurors in the Casey Anthony trial ended their first day of deliberations this evening without a verdict.

I’m guessing we have a verdict Wednesday. Thoughts?

From Reuters:

Judge Belvin Perry recessed court at 6 p.m. and sent the jury back to their hotel for the night after the jury received the case just after noon.

The decision to stop the jury’s work was made in order to transport the jurors ahead of the crowds expected to jam streets in Orlando for the evening’s traditional Fourth of July fireworks celebration at Lake Eola, just a couple of blocks from the courthouse, court spokeswoman Karen Levey said.

Jurors are scheduled to resume their work at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday and work as late as they choose.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Let the Deliberations Begin…”

  1. Sherry Says:



  2. sophie Says:

    I say Wednesday or Thursday. I say Felony Murder.

  3. Laurali Says:

    I think Wednesday.

  4. one4truth Says:

    Probably Wednesday or Thursday……………should have taken 15 minutes. Guilty!……………hopefully of felony murder. Premeditated 1st degree was nearly impossible to prove, even though she did premeditate this crime.

  5. At least they are providing security for the neighborhood now. Especially since Leonard Padilla is back in town trying to grab the glory with his theories. Lol!

    All they have to do is look at the videos of him at that Blanchard Park dive to figure out how that duct tape got on the skull. Lol! Him telling Tim Miller they could make a lot of money if the skull was found there. Lol! C’mon, Roy said the skull rolled out of the trash bag, yet the prosecution claims it was in proper anatomical condition. Lol!

    Dead babies make a lot of money these days, don’t they?

  6. Honeydog Says:

    After 3 long years, it’s hard to believe that we’re really, and finally, at this point. I’ve not missed a moment of the Trial and, despite having so much previous knowledge and some strong preconceived Opinions, I made an honest effort to keep an Open Mind. After all is now said and done, I’m not just “Sure”.. I’m Positive.. that my original Feelings and Beliefs all along were Correct. Besides their proven Rebuttal of The Defense’s “Scientific” Issues, The Prosecution’s strong “Common Sense” Factors just can’t be Denied or Argued. I’ve heard that you never know what a Jury will decide, even though it may be clear as a Bell to everyone else… But I truly think the Words
    “Circumstantial”, “Lack of Evidence”, and “Doubt” can, and have been, elminated. My own personal Feeling is that the Jury will have a Verdict within a Day or two— at least by the end of the Week– and, because it was reported that they paid little Attention to Casey and her various displays of “Emotions”, that they will not find it difficult not to be Swayed by her Looks or Youth, to affect imposing Murder in the 1st Degree. I would think the Fact alone that it was ultimately Proven that Cindy was at Work during the “Chloroform Computer Searches” is enough to support “Pre-meditation”, but “Felony” certainly fits the Picture as well. It will be one or the other, or both.

  7. zelda Says:

    they did not molest her,,,,,,,,,,it’s another elaborate lie . She is a sociopath.Her mother lies too…………..on the stand under oath.

    casey is responsible for her own actions no matter WHAT happened to her or not.
    We all have a story,we all do not chose to use that as an excuse to murder someone.

  8. I too, believe casey wil get life

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