Casey Anthony: George Anthony’s Suicide Note Hurts Defense

As we’ve talked ab0ut many times in the past, a suicide note written by George Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, may come back to bite the defense team in the proverbial butt.

Anthony wrote in a suicide note that he had unanswered questions about what happened to his granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, a revelation that most experts believe undercuts defense claims that she drowned accidentally and he helped cover it up.

From the Associated Press:

On Wednesday, lead defense attorney Jose Baez asked George Anthony about his January 2009 suicide attempt. But when prosecutor Jeff Ashton later asked Anthony if he had bought a gun five months before that, Baez objected.

With the jury out of the room, George Anthony said he planned to use the gun to try to get his daughter’s friends to tell him what happened to Caylee.

He also said he wrote in his suicide note about “unanswered questions” and that he chose to kill himself because “I needed at that time to go be with Caylee because I knew I failed her.”

Ashton argued that the statements were valid for the jury to hear because they rebutted the drowning theory and implied that George Anthony didn’t know what really happened to Caylee. Ashton also said the suicide note did not include any reference to George Anthony molesting Casey Anthony when she was a child, as Baez claimed in his opening statement.

Judge Belvin Perry agreed the jury could hear about the gun purchase and the suicide note.

“It looks to me like someone opened the door and someone is trying to walk through it,” he said.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: George Anthony’s Suicide Note Hurts Defense”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I’m glad that Judge Perry ruled to allow this in, as I believe it SHOULD be deemed “Evidence” for The State.
    Baez is the one who brought-up the subject of George’s Attempted Suicide in the first place, and The Prosecution should have the Right to Challenge it. Regardless of any Suspicion the Jury may have had about
    George and his “Conflicting” Testimony regarding his
    “Infidelity” with Krystal Holloway, I think the Letter will at least not only serve to “Clear” him, once and for all, from having anything to do with this Crime— which he absolutely deserves— but considerably Boost The State’s Case in pointing a bigger Finger back at Casey. People can “Lie”… What’s “in Writing” does not.

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