Casey Anthony: Did Caylee’s Father Die in 2007?

Donna MacLean has come forward, claiming that she is the grandmother of  Caylee Anthony.

Her son, Michael Patrick Duggan died in 2007 in a car accident.


From the Boston Herald:

Donna MacLean of Rutland told the Daily Beast that her son, Michael Patrick Duggan, told her he fathered a little girl and named the Anthony parents in a conversation before he died in an October 27, 2007, in a car accident in East Falmouth. She’s offering to take a DNA test to prove it, she told the Web site.

“I would never in a million years bring something like this forward if I wasn’t 100 percent positive,” MacLean told the Daily Beast. “My son wouldn’t lie to me.”

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Did Caylee’s Father Die in 2007?”

  1. sophie Says:

    Since this woman claims she knew about Caylee since her birth and did nothing towards getting to know her granddaughter in any way, I think the proper thing for this ‘grandmother’ to do at this time is shut the hell up and stay out of it.

    What a lousy thing for this woman to do. Caylee wasn’t good enough for her while alive, but now she wants to use the poor child for 15 minutes of fame. DISGUSTING.

  2. luvanrs Says:

    I agree Sophie. Where was grandma when Caylee was alive?

  3. knight owl Says:

    Yes agree with Sophie too, why now? now this woman comes out of the woodwork claiming to be grandma. It is possible she could be grandma but why wait this long to find out? Poor baby Caylee everyone including the defense scream team just takes a turn in using this child for their gain of either for money or fame and it makes me totally sick.

  4. zelda Says:

    Maybe she thinks it will help the case somehow to bring it up now. She can have her DNA tested.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I have to admit I’m Curious and would still like to hear more from this alleged “Grandmother”. I recall one specific instance when a Reporter asked Cindy who Caylee’s Father was, and she replied, “That’s something no one will ever know”. You could interpret that Statement two ways— Either “Have no Clue”/”You’re Guess is as good as mine” OR “We’ll never Tell”. Knowing this Family, and how Casey’s Pregnancy was something they were obviously Embarrassed over and Denied for awhile, it’s possible that Cindy and/or George may have wanted nothing to do with this Boy or his Family, and flat-out told them to stay away. It may have been at their Forcefulness— even a “Pay-off”— that this Woman and her Son COULDN’T be Involved with Caylee. I don’t put anything past The Anthonys— especially Cindy— when it comes to what they want and what they don’t want, and they know how to do it. This Woman may very-well BE a “Crackpot” or, Yes, be seeking Media Attention… But then again, with this Trial going on and perhaps having bottled-up Anger toward Casey for what SHE did to Caylee, toward George and/or Cindy for “Alienating” her and her Son, along with her own “Regrets”, she may very-well be telling the Truth, having simply come to the Decision that coming-forward with this long-kept Secret is what she wants to do, and realizes that it certainly isn’t going to Hurt anybody NOW. Ya never know….

  6. Debbie Allen Says:

    Give me a break. Her son dies and she doesn’t remember for three or four years that her son tells her all this information about his daughter caley, cacey and her family If it were my child that had died I wouldn’t have stop tring to find my grandchild. That would be the only thing I would have left of him.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    It seems to me that the identity of the father would be beneficial to the Prosecution, especially considering the completely dysfunctional nature of the family dynamic.

    If an agreement was made between Casey and the father that he not be involved in raising Caylee, then I would find it respectful of his family to honor that, especially in light of his death. Why she came forward now, who knows, but I find the instantaneous negative suspicion of her a sad commentary.

  8. Maybe she is coming forward to show that it wasn’t the father or the brother, but her son. She might not really want anything at all except to show that it was her son.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Some of you people are DISGUSTING judging this woman knowing nothing about her. When you have lost a child yourself and see how that effects you as a human being, then come back here and comment on how she (or you) should act. The theories of what you would do if you lost your child are meaningless. Until you walk in those shoes (as I have) your crass judgements make me sick !

  10. Anonymous Says:

    She was most likely grieving her son’s death and probably had no way of knowing how to get in contact with that bitch, Casey Anthony after he passed away. Who knows what happened between those two? Clearly, she’s a psychopath who just got away with murder. Her promiscuity was also aired out during trial, so the father probably didn’t completely believe the child was his. Who knows? Casey Anthony thought her brother was the father for a moment. Like, wtf? This bitch has no shame.

    To be sure though, from other news sources, the grandmother only claimed that her son told her that he had fathered a daughter with a woman in Orlando, and that his daughter’s name was Caylee…who knows though. Maybe he even said, I think I have a daughter, but I’m not sure if the baby is mine and the mother is a lunatic. I think he might have also clued her in on some other mundane facts: she lived in Orlando with her parents and her father was a cop. From the news sources, I kind of gathered that he was on the road a lot, so who knows when he actually told her this information (could have been a week before his death) and what information he told her – probably not enough for her to have any sense of urgency.

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