Casey Anthony: Defendant WILL NOT Testify in Murder Trial

After weeks of trial proceedings, and a couple of years of public discussion, the defense rested its case today in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

No big shocker that Anthony DID NOT take the witness stand. According to reports, Anthony stated that she decided not to testify.

So here we go…Next up are closing arguments and then the case goes to the jury. Anybody want to predict what the jury will decide?

From the Associated Press:

Her attorneys also never produced any witnesses bolstering the claim made in last month’s opening statements that Anthony had acted without apparent remorse in the weeks after her daughter’s death because she had been molested by her father as a child, resulting in emotional problems.

The prosecution will now put on a rebuttal case that is expected to last about a day. Closing arguments would follow, probably on Saturday, and the jury would then get the case that evening or Sunday.

From WESH:

Anthony’s defense called numerous witnesses to the stand over 13 days of court proceedings, including members of Anthony’s family, investigators and forensic experts.

Defense attorney Jose Baez told the jury May 24 that Caylee drowned in an above-ground swimming pool in the back yard of the Anthony family home on June 16, 2008. He said George Anthony knew about the incident.
Baez said Anthony shouldn’t have been charged with murder or even manslaughter.During his two-hour presentation, Baez offered shoddy police work and a dysfunctional family as reasons for Anthony’s charges and the lack of a report to authorities for a month.
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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Defendant WILL NOT Testify in Murder Trial”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Inasmuch as I would want to watch and hear every Facial Expression and Syllable out of her Mouth if she took the Stand, I was prepared to do it with my Face scrunched-up, my Eyes squeezed half-shut and my Fingers partially in both Ears. I wasn’t sure I could take what I anticipated. Anyway, only Casey and her Lawyers know the Reasons for this Decision, and, for me, whether or not it was the Right one is Debatable. On one Hand, I think not Testifying has left The Defense without a Leg to stand on— As they have no other Evidence to offer the Jury, Casey was the only person who could help support the Claims in The Defense’s Opening Statements, and, in “Avoiding” it and Refusing to be Questioned, I believe it not only makes her look like she has something to Hide in the Minds of the Jurors, but it Discredits The Defense itself. On the other Hand, the Jury could be thinking that Casey is simply quite Satisfied with everything her Attorneys presented in the Proceedings, that it was all True, and that there is just no Reason for her to explain or add anything. I would think though, that the Jury wanted, and was expecting to actually listen-to the Defendant tell her side of the Story. Whether or not they would have “Believed” her is another matter, but they might feel that they’ve been “Jipped” out of that Opportunity. Of course, with knowing that The Prosecution would have eaten her alive, overall, for The Defense, it is probably the lesser of two Evils for her to maintain her Silence and allow the Jurors to “Wonder”, and perhaps have “Doubt”, rather than their Answers and a Conclusion being Handed-over on a Silver Platter. At this point, I’m looking forward to The State’s Rebuttal Case and both Side’s Closing Arguments to complete this Trial, but since they are still to come, I can’t make my own “Prediction”, much less for the Jury.

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