Casey Anthony: Psychologists and Psychics

Another busy day in the trial of accused murderer Casey Anthony.

As we heard this morning, Anthony was examined by three psychologists over the weekend, and after reviewing their reports, the judge declared Casey competent to continue.

Also, Sgt. John Allen identified two videos sent to investigators, taken by a man named James Hoover. The videos showed private investigator Dominic Casey one month before Caylee’s remains were found in in the woods area off Suburban Drive. As we discussed 2 years ago, allegedly Casey was on the phone with psychic Jeanette Lucas.

From Central Florida News:

In the video, Mr. Casey was seen talking on a cell phone. He identified the person on the other end as Jeanette Lucas, a psychic who led him to the area around Suburban Drive in his search for the remains of Caylee Anthony. He later added that no one from the Anthony family directed him to check that area.

Dominic Casey also said the first time he went into the woods, he had never given Hoover permission to videotape him, and had no idea why he was doing so.

He said his second search was to “prove a psychic wrong.” He was seen using a probe in the video, and said it was because he saw a lot of snakes in the area.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Psychologists and Psychics”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    (Oh we all KNOW she’s “COMPETENT”— That’s OBVIOUS in everything we’ve seen and heard her do… Even Bamboozled the SHRINKS).
    I understand this “Examination” of Casey was probably for the protection of her Defense Team in the event she takes the Stand. I understand it’s “her Choice” if The Defense recommends it, and, knowing her, she’ll jump out of her Chair for the Chance.
    As for this whole thing with Dominic Casey and Jim
    Hoover and the “Psychic”… During Tuesday’s Proceedings, Cindy testified (“so help her God”) that she never instructed them to go search those Woods, then Lee got on the Stand and stated the complete opposite. I think Cindy is Lying through her Teeth. Then HOOVER stated that Dominic Casey told him to bring the Video Camera, but Dominic Casey testified that he DIDN’T give Hoover permission to do so. Who the hell cares about the damn Camera. And I don’t believe these two were both “Poking-around” in those Woods on a Psychic’s instructions. I recall that Mr. Casey told a DIFFERENT Story at one point way back when— Said he “didn’t BELIEVE in Psychics”, and that the person he was talking to on the Phone in the Video was his DAUGHTER. No.. I believe that “Tip” came straight from their “Employers”, The Anthonys, who either knew something or had a darn good Hunch, and the only way I would be convinced otherwise is to hear the actual Conversation between this Psychic and Mr. Casey. These guys are “Private Investigators” for God’s Sake.. their “Clients” were George and Cindy Anthony.. there was so much Lying and Cover-up and Sneaking-around going on back then, are they REALLY going to “Spill the Beans” on The Anthonys and tell the Court the real Story??!! As for these two P.I.’s not “Locating” Caylee, the Map of the area in which they Searched showed a 65-Yard Difference from where her Remains were later found, so neither ONE of them proved ANYthing for The Defense as to her Body “not being” in the Woods when they were there. Anyway, between the three of them (or maybe four, with Lee), I could smell the the Bull Shit coming through the TV.

  2. zelda Says:

    Right on……..

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