Casey Anthony: Will She Go Free?

Interesting article in People Magazine discussing the reasons why Casey Anthony might not be convicted. Click the link below for more details.

Most people believe that it’s an open and shut case. But these days, you never know, right? What are your thoughts? Do you see a conviction ahead? Or are we heading to controversy, much like the OJ Simpson case?

From the article:

“This is definitely not a slam-dunk case,” Karin Moore, a former criminal defense attorney and law professor at Florida A&M University, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “The state doesn’t have an eyewitness. They don’t have a confession, so most of the evidence is circumstantial.”

A prosecution source on the case acknowledges that there is “no one smoking gun” but counters that the evidence is “solid.”

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14 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Will She Go Free?”

  1. Hilde Says:

    I do not believe Casey Anthony will go free in spite of some of the Opinions out there!
    So far what I have seen in this Trial it resembles a life Soap Opera and has nothing to do with the Truth in this sad Case.
    It is very irritating to watch what the Defense is trying to do. Cindy and Lee are talking around the Bush and doing every thing they can to distort and avoid to give true Statements when asked Questions.
    To me this Trial is a Joke and has nothing to do with seeking Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony the true Victim.
    The Exception is the Prosecution who is doing their Best to seek Justice for Caylee.
    I will hope the Jury will use their common Sense and see that and see through all the Game Playing the Defense is doing in Order to establish reasonable Doubt. JMO

  2. zelda Says:

    I agree with you right down the line Hilde……….
    I am pulling for that jury as I keep saying.
    The real world vs. the “reality show” crap is on the shaky stage we have created in this day and age.Time to snap out of it and see what is going on or humanity is in the toilet.

  3. luvanrs Says:

    The prosecution should be rock solid, but if Cindy is successful with her lies, that could create a reasonable doubt

  4. zelda Says:

    this whole case is based upon lies…huge involved lies as we have seen with casey and now cindy. I am sure the jury will see this and not put any credence in what desperate lies cindy is coming up with now………..

  5. lastquarter Says:

    No matter what there is the 31 days to contend with, along with not reporting Caylee missing, that is fact & it is on Casey alone.

    What on earth does Lee’s over the top strange reaction or a baby shower have to do with a missing child?

    The media gets carried away with everything, the prosecution presented a much better case, but the media all of a sudden has Baez turning from an incompetent boob to a genius overnight. It is amazing how they live in the moment

  6. Lea Says:

    What will happen if she goes free? Will they all move back in together like nothing happened?

  7. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t even want to think about that Question being a possibility, so I’ll just say this…. If we don’t get the “Truth”, we don’t get “Justice”— and, over the last two days, the only “Theory” that I clearly see being Proven is a “Conspiracy” Theory, with Cindy as the “Head”, leading Lee and the Jury in the opposite Direction of ever really achieving it.

    Considering the Fact that these Jurors do not know half of the things we do, and I have no Idea how their Brains work, I’m the last person to say what they are thinking at this point, or which way they will ultimately end-up Leaning… But, if I had to take a “Wild Guess”, it would be that they will go with some of the lesser Charges— for which Casey will do Time— specifically because of an Emotionally Distraught
    “Grandmother” who is already Grieving over the Loss of one Loved-one, for whom they have Sympathy and will not wish to add to her Grief. Juries have been known to do this, and, while they may think that Casey more-than-likely had something to do with Caylee’s death, it won’t be enough to go all the way. As for “heading to Controversy”???… I think we’re already THERE.

  8. zelda Says:

    I am hoping that justice will prevail and that this jury will provide it and give casey a stiff sentence.I for one am not sympathetic will the “grandmother’s stress” etc. etc. and I hope the jury sees through all the set up scenarios Baez and the anthonys are pulling.
    A child is dead……….that should be the focus of this whole circus.I don’t give a hoot about the anthonys and their feelings,,,,,,,,,,,it’s too late for all of that.
    We will see…………..

  9. Honeydog Says:

    I understand that one of the Charges— “Aggrivated Child Abuse”— combined with ultimately “resulting in Death”, is enough for The Death Penalty. Although there is no “Cause” of Death, it would seem to me that not calling 9-1-1 after an “Accidental Drowning” (Lie or not, if the Jury buys it) and/or not Reporting Caylee “Missing” for an entire Month, Justifies such a Conviction. I kind of don’t see how even the Jury would not consider this to be Accurate Direct Evidence. Yes.. We will see.

  10. zelda Says:

    yup……..the law is a sticky wicket.
    I imagine old casey will get a long sentence…………….probably not the death sentence………..not sure.To me that would almost be better,,,,,,,,,know what I mean?Of course the rider being no chance for parole.
    Damn case………….it’s a litmus case for future child killers in my view.
    We may all be surprised at the outcome………..

  11. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t know if I can take many more “Surprises” in this Case. I just want to feel “Satisfied” with whatever that Outcome is, ya know? At the very least, she should be put away for Life just for putting and leaving Caylee in the Woods to rot. Know what I mean?…

  12. zelda Says:

    lol…….yes I know what you mean,,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. jack Says:

    boobs are cool

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I think Casey Anthony Should get Life in Prison, not Death Pealty, if jurors finds her guilty sentence to Death is a waste of money.. Sentence to Life in Prison which is good for her. thats my optoin

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