Casey Anthony: Mother Claims She Searched for Chloroform, Not Daughter

Cindy Anthony claimed in court yesterday that, in fact, she was the one who searched the term “chloroform” on the family computer.

Do you buy it?

From Fox News:

Cindy Anthony said she had run the queries on chloroform while looking up information on chlorophyll, a green pigment found in plants. She believed her dogs may have been eating bamboo leaves containing chlorophyll. Cindy Anthony also said she ran searches on other chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, after she was informed about a hand sanitizer scare.

During cross-examination Thursday, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick suggested that Cindy Anthony never mentioned the searches during depositions and that work records show she was at her job during the time the searches were made on the family’s home computer.

Cindy Anthony responded that she could leave work when she needed to and that the work records might not have reflected her absence.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Mother Claims She Searched for Chloroform, Not Daughter”

  1. zelda Says:

    she is lying.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I feel that way too. At first, Cindy’s Testimony about the Computer Searches and her Job “Sounded” Valid— until I picked it apart…

    She claimed the Dog was Lethargic and suspected it was eating the Bamboo Leaves, yet she never once typed in the Words “Dog” OR “Bamboo”, or even “Poisonous Plants to Animals” etc etc, either as a “Starting Point” or a Reference to the Dog’s “Problem”. Why would you Look-up “Chlorophyll” right from the get-go.
    Someone reported that the Word “Chloroform” doesn’t just pop-up on the same Page— It has to be Looked-up on its own.
    She’s a Nurse.. You would think she would know the
    “correct Spelling”.
    She stated that she didn’t recall Googleing “How to make Chloroform”— but it was ON there.
    She stated that she Looked-up “Acetone”, because she “Painted Caylee’s Nails”.. Isn’t this one of the Components in making “Chloroform”??
    It was found that there were 8 Seconds between going to “PhotoBucket” and the Search for “Chloroform”, and 20 Seconds between being on “MySpace” and the Search for “How to make Chloroform”… Neither “PhotoBucket” OR “MySpace” are Cindy’s “Accounts”— They are Casey’s.
    Cindy’s own claims with regard to her “Work Records” are Conflicting, and if she admittedly “Lied” on her “Time Card”, why not NOW.
    There were Inconsistencies between this Testimony and her 2009 Deposition.

    On another note, while George sits and focuses on the Proceedings, Cindy’s head is buried in her “Note-taking”. It was stated by Reporters who attend the Trial that she takes more Notes than the Jurors. She is also permitted to take her Notes “Home”, whereas the Jurors must leave their Notepads on their Seats at the end of each day. I have no doubt that, as Cindy listens to the “Questioning” and Witnessess’ Responses and Explanations, and has the Advantage of “going-over” this Information each night at Home, she is getting what she needs to “Plan-out” her Statements and Stories on the Stand. This is one thing I absolutely believe should NOT be Allowed by the Court. Cindy may be the Defendant’s “Family”, but she is also a “Witness”, and she shouldn’t be permitted to “Take Notes”— let alone take them Home and Refer to them and Discuss certain “Plans of Attack” with George and Lee. This is SO WRONG.

    Yep.. The “Confidence” Cindy displayed in even walking accross the Courtroom to the Witness Stand showed ME that this day was a well Thought-out,”Prepared” and Orchestrated Event.

  3. zelda Says:

    And yes I agree they (george and cindy) should not be in that courtroom. They are hatching out “stories” right and left…bastards.Dumb move by the court given all these people lie and we all know it.

    Seriously…… me and OneOp in 2012……….we would be nominated by BOTH parties…..LOL!

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