Casey Anthony: A Little Thursday Afternoon Perjury?

Though Cindy has said that she left work early on the day of the computer searches, her testimony has many speculating that she’s perjuring herself to defend her daughter.

So…did Cindy Anthony lie on the stand to protect her daughter? That’s the question being asked by many today. What do you think? As a parent, would you do the same no matter how heinous the crime was?

From Time Magazine:

According to former prosecutor Nancy Grace, who appeared on Good Morning AmericaFriday morning, Cindy’s story could be easily dispelled by the state as they have listed her employer’s record keeper as a witness, who would presumably be able to determine if Cindy was in fact at work.

However, lying or not, Cindy has certainly proved a sympathetic witness for the defense’s case. She returned to the stand on Friday as the defense played home video footage of Caylee playing near the family pool wearing what appeared to be the shorts she was wearing when her body was found in December of 2008. (The defense is arguing that Caylee drowned accidentally and that Casey’s only crime was covering it up.) Cindy wept as she watched the footage of her granddaughter laughing, and noted that the video was from 2007. 

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11 Comments on “Casey Anthony: A Little Thursday Afternoon Perjury?”

  1. zelda Says:

    yes,,,,,,,,, I think she is lying.They want to save casey and will do anything that will gt her off and have made no secret of it.I thought she was lying right away. I am pulling for the jury.

  2. Sherry Says:

    I think LDB could easily yank the title of ‘sympathetic witness” from Cindy quite handily. I believe the jury already feels they were fed a load of bullhocky by her. Good grief! There’s an IT guy on jury! And a nurse! I think the jury will give the right verdict of guilty of 1st degree murder through intelligent deliberation.

  3. luvanrs Says:

    Cindy lied on the stand re: the looking up of neck breaking. She told Baez that she was looking up injuries for a friend that had a family member that had head injuries etc from an accident. Then she told the prosecution that while she was on the computer, a youtube video came up with a skateboarder on it detailing a “neck breaking” feat. So, she changed her story in those regards.

  4. Kim Says:

    Cindy’s own time sheets prove she lied

  5. zelda Says:

    cindy needs to go to jail eventually for perjury,tampering with evidence, and a few other things, She has lied from the git go……………….please please pray or send good energy for the jury………….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Perjury from Cindy

  7. mary Says:

    she just dumped on caylee’s grave with her antics about her doinf all of the searches and not casey. that poor child, i feel so sorry for her to think what she went through… asking “momma, what are you doing to me?” and her little heart pounding away, trying to catch her breath to breath.i dont care if casey doesnt get the death sentence.rotting in jail for the rest of her life would suit me just fine.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    While I’m not taking-up for Cindy, I can understand being between a Rock and a Hard Place. If she absolutely “Despised” Casey, I doubt she would think twice about her Fate… but she doesn’t. I believe Cindy either knows or has a pretty good Feeling that Caylee is no longer Alive because of something Casey did, and I think she’s Okay with Casey getting a long-term Jail Sentence, but could not Withstand her being put on Death Row. Because she does Love Casey, and because killing her isn’t going to bring Caylee back, she wants to hold on to what’s left. I can honestly say that I myself would not mind that my own Daughter (and I have one who means the World to me) had to spend 30 Years or Life in Prison for purposely causing my Grandchild’s death, but— because I Love her so much, would rather have her here, and knowing that seeing her Die would send me over the final Edge— I know I would not be able to Contribute to that Conviction. It would Solve nothing for me. After it was all said and done, I would have to Live with it.. and I know I couldn’t. It would drive me Emotionally Crazy to Justify it.. and I know I wouldn’t— All because I DON’T “Hate” or “Despise” my Daughter. That’s what makes the Difference. The Problem with CINDY wanting to Save CASEY, is that I don’t think Casey could care less about a Relationship with her Mother… Whereas, I know my own Daughter would. If Cindy could get this Fact into her thick Skull, perhaps she would feel and do differently. It will be too late to give Caylee the “Justice” she deserves after Cindy helps Casey escape the Death Penalty and expects Casey to fall all over her, then gets Angry and DOES want Revenge when she is “Turned-away” on all those Prison “Visitation” Days. She may then Regret being “Mrs. Nice Guy”. For now, I think she thinks she has a Chance.. a Chance for all this to someday be behind the both of them, and that they can and will be “Close” as a result of it. All in all, I think Cindy is Cheating herself by
    “Protecting” Casey, but, most of all, CAYLEE is being Cheated. This position she is in is not an easy one, and she— as neither would I– would be strong enough to turn against our own Flesh and Blood… when we “Love” them, and can’t help it. It just makes me Mad that we all want the “Truth”.. we all want little Caylee’s death not to be in Vain— and we have to Witness Casey Anthony being “Shielded” and “Pampered” as we listen to even more Lies coming from her Mother. But, again, I understand why. It doesn’t make it Right, it doesn’t make it Fair to Caylee, and I hate it… But it is what it is— Being “Torn”, and making a Choice you know will at least Kill two Birds with one Stone— At least the Satisfaction of definite “Punnishment” for a long time, and one which won’t give you additional horrific Nightmares.

  9. zelda Says:

    Too much spelunking on old cindy for my taste……..I don’t give a hoot about her”feelings” . Yes I understand your hypothesis.
    Let’s hope the jury can take the stance of the victim and get to the point.

    I have two daughters,,,13 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.I understand the above…………I just don’t agree the anthonys deserve we normal caring people’s points of view or analysis.For me the closest to normal is George.Egad.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    I just wanted to answer John’s question up there in the Text, and there I go “Spelunking”! Wait a minute.. Haffta go look that one up! LOL!

  11. zelda Says:

    lol…….! ………..

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