Planes Nearly Collide at JFK

A Lufthansa jet nearly collided with another plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday evening after an EgyptAir flight apparently veered into its path just as the plane headed down the runway.

From CNN:

The near miss was captured on audio recordings, revealing an air traffic controller communicating with the Lufthansa pilot, yelling “Cancel takeoff! Cancel takeoff plans!” as the two planes moved toward each other.

The pilot of the Lufthansa jet acknowledged as the plane rolled to a halt.

Lufthansa Flight 411, an Airbus 340 packed with 286 passengers and crew, was cleared for takeoff by air traffic control shortly before 7 p.m. Monday, according to a statement from Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen.

EgyptAir Flight 986, a Boeing 777, was issued instructions to taxi from the ramp area to the airfield for departure, but made a wrong turn, the statement said.

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One Comment on “Planes Nearly Collide at JFK”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Close Call. Aircraft Mistakes and Mishaps are happening a little too often anymore. You gotta wonder what kind of “Hands” you’re in— even on the Ground. Makes me think of that Movie “Summer Rental”— John Candy played an Air Traffic Controller who was so Burned-out from his Job that he was giving incorrect Directions to Pilots in the Air when a Fly landed on his Monitor and he thought it was an unidentified misplaced Airplane in their AirSpace. The Movie was Funny, but this “Real Life” stuff isn’t. Making a “Wrong Turn” and not even in the Air yet… Doesn’t sound like anyone I would have felt too Comfortable-with taking me up in the Sky. At least nothing happened.

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