Casey Anthony: The Life of the Jury

CNN has an interesting interview with Karen Levey, a court spokeswoman who talks about what life is like for the men and women serving on the jury and as alternates.

Please follow this link for the full interview.

From CNN:

CNN: Do jurors get to see their families?

Levey: Sunday afternoons, the jurors have an opportunity to meet with their families and they are private visits. They could be children, moms. It could be grandparents. It could be anybody meeting.

CNN: Are they ever alone?

Levey: The deputies are with them. Orange County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for court security and they’re there with them 24 hours a day, but again you have to trust the jurors to a certain point in any case.


CNN: Have there been any complaints from the jurors so far?

Levey: (Orange County Chief Judge Belvin) Perry is very mindful of the fact that these people have been away from home for five weeks. They’re in hotels. They’re not living their normal life. So he’s pushing the case along. As far as we know, the jurors are very happy. We’ve had no complaints. We haven’t lost a juror. I mean it’s really going well.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: The Life of the Jury”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    Not what one would call a vacation.

  2. Sherry Says:

    I feel for the jurors. I don’t think we will see a hung jury-they’ve sacrificed too much to let that happen. I just hope there’s not a mistrial. It sure seems like Baez is wanting that.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    There’s no doubt that this is a real Challenge for these
    “Normal Everyday People”. I Commend them for their Endurance of such Complex Material, their Patience and Understanding through the many daily Courtroom “Interruptions”, their Committment, and their apparent Pleasant Attitude through it all. I think Judge Perry’s Consideration is Obvious to them, and his special efforts in nicely taking care of them has made their Time a little more Bearable. I honestly can’t even Guess at this point what we’ll end-up seeing from this Jury— It’s one thing to be “Us” out here, and quite another to try to Imagine where THEIR Heads are at. Personally, I just Hope they are “Well-grounded” Individuals, have good “Common Sense”, and good Brains. It’s alot to Comprehend and Analyze. God Bless and Help them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Its clear that Judge Belvin Perry miss lead the justice of the USA . Judge Belvin Perry miss lead all court members.
    Why judge Belvin Perry deny Caseys rights to claim against her father for rape and sexually abuse huge Crime. It’s clear that better to kill your daughter than to fuck her body. The hole us justice and social security system and Caseys mother are responsible for Caseys heavy injuries of her father and her family sexually rape and abuse. Casey had and have never get any legal or medical treatment as sex Crime victim of her own family the cause of the heavy injuries for Casey and the death of her love daughter

    Casey Never CLAIM rape and sexually abuse Crime of her father from her child life for nothing it has to be she tells the truth. Otherwise whey she said that. Their evidence that her brother too seems behind her deep sexual injuries .
    Judge Belvin Perry have to lead investigation to the right direction. Man notice serous failure in the court trial investigation. You need serious investigation on : –
    1 – Sexually assault, rape and sexually abuse Crime on Caseys child life of her father and where the social security, school and her family. Why Casey never get help and treatment for her deep injuries of her fathers heavy sexual crime on her child life. It seems that the key of this crime.
    2 – Who and where is the father of Caylee ? . Why caylee father never shown in court ? . Do Casey and Caylee have the same father ???.

    Caseys father, brother and mother Act in court like cold blooded murders. They don’t have any feelings for Casey and Caylee situation. They sit in court like they look at a sex film. They don’t seem have any feelings that Casey their daughter is facing death penalty trial. They seem like to get rid of Casey anyhow. There is a deep secret behind this family. It’s very clear that they are behind this murder crime of Casey and her daughter.

    Abdul Tabal / Sweden

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