Casey Anthony: Short Day of Testimony on Tap

It appears that court will be cut short today as Judge Belvin Perry has told jurors that it will be a half-day because he must attend a judge’s meeting that had been previously scheduled.

From the Associated Press:

Casey Anthony’s defense team called a forensic geologist and a forensic toxicologist from the FBI as the first witnesses on Day 25.

Maureen Bottrell testified she analyzed 22 pairs of shoes taken from the Anthony home. She says three pairs of shoes had significant enough amounts of soil to compare with soil samples taken from the site where the skeletal remains of 2-year-old Caylee were found.

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Short Day of Testimony on Tap”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    About these “Shoes”…. From what I understand, most of them were “Party” Shoes— Fancy and with Heels and stuff. Like Casey would even wear any of THEM to Trapse-around in the Woods. Also, we all remember that Cindy removed Casey’s “Dirty Clothes” (and “Washed” them) AND A PAIR OF BOOTS from the Car Trunk. I’m not saying, but……

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