Casey Anthony: Drowning Story Stolen From Fellow Inmate?

Prosecutors in the trial of accused murderer Casey Anthony added a surprising new twist today by raising the possibility that the she may have stolen her defense from April Whelan, a woman she spent time with in jail.

From CBS News:

Earlier today, defense attorney Jose Baez complained to the presiding judge, Belvin Perry Jr., that prosecutors had just given him an indication that they could use in court a conversation that Whelan had – and which Casey Anthony may have heard from an adjacent cell – about the death of Whelan’s child by drowning in her family pool. Whelan’s father apparently retrieved the body of the child.

The scenario bears a strong similarity to the defense claims, made in opening statements, that Casey Anthony’s father George found two-year-old Caylee’s body in the family pool and got Casey to participate in a cover-up of the accidental death.

The defense has conceded that Casey was a habitual liar and previous testimony has shown that Casey’s lies had often been grounded in a nugget of truth. The Whelan story has piqued interest because of that. Judge Perry has left the door open for Whelan to testify but there’s been no indication from prosecutors that she will do that.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Drowning Story Stolen From Fellow Inmate?”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    I don’t see how they can connect this speculation. Really. Not that it would be beyond Casey or Baez. It took them three years to pick a story to go with. But there would have to be some pretty strong implications to tie these things together. IMO

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Although I’m not inclined to put a whole lot of Weight on this either, more often than not it seems that “Coincidences” in Crime Cases turn out not to be. The one particular Similarity that grabs my Attention is that George— happening to be the “Grandfather”— was part of The Defense’s Story. They could have “added” anybody. In any case, it’s definitely worth Investigating, and I’m glad that Judge Perry is willing to at least give The State the chance.

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