Casey Anthony: Judge Tells Lawyers to “Stop Wasting Time”

Judge Belvin Perry has scolded both defense attorneys and prosecutors for wasting time as they argue about legal issues.

Perry later halted proceedings for the day to give both sides more time to sort out issues with witnesses.

From The Washington Post:

Monday marks Day 23 of the trial. Judge Belvin Perry listened for almost 25 minutes Monday morning before asking prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense attorney Jose Baez to look at the clock and tell him the time. Ashton said 9:25, while Baez responded 9:26. That prompted the judge to say, “that shows the two of you will never agree on anything.”

Perry admonished the lawyers for wasting the jury’s time with legal matters that should have been taken up before court began. He also said they will work a full day on Saturday.

From Fox News:

“There has been gamesmanship on both sides,” Perry said. “… Obviously there is a friction between attorneys. That’s something I guess the Florida bar will deal with. And at the conclusion of this trial, the court will deal with violations that may have occurred.”

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge Tells Lawyers to “Stop Wasting Time””

  1. kylucky Says:

    I just hope JP can keep this from a mistrial….that would be horrible.

  2. sophie Says:

    In the words of the immoral..oops, immortal Casey Anthony, “Surprise, surprise…………..”

  3. knight owl Says:

    I am totally disappointed in Perry. His chastising the State and lumping them in with the crap Baez pulls is totally unfair. Baez team is the only one that has wasted time and caused problems as they are the only ones that have no respect for the court, the Judge the Juror’s or anyone else. Baez wants a mistrial and it must have made his day today to hear Perry mention if the two of them continue like this a mistrial may be called. That is what Baez has wanted all along as Baez put himself in a huge dark hole with that outlandish fabricated huge opening statement full of lies. Plus i did not appreciate Perry when Mr.Ashton informed him Baez was texting, ” Perry says he doesn’t care if Baez is standing on his head. Unprofessional and disrespectful to Mr.Ashton. It is because of Baez and his unethical tactics it has taken this trial to this year to ever even go to trial. If i were floridian taxpayer’s i would be furious. I would not be in the least bit shocked at this point to hear Perry call a mistrial. I am so sick of the lies and the crap of this case and i am sick of the State getting tagged right along with Baez when they have worked so hard to be fair and have bent over backwards in this case even for dumb arse Baez. Oh i am so mad.

  4. zelda Says:

    hi knight owl!
    I hear you,,,and I agree. man o man

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Me three! And, really, the only reason it has come to this is because Baez continuously pushed The Court’s “Buttons” and Ashton to his limit. Granted, it’s no Excuse for Ashton to commit the same Offenses— He knows better— but, beCAUSE he is highly-Skilled, Organized, Efficient, knows the Process, and follows the Rules, it’s perfectly understandable for him to make so many “Objections” and ultimately become so Frustrated and Aggrivated in dealing with Baez’s Inexperience and thinking he can do anything he wants. What is Ashton supposed to do? Back-off??… He knows what’s Right and he knows what’s Wrong— Can he help the “Interruptions” when the Neccessity to point-out Baez’s Mistakes happen to be so frequent? It is absolutely True that it’s been The Defense who has caused the majority of the Problems and “Hold-ups” so far, and The Prosecution and the Judge and the Jurors are unfairly being subjected to the Consequences. I just Hope that, from this point on, The State will not allow The Defense to get so under their Skin to the point where they’re pulled-down and put in this position again, and could possibly find themselves without a Case to Prosecute. Ashton just needs to “do his thing”… That’s all… That’s plenty.

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