Casey Anthony: How Much of an Obsession Has This Become?

It’s been talked about for years now. Did she or didn’t she do it? Will a jury find her guilty or will they acquit? What will be the final outcome?

So what about you? How often is this trial on your mind? Are you constantly watching on TV or waiting for the latest updates?

Do you consider yourself obsessed? CNN has a great article about this today on their website and an excerpt can be found below.

From CNN:

At Fields BMW in suburban Winter Park, no one has switched channels in the customer lounge since testimony began four weeks ago.

“I don’t think anybody’s brave enough to grab the remote,” said Whitney Lore, the cashier.

The drama sucked in Trevor Ball this week as he waited for his wife’s BMW to be serviced. He fired off a Casey update to her by text: The prosecution rests.

Half the people who turn on their TVs in Orlando during the daytime are watching the trial, says Steve Hyvonen, news director at WKMG, a CNN affiliate. That usually only happens here when a hurricane hits.

So it’s no surprise that all the local television stations have abandoned normal daytime programming to carry the trial live. Even the U.S. Open comes in second to Florida vs. Casey Anthony.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: How Much of an Obsession Has This Become?”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Its bigger’n OJ’s trial! Consider the times…
    I can’t say I’m as obsessed as i was in the beginning 3 years ago but it is on my computer and TV for when I’m around to listen. Right now, Baez is a yawner so I’m pretty much going about doing stuff that once was put aside for the case coverage. Let me know when Baez rests his case… :mrgreen:

  2. SmartSass Says:

    I was completely engrossed by this madness from about July to Dec 2008. From then until the last few weeks, the amount I would check in on the case went from daily to only once every few months. Now I am totally engrossed again but still not to the level I was in 2008.

    I have long since backed off of the intense hate I had for Casey, George and Cindy. I now look at it as yes, Casey probably did it and since the trial started, I have had a more heinous image of how Caylee possibly died than I ever had before. Instead of wanting her head on a pike, I want justice by whatever means our system deems that to be. I waiver back and forth between feeling the jury will end up hung or that it will LWOP. I don’t think Casey will receive the death penalty. Actually, I don’t want her to (or really anyone). As a mother, I can’t imagine what Cindy is going through. She has lost her granddaughter, most likely at the hands of her daughter and now she stands to lose her daughter too, either to prison forever or to death. What a horrible situation to face.

    It’s the above realization that made me understand how Cindy *could* have *possibly* helped cover things up for Casey regarding what happened with Caylee. She was already devastated at having lost Caylee and likely horrified realizing Casey was the reason, how could her heart take losing her daughter too? I have read many people who strongly state that if they were Cindy, they would make Casey be responsible for her actions, that they would never betray their granddaughter that way, but I wonder if that’s not too judgmental of Cindy. There is nothing she can do to get Caylee back but she can try to keep Casey in her life. A mother will always forgive and will always love, no matter how heinous the crime.

    As for George, I just can’t even get over how he’s been thrown under the bus. I saw on one thread where a commenter had said given how Casey was ready to tear anyone and everyone apart, upend their lives, all for her sake, they shudder to think what Caylee suffered anytime Casey wanted something. I have to say it makes me wonder.

    I do wish people would lay off the comments about her lying, stealing, being promiscuous, etc, etc. Yes, those things can paint a picture of Casey but a liar, thief and cheat does not a murderess make. There are plenty of people who would not hesitate to manipulate and use someone, who make horrible judgment calls, who put themselves first and loaf whatever they can. That doesn’t mean they’d commit murder. People are so engrossed in this and have been since day one, that anyone who even suggests Casey *could* get off and/or that the above mentioned things shouldn’t factor into a decision of guilt or innocence in the death of Caylee, they want to lynch the person saying it. Even if the person says they personally believe Casey is guilty, making any qualifications to the contrary sets you ready to be tarred, feathered, lit on fire and hanged.

    It’s indescribable the feelings evoked by the thought of how Caylee possibly died, of her body being disposed of for a couple of days in an unknown location, then stuffed in the trunk of a car that continued to be used, then thrown amongst overgrowth and rubbish, and then, that car with her decomp fluids on paper towels where Casey tried to wipe every last part of Caylee away, sat rotting in her trunk while she continued on like she did, utterly disgusting and thankfully, unfathomable to most people.

    Whew! I’ll stop..I don’t get out much, LOL, I’m work from home and stay with my two young girls, I’m deprived for adult interaction!


  3. zelda Says:

    Quite frankly I can’t get into this part of the saga too much because I have had it with all this legal beagle stuff that flies in the face of justice. I can’t find the words .I am appalled at the child and women murders across the board……………there is not enough justice served any more to my way of thinking.
    Right now I can only hope for the best in this case and try to prepare for the outcome.
    It’s a strange world we live in…people seem more violent than ever to me.Everything is tied to someone’s ego , their wallet or fifteen minutes of fame and life is cheap.Our great country has turned into a giant “reality show”.
    man o man………it’s a hard job trying to stay positive.I can’t dwell on this case daily ….so I tip toe into the” latest” every once in awhile then run like a scalded dog when I see pictures of Baez and casey and the like……..I am pulling for that jury.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    I’ve followed this Case since Day-One, and, because I did, I’m not about to up and Bail-out, now that the Trial itself is in progress. While I do want to see and know the daily happenings in the Courtroom, I’m satisfied to “Record” them, go about my daily Obligations, and watch and catch-up at my own Leisure. In comparison with the Trials of O.J. and Scott Peterson (the later of which was not so thoroughly covered by Courtroom Camera), I am finding that to watch and listen to everything as it unfolds, it is quite an interesting and Knowledge-gaining Experience. I’m intrigued by the Process, the “Thinking”, the Questioning, the Pulling-apart, the Science, the Knowledge of Experts in certain Fields, and I really want to try to absorb what goes on as the Jurors themselves are doing. I look at it as being able to have the chance to have a Front-row Seat in observing our so-called “Justice System” at work, in a more in-depth and varied way than the two Trials I previously mentioned. It is for these reasons, and the Hope that I will witness a Righteous outcome for the Victim, that I stay close to the Proceedings. I do believe, in my Gut, that Casey Anthony is Guilty as hell in causing Caylee’s death, and the only thing which continues to turn my Stomach— the one thing that still doesn’t separate this Trial from the other two, or any other— is knowing that Defense Attorneys will do ANYthing to get their Client off the Hook. This, to me, defeats the very Meaning and Purpose of “Justice”, and I don’t like it at all. It really IS a “Game”, and that is very Disturbing. Why and How they can and do go against what is Truth and Law I will never understand. Anyway, I intend to follow-through watching the remainder of this Trial play-out to the very End, as, although I wouldn’t label myself “Obsessed”— It doesn’t rule my Life, nor do I talk about it anywhere but here— like reading a Book, I wouldn’t get as much out of it by skipping any Pages either….

  5. zelda Says:

    bailing out? Interesting…………

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Zelda! How ARE you? I was meaning that, after knowing what went on through the Media Coverage and spending time Discussing it all on these Pages over the past 3 years, I don’t intend to Quit NOW. Bad choice of words (“Bail-out”) I guess…

  7. zelda Says:

    Ho ho there honeydog.
    Not at all………..I read your post as”I ” was bailing out……..emails etc. can be taken wrong sometimes.You know what I mean.

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