Casey Anthony: Paternity Question Halts Trial

Judge Belvin Perry immediately dismissed the jury in the murder trial of Casey Anthony after defense attorney Jose Baez posed a controversial paternity question surrounding Anthony’s brother, Lee, being Caylee Anthony’s father.

From Reuters:

After the jury left, a testy argument erupted between attorneys over the appropriateness of the question.

Heather Seubert, an FBI expert on DNA, told the judge that both Lee and George Anthony, Casey’s father, were excluded as possible fathers of Caylee.

Perry chided Baez and asked him to read up on case law on “good faith questions,” before taking a recess for lunch.

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12 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Paternity Question Halts Trial”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Whatta “baez”-one who takes all day to get to the point which then turns out pointless. For example: belaboring the point that there was no blood even though the scenarios for death, drowning, poisoning, suffocation, does not involve blood loss.

  2. zelda Says:

    He is an idiot and what’s worse he thinks we are……….let’s hope the jury is savvy

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Actually, even though Baez’s question about the Paternity Test wasn’t “done right”, it was considered a Clever Move. You figure, all of a sudden, he sneaks that in, The Prosecution stops him dead, both Sides start to go at it, and the Jury is left wondering Why(?) as they are immediately sent to Lunch, thinking, as they leave the Courtroom, that perhaps there IS something to the “Sexual Abuse” Claims— Like, “hmmmm.. What is it that The State doesn’t want us to know”.. “Why was a Paternity Test done on her Brother” (?)— “Reasonable Doubt” is Unleashed… Not to mention some of the other Testimonies regarding “DNA” and the “Heart Sticker” which appeared to Contradict those of The State’s. With the exception of that long drawn-out pointless Speal on “Blood”, on which The Prosecution quickly set the Record straight, The Defense did manage to make some Waves over The Prosecution’s smooth Waters in suggesting “Sloppy Investigative Work” and “Inconclusive” Reports. Oh I know what they’re doing— We ALL do. But, as much as I can see right through it, I’m trying to look at it like the Jurors would. I can think of several things right now that The Prosecution could have better Benefitted-by during their Re-Directs— Like the “Heart Sticker” being found 30-Feet away from the Remains (Why didn’t they bring-up the
    Effects from the Hurricane to explain that amount of Distance being “Understandable”).. Or make their Point about the Woods being a “Trash Dump” more “Clear” as it related to Caylee (WE know what they meant, but did the JURY “get it”, when only a Second before, the Discussion was about “Bottles and Cans”?).
    I think The Prosecution did Good in most of its “Comebacks”, but I can also see the “Holes” being Poked-through and how the Juror’s Heads may have turned a quick Turn… But, even after today’s effective “Diversion”, there still remains The Defense’s obligation to “Prove” their Opening Statement concerning the “Accidental Drowning”, the “Sexual Abuse” and the preposterous Story of Roy Kronk to this waiting Jury, which they Locked themselves into and will need to put Casey on the Stand to do so. The good thing is, if they don’t do Good on their Promise, the Jury will know they DON’T have any
    “Evidence”, and, the other is, if they don’t put Casey on the Stand (say, she Refuses) they will know she has something to Hide. I also understand that The Defense is not permitted to put the Defendant on the Stand if they know that person will Lie. Enough said. I’ll give The Defense’s “First Day” a decent Rating, based on how they handled what they did, but I think they have alot more to Overcome than I believe they can Deliver in the long run.

    I guess Overall, I would say that The Defense had a decent First Day, but

  4. Honeydog Says:

    (Sorry, last line was supposed to be Erased)

  5. zelda Says:

    My comment on Baez was a personal one…………

  6. SmartSass Says:


    I am 6 hours behind EST so I often get around to the trial late in the day there. Yesterday I listened to the end part of Baez’s questioning about the lack of blood, which legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said had been going on for about two hours, I think? Jeff Ashton cross examined and with one question, blew all of that fumbling Baez did out of the water. “A lack of blood does not mean a lack of death?” (paraphrased). Also, a quick search on Google Scholar explained to me the lack of blood seepage while other bodily fluids leaked out. If the prosecution feels the need to address that point further and I feel they should, they can easily get a medical expert (that’s already been deposed and introduced to the jury) to explain that. Not to mention there are numerous other possibilities (that make me sick to think about) to explain the lack of blood.

    I cannot believe how much Baez bumbles and fumbles, it is horrible to listen to him. I feel like I need my own Baez decoder ring to understand him. No wonder experts on the stand have to ask him to repeat things, he can’t speak in a clear and concise manner. He’s in way over his head, IMO, and Casey is receiving horrible representation.

  7. zelda Says:

    SmartSass……….I agree with you 100%.
    I love the Baez decoder ring thing…………brilliant.
    Yes……….he has always been in over his head,,,,,,,,and if I were casey I would want another lawyer……but they are BOTH on the same wavelength so there ya go.
    The beat goes on.

  8. Cheryl Says:

    Of course the PATERNITY question halted the trial. The trial is haulted at the WHIM of Ashton! He runs the show! How pathetic this whole miserable ego testosterone GAME has been! A child is dead and a young woman is on trial for her life!! Yet, Belvin Perry has stroked the prosection at every step! At times it appear that Ashton IS the judge AND the JURY! Today, of course was just as all the other days, the JURY will NOT hear an expert give his opinion on how impossible it was for the duct tape to have killed the child BECAUSE OF A REPORT!! Again, we are talking about someones life and a dead child! Would you NOT think that the JUDGE would have dismissed the witness and stated UNTIL the proper reports are filed this witness CANNOT testify!. But NO! This jury is expected to make a decision NOT having all opinions. AND lets face it, when all you have is bones it is ALL left up to expert opinion and past experiences that is ground in those opinions. Ashton’s horrible treatment of the doctor with MORE years of experience and background than Ashton can EVER dream of having is just more evidence that THIS prosectuion will SAY or DO anything to get a conviction. While everyone was thinking of how the duct tape got where it did, NO ONE was considering what the good DR. made VERY clean it was put their by someones HANDS! All said and done I do believe some of what Baez has done maybe due to inexperience, but in his place with ALL of the CARDS…ie, JUDGE, PROSECUTION stacked against him it is possible that this IS the only way that he CAN get to any real conclusions! The prosecution HAS NOT proven their case by ANY stretch and Ashton AND PERRY are making dam sure that the DEFENSE is NOT permitted to allow their witnesses to testify without EVERY POSSIBLE interruption, objection, and disruption they can muster. I BLAME this completely on Belvin Perry! All the way HE is supposed to have control over that court AND make sure that it is a FAIR and JUST proceeding! The one true statement that he finally made today was to INCLUDE the Prosection in what he called “gotcha moments” And it is about time. Because they have been doing every second of every miniute of this trial. If you watch when Ashton objects to a line of questioning by Baez and it is SUSTAINED. THEN Ashton goes right back on cross and ASKED THE same dam question! But when Baez objects OF COURSE that is overruled! I will have to say ATLEAST today Dr. Spitz was able to GET ACROSS to the jury that Dr. G was a joke! AND her MANNER of death was nothing more than her over stepping her bounds from a pathogist to either a telepath or even more believable ON THE STATES PAYROLL~~

  9. charlie013 Says:

    Good grief Cheryl…what trial are you watching?

  10. zelda Says:

    The jury is still out on Perry for me……………not feeling good about him………where did he get HIS law degree?Any one know?

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Jeff Ashton is one highly-skilled Prosecutor, has 30 Years of Experience, and specializes in the Knowledge of “Forensics”. He can keep-up with the best of them, and it shows. I have lost count of the times The Defense has been “Over-ruled” for their pointless Objections and senseless Motions, and Jose Baez is now being considered for “Contempt”, which Judge Perry deemed due to “Intentional” Violation. If Perry appears as though he is allowing The State to “run the Show”, it is because The State is Organized and Efficient, and has not shown Cause for much Reprimand from the Judge. One can not Criticize an Attorney simply because they know how to, and do their Job well, nor put them down because they happen to do it better than the other Side. This is not considered “Mean” or “Horrible” or even “Arrogant”— This is just a real good Prosecutor (and I include Linda Drane Burdick) at work, following the Rules, and giving little reason for the Court to find Fault in their Performance and Execution of their Case.

  12. zelda Says:

    there ya go………

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