Gene Simmons’ Partner Shannon Tweed Storms Off Set

It appears that the tension between Gene Simmons of KISS and Shannon Tweed that has been seen on their reality show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” is, in fact, reality.

From CNN:

“The Joy Behar Show” turned into a couples therapy session gone awry when Gene Simmons’ longtime partner walked off the set in the middle of taping.

After 28 years with Simmons, Tweed says she’s in a new phase of her life and done with Simmons’ philandering ways. And if his claim of sleeping with 5,000 women is true, well…

Tension mounted throughout the (oh so uncomfortable) interview until a joke by Simmons about his indiscretions put Tweed over the edge and she stormed off the set.

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One Comment on “Gene Simmons’ Partner Shannon Tweed Storms Off Set”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Never watched the Show, but I’ve seen them both in past Interviews where Gene Belittled her to the point that I was surprised Shannon didn’t walk-out of THOSE. His Sky-high Platform Boots ain’t got nothin on his Ego, and he’s a classic Domineering and “Male Chauvanist Pig”. I don’t know how or why Shannon ever put up with his “High and Mightiness” this long.

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