Casey Anthony: The Prosecution Rests…

Prosecutors rested their first-degree murder case against Casey Anthony today. So…how did they do? Have they met their burden of proof?

Note: Once again…for those of you who are still asking for information on the original crime scene photos, you can find links here. I do not have a photo of the remains/skull.

From the Associated Press:

Casey Anthony’s attorneys are expected to call their first witness Thursday, assuming the judge denies a standard defense motion asking for the case to be thrown out. The defense has claimed the toddler was not slain but instead drowned in her grandparents’ pool.

Over several weeks of testimony, prosecutors have laid out their case that Caylee Anthony was suffocated with duct tape, though a medical examiner testified the cause of death was undetermined. Only the “manner of death” was ruled to be homicide. If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

Prosecutors have built their mostly circumstantial case on 25-year-old Casey Anthony’s conduct and the lies she told about her daughter’s whereabouts.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: The Prosecution Rests…”

  1. sophie Says:

    I didn’t get to see the state rest. Did the jury get to smell the can of decomposition? I did see that the acquittal was denied, as I expected.

  2. SmartSass Says:

    If this has been posted or is considered hi-jacking the site bc of leading elsewhere, pls let me know, no intention(s) to step on toes.

    Here is a link to remains photos, I warn that it’s shocking, it shows the matted hair (off of the skull) and Caylee’s body reconstructed in skeletal form as best it could be with the bones that were recovered.

    Perhaps another faux pas, (hope not, it’s too early in Oahu to be batting way under .1000!) but who the h is driving the ideas behind Casey’s defense? Maybe I’m giving Baez too much credit, seeing as he continues to open doors and windows for additional negative evidence being introduced re Casey, but whose idea was it to open with not just such gobsmacking claims of sexual abuse but to the level of detail Baez took it?

    Usually (theoretically) the burden of proof is on the prosecution but didn’t Baez shift a heavy level of burden of proof on the defense with those opening arguments? Will they just leave that claim untouched and if so, will the jury be okay with that? I can’t fathom being okay with being on a jury where the opening argument, the entire basis for why the prosecution argues a defendant took a certain course of action(s), wasn’t verified. I am goose-necking to see if they will put Casey on the stand. If they do, the state could go on for weeks firing questions at her about every single thing she’s said in the last three years and everything she did in that 31 days.


  3. SmartSass Says:

    The defense is introducing a new person into the crazy arena, a violent, convicted felon. Now wth? If the defense claims this man is the reason Caylee died, first, the jury should be p-‘d off bc Baez is taking them on a ride and for fools. He’s behaving as if everyone is there to bask in his presence and be entertained. Second, he has just fried Casey if he didn’t already w/ his opening argument. Third, how’s Casey going to explain the fact Caylee’s body was in her trunk, assuming the defense argues this man killed Caylee? The fear of Caylee being killed wouldn’t work, the fear of her family or herself being hurt, what? Not after she sat in prison for three years. Baez is a joke and I want to know who’s this travesty labeled as a “defense.”

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Personally, I feel that The Prosecution did a very good job. When you look-back on the Chronological “Journey” they took the Jury on, the Evidence they presented, the Credibility and Impact of their Witnessess, their impeccable Organization and Delivery, the near-absence of Over-rulings, and the “Common Sense”-factor they made ultimately rise to the top, it was a “No-Bull-Shit”, Smooth, Powerful, and Impressive Case. In my Opinion, The Prosecution HAS met their Burden of Proof, based soley on the “Duct Tape”, which— not only was stated in Testimony had been placed there “Prior” to Death— but also because, in “Layering” it, it shows “Pre-meditation”. Additionally, as they say, whether by “Chloroform” or “Duct Tape” or both, The Prosecution had other sound-Evidence to back it up, which, unlike The Defense, their Evidence IS “Real” and “Believable”, and I feel they have proven themselves to be Trustworthy.
    I think the Defense has painted themselves into a tight Corner, and I expect they will be throwing anything and everything against the Wall in the upcoming Days to see if it Sticks, and, although The Prosecution may “Rest”, I think they are far from “Resting”.

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