Casey Anthony: Testimony Ends Early…

Testimony ended early today in the murder trial of Casey Anthony. Testimony will resume early tomorrow morning.

From the Associated Press:

Jurors heard testimony Monday morning from a pair of FBI forensic examiners. The prosecution’s next witness does not arrive in Orlando until Tuesday afternoon, so Judge Belvin Perry recessed just after noon.

He also says the state has notified him that it could finish presenting its case early as Wednesday. Depending on the length of the defense’s case, Perry thinks the jury could begin deliberating around June 25.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Testimony Ends Early…”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Casey Anthony is a BIG FAT LIAR…….If you believe all her crap, i fell very sorry for you…Her father is a good man you was defending his daughter, but i think he understands now, he will defend is granddaughter..Casey 100% killed Cayelle and covererd up the crime..A 5 year old could figure it out..This is all about a pretty ypung GIRL CAYLEE who had her life taken away by a selfish bitch..

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Welp, as for me, I don’t quite understand this “Rush” to Wrap-up this Trial. Marcia Clark (O.J. Simpson Case) seems to believe that it has to do with the Jury being “Sequestered” and the Court’s desire to get things done and over-with for their Behalf. Other Experts say that even though The Prosecution “knows so much”, they can’t always put it all out there to risk a Diversion from their strongest Evidence. Still others believe they’ll get to it later during Cross-Examinations in The Defense’s Case. Personally, at this point, I have to agree that I feel The Prosecution has left-out various incriminating Evidence— for which I wonder Why— and I feel “left Hanging”. Also, the Fact that this is a First Degree Murder Trial which took 3 Years of Investigating and thousands upon thousands of Reports, Documents, Photographs, Witness Depositions and Evidence to put-together, it should take Precidence over the Jury’s “Sequestered” situation. I would expect both Sides not to be “Fast”.. but “Thorough”.. especially for the Jury’s sake— They ARE the ones who need it all…. What ABOUT clearing-up the “Sexual Allegations” against Lee?.. What about the “Fight” between Cindy and Casey the night BEFORE Caylee went “Missing”, where Cindy “Choked” Casey and called her an “Unfit Mother”?.. What about Casey’s “Cell Phone Pings” (Where WAS she and what was she DOING that next Day?).. What about the “Gatorade” Bottle containing traces of
    “Chloroform” and the “Syringe” found at the Crime Scene?.. What about Casey wanting to put Caylee up for Adoption at one point?.. What about those “Diary” Entries?.. Why didn’t The Prosecution mention that the “Heart Stickers” were found in Casey’s ROOM?.. What about the “Tattoo”?.. and where is Jesse GRUND and Tim MILLER??…… Some of these un-Answered Questions and Details seem pretty Important and considerably “Relevant” to The Prosecution’s Case to me. Of course, the Jury isn’t “Aware” of this stuff like we are, and I have to believe that The Prosecution knows what they’re doing in NOT making them Aware of it, although it still just doesn’t make alot of Sense to me. Anyway, it should be interesting now to see how The Defense is going to try to clear-up the Waters they Muddied and Win-over the Jurors with no Facts or Evidence to support their Claims.. and, it’s “On with the Show”….

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