Casey Anthony: Testimony Focuses on Chloroform Internet Searches

Jurors today heard testimony from a computer forensics expert that he discovered Internet searches for “chloroform” and “How to make chloroform” on a computer in Casey Anthony’s home.

From CBS News:

Sgt. Kevin Stenger said he used several tools to examine files from the computer, and found that someone specifically searched on Google for the words “chloroform,” “alcohol,” “inhalation,” “death,” “self-defense” and “head injury” within 15 minutes, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

He said someone also searched the term “neck breaking,” “making weapons” and “how to make chloraform (sic),” using Google four days after the first search for chloroform in March 2008, reports the station.

From CNN:

Two forensic computer analysis experts testified for the prosecution at Casey Anthony’s trial on Wednesday afternoon, detailing search records that could be used to suggest Caylee Anthony’s murder was premeditated as long as three months before her June 2008 disappearance.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kevin Stenger said he had supervised Det. Sandra Osborne in her efforts to recover data from a desktop computer taken from the Anthony house. Osborne asked him for assistance when she discovered information related to chloroform in the internet history records in the unallocated/deleted space on the hard drive.

Stenger testified that because the searches were done with the Mozilla Firefox browser, he could not determine which user account was being used at the time. He identified and extracted data that produced reports on two browsing sessions on March 17 and 21, 2008.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Testimony Focuses on Chloroform Internet Searches”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    All pieces of a puzzle.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I can imagine that the Jurors were just as Confused and Lost as I was through this lengthy Analysis and Dissection of complex “Computer Jargon”, but, in the end, the very-simple Information we were waiting-for Sifted-out, and gave considerable added Strength to The Prosecution’s pursuit of
    “Pre-meditated” Murder, which, I think we can all Assume will be a “Snowball effect” from this point on. While The Prosecution stays on it’s “Chronological” Straight and Narrow, I’m seeing The Defense getting more and more Tangled-up, unable to stay on-Track with their own initial Defense (“Sexual Abuse”, “Accidental Drowning”) and I have to Wonder at what point, if any, they will actually be able to Interject any of it again, as they are forced to try to keep-up with the continuing and constant “Unraveling” of the Story by the Prosecution. Still.. a ways to go, and crucial things left to try to “Pin-point”— by both Sides.

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