Casey Anthony: Focus Shifts to Garbage Bag

The defense team questioned crime scene investigator Gerardo Bloise about why he dried out a garbage found in a bag in accused murderer Casey Anthony’s car. The bag is significant because the defense believes a foul odor in the car came from the garbage, while prosecutors have stated that the smell was of human decomposition.

From Fox News:

“You had no idea it would alter significant items in this case?” defense attorney Jose Baez said during cross-examination.

Bloise said he was following protocol, since drying out evidence preserves it and makes it easier to examine.

A scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory also returned to the witness stand Tuesday. Arpad Vass, who developed a new technique for detecting decaying bodies, testified all day Monday.

He described smelling an “overwhelmingly strong” odor of human decomposition in an air sample taken from Anthony’s car.

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9 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Focus Shifts to Garbage Bag”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Ha! And there was no poundage of raw hamburger or raw chicken in the garbage. The garbage being wet-I think that was from the adipocere of Caylee’s remains~ 😦

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I missed what went on on Tuesday Morning, but caught the Afternoon Testimony of Officer Forgey regarding the Evidence found with the use of his Cadaver Dog— Definite “Alert” in the Car Trunk, but two different Results in the Backyard (“Alert” one day, none the next). Whether or not the Jury puts much or any Weight on the “Dog”, it was Forgey’s firm and believable Statement— three times— that he himself knows and smelled the Odor of Decompositon in the Trunk, which now makes 5 or 6 Witnesses who Testified the same thing. Although this Total doesn’t include the Dog, the Dog certainly wasn’t in on any “Conspiracy” when it “Hit”, on it’s own, on the Car Trunk. Even if the Jurors do Disregard the Dog, all these people can’t be Wrong….

  3. zelda Says:

    john.why is my email showing up on here????? please remove immediatly!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kreuzer33 Says:


    I don’t see your email anywhere. Sorry. Settings have always been set up so email addresses are not displayed. Haven’t changed the settings since my first post.

  5. One Op Says:

    I am just wondering, Is it Christianity that causes us to want Casey to be guilty of murdering her child before the trial is over and live with the thought of how horrible it will be if she is not found guilty. Why is it joyful to us to find fault with the defense and feel joy because we feel it helps the prosecution. Why is it like a warm bowl of broth that settles our nerves as we feel more positive about Casey being found guilty. I always thought I knew the compassion of Jesus Christ, but I am beginning to wonder about myself. Some have expressed Casey to be the Epitome of evil. I looked up evil and came across the 10 listed to be most evil, along with the10 thought to be most good, to compare Casey with them, we don’t even know all the facts we “think” we know all, to not even be interested in the truth of “why”, only believe we know, I find it difficult now to have anything more than contempt for myself. Some one called me a liar tonight and I know I am not. I know that I did not lie to them.
    I can’t prove it, will never be able to, but you see I KNOW Casey lied about things and I KNOW she killed someone, I never killed anyone, yet I got a whiff of what it is like to find myself in a position, where there is no way out, no way to prove, nothing will ever be accepted except I am thought to be a liar, and that image will spread, it will help to destroy everything that was important to me about myself, even thought it is not true. I do not live in Casey’s shoes, I did not live in Caylee’s little shoes. I have no idea what really happened. Just
    like I have no idea why one wanted to believe I am a liar.

  6. zelda Says:

    ok John. It’s on my reply space….maybe no one else sees it? It’s something that was not on here before………..


  7. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Yeah. I don’t see anything. On my side, I can see everyone’s IP address (and geographical location) and email address. None of this should appear for others to see.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    You are obviously going through something Personal, and, although we only share a Friendship here on these Pages, I sense the need for some Encouragement, and our Association is enough that it’s not in my Nature not to “Feel” for you and ignore doing so.
    What you talk about is something I am sure any Human Being possessing down-deep Decency, a good Heart, a Conscience, and a Mind which truly tries to Reckon with Forces that cause self-Guilt, goes through. It’s part of knowing that we are, still want to be, and try to be, a Good Person.
    As we talk about this Case, and Casey Anthony, we have indeed all done our share of “Slandering” her, and felt Anxious for her Deliverance to Punnishment. I would not say however, that those of us who fall under the description above and have done that, are either “Bad” people nor actually full of “Joy” thinking about Casey lying on the Gurney in the Death Chamber. I know that you are not among that kind of Group, and I know that I myself am not either. Just the other day, when “Dr.G’s” Testimony seemingly nailed Casey to the Cross, and she was Crying and being held and comforted by Dorothy Sims, my first thought was that I was Glad that someone stood up like that and made Casey hurt like hell, knocked her down to Size, that she Deserved every bit of it, as well as feeling quite Satisfied that The Prosecution was truly on its way to Success in reaching its ultimate Goal… But… this was not without my second thought which followed shortly after. As that Vision of Casey standing before the Jury while they possibly say
    “Guilty”, and the word “Death” settled-in, the kind of person that I am said a little Prayer and Hoped that God will see to it that everything turns out the right way, and whatever will be will be. In other words, when those things I mentioned are part of a person, they will always come over them in the end, and is Proof Positive of the “Goodness” within them. Let this be a Reminder that there is truly no need for Shame or Guilt or “Contempt” for ourselves for Verbalizing our Dislike of, Disgust with, and even thoughts of wanting the Worst for Casey Anthony.. as, contrary to the kind of people it “Implies” we are, it is because we DO have Goodness within us, which makes us “Care”, and makes it difficult— if not impossible— to simply Accept certain Actions by someone who doesn’t. If she is not found Guilty, and there are those who truly Believe she got away with Murder, how could they not feel “Horrible” about it. Say, if Scott Peterson was not where he is right now, would we not feel the same way. The Difference boils-down to the kind of people who just want Casey to Die no matter what, and the Good people who Believe it is only Fair that the Bad people pay for what they did. In the end, the biggest Difference is those
    who got a “Thrill” from it, and those who would quietly
    “Ponder”, and perhaps even say a little Prayer. Don’t “Wonder” about yourself— There is simple “Human Nature”— which just can’t be helped sometimes— And there are those deep-down personal Characteristics which always restore our “Balance” and Self-Worth. Your Goodness shows through your Thoughts, and you DO know the “Compassion” of Jesus Christ— He was the one who gave it to you.
    In accounting for the “Warm Bowl of Broth”, why don’t we Correct that to what I think we both, and others like us, would truly feel this stands for— Not “feeling more Positive about Casey being found Guilty”, but rather for Caylee. The
    “Comfort” in knowing that her death was not in Vain.. That she was not Forgotten.. That she received the Dignity she Deserved.. That Justice and Goodness prevailed— Consider that THIS is the “Warmth” which comes from that Bowl… a Warm Bowl of “Peace”— and there is nothing wrong with Partaking of that….

    As for your very Hurtful personal Crisis over which you are obviously Distraught, I also have some Words, but I have to come back later with that part, okay?

  9. zelda Says:

    We people are odd buggers.We say things we don’t mean more often than not OneOp.Hang onto the knowledge that you are a good person and don’t try to figure out other people when they do something hurtful…………

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