The Best Video Ever…

YouTube’s latest viral video, entitled “Grand Rapids Lip Dub” is one of the most unique and dare I say AWESOME videos I’ve seen in recent memory. Definitely worth watching the full length of the video with clocks in at 9 minutes. Did I mention that this video is 9 minutes of “American Pie”.

Details on how this video came about below.

From ABC News:

When listed Grand Rapids, Mich., as one of America’s top-10 dying cities, the community came together to show the world it is full of life.

Grand Rapids responded to the unflattering distinction with a 10-minute music video featuring 5,000 people set to Don McLean’s song “American Pie.”

“I took great exception to Newsweek’s characterization of a dying city,” Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell said. “We’re a city that’s young, that’s vibrant, that’s alive, that’s growing. It’s a fun place to be.”

The video, which was published on YouTube May 26, has nearly 1.9 million views. It is one continuous shot and features a little bit of everything. There are fire trucks, police cars, cheerleaders, dancers, football players, politicians and news vans. There is even a wedding, a concert, a marching band and a helicopter.

From the Toronto Star:

In Grand Rapids, Mich., they’re calling him a hero, the kid who saved the city from ignominy after Newsweek’s website carried a report that named Rob Bliss’s hometown one of America’s “dying cities.”

Bliss created a nine-minute, single-shot movie, set to a live audio recording of Don McLean performing his 1971-72 hit “American Pie,” and involving as many as 3,000 Grand Rapidians singing along and taking part in a constantly shifting series of 26 scenarios, all of them written, choreographed and directed by Bliss.

The video, titled “Grand Rapids LipDub,” was uploaded to YouTube on Memorial Day weekend, and quickly went viral. As of Friday, the moving, uplifting and strangely eerie epic, depicting Grand Rapids as a lively, healthy and cheerful community, had been viewed 1.9 million times.

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2 Comments on “The Best Video Ever…”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Single shot-Wow! I loved the whole video and the end when it was so smoothly done getting into the helicopter!

    American Pie is one of those songs that will never grow old or tiresome-I sang along tapping my feet! Its a sad song yet its so upbeat~

    Thanks for posting this! I may not have seen it otherwise!

  2. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I have always loved the song and am glad that they used the live version. Really enjoy how they choreographed the video. I heard that they did 5 takes and each time only did one shot. Nice job!

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