Casey Anthony: Jury Hears Her Interview with Police

Jurors today listened to to Casey Anthony’s hour-long interview with detectives the day after Caylee was reported missing back in 2008.

From the Associated Press:

Lead detective Yuri Melich took the stand again Thursday morning, on the eighth day of testimony in Anthony’s murder trial. The Orlando woman is accused of killing her daughter Caylee.

Anthony told detectives Caylee had called her a day earlier, saying, “Hi, Mommy,” before talking about books and shoes.

She also said during the interview that she would never be able to forgive herself.

“My mom flat out told me yesterday she will never be able to forgive me,” Casey Anthony said.

As Melich and another detective peppered her with questions, Anthony said she asked the child to let her talk to an adult, but the phone went dead.

Anthony, 25, insisted she was not lying when she said a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee on June 9, 2008.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jury Hears Her Interview with Police”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I can just imagine what the jury thought of those tapes…like Brad Conway said, those tapes have crushed Baez’ OS. No wonder he wanted those tapes out.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    The more I hear and see the Tapes (9-1-1, Interrogation, Jailhouse) the more I am in Awe of just how “Good” a Liar Casey REALLY is, in the Context of overall every-day Verbal Communication. Seriously— between her Spontaneous Delivery, Sentencing Structure, explicit Details, Thoroughness, and Articulation— if NO one in the World knew different (and I stress NO ONE), you would have no reason not to Believe her— She’s a PERFECT Liar. I find it absolutely Amazing how anyone can Accomplish that sort of thing. To her Credit (but in no way “Honor”) she’s the Best I’ve ever heard or known of. Because we DO know different, the Reality of it is Astonishing and Unbelievable……
    At any point throughout that Interrogation back in 2008, Casey had every opportunity to tell that Detective what actually happened to Caylee. Melich even Testified that they threw-around several
    Scenerios in an attempt to help make it easier for Casey to “let go”— INCLUDING “Drowning in the Pool”— to which Casey did not Bite. If Baez’s
    “Opening Statement” was indeed True, that would have been all that Casey needed to do 3 years ago. Because she didn’t, how the hell The Defense is ever going to get around this now, is beyond my wildest Dreams. For sure, they’re going to pick at it like Buzzards to a dead Carcus— that the Detective’s
    “Strategy” was too “Forceful” and “Frightening” on Casey’s “Fragile Emotional State”.. or one of a dozen other Reasons why she just couldn’t come forth with the Truth at that time. In any event, The Defense has alot more than THIS to try to get around…. The Jailhouse Tapes ALSO speak Volumes, from one extreme to the other— the continuation of Casey’s elaborate Lying and obvious “Self-priority” over that of her “Missing” Daughter, but ALSO a seemingly genuine “Loving” Relationship with her Father, along wiht an obvious Trust in LEE, who, by The Defense’s account, are the very Men who allegedly “Abused” her, and who WOULDN’T be the two she would refer-to as “Best Grandfather” and feel Comfortable Joking and Laughing with. Hopefully the Jury was also paying Attention when Cindy told Casey that their Visits were being “Recorded”, and, combined with undoubtedly-knowing-well-by-now how she Lies, will come to the Conclusion, as I did, that the few times she DID appear “Upset” and “Concerned” about Caylee, was “on-Purpose” for the Camera. Yes, I can just imagine too, what is going through the Minds of the Jurors after today’s sheer blow to their Eyes and Ears. This was some really Powerful stuff, on top of the other things that have been Beneficial to The Prosecution so far, and I myself can’t think there is much Hope for The Defense in overcoming such Concrete and Undisputable Obstacles.

  3. luvanrs Says:

    what hits me most with these tapes is that she obviously didn’t think anyone would second guess her lies. That just shows me that she has lied and lied to her parents and everyone around her and gotten away with it for years. She did not think that anyone would question anything that she said

  4. Honeydog Says:

    I believe you’re right. If she hadn’t ALWAYS Lied and got away with it, she wouldn’t still be doing it, or, at least not about EVERYthing and not so Elaborately.

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