Casey Anthony: Defendant Lied About Universal Studios Job

Leonard Turtora, assistant manager of loss prevention at Universal Studios, has testified that after he was contacted by authorities, he searched through the Universal Studios employee database and found that Casey Anthony had not worked there in years.

From CNN:

According to testimony, Anthony claimed to work as an event planner at Universal Studios until after Caylee was reported missing.

During the police investigation, lead detective Yuri Melich called Anthony and put her on a speakerphone with Turtora, who testified she insisted she worked there and gave a Thomas Manley as her supervisor. Manley also was not found in the database. During the call, Melich asked her if she was an event planner for marketing or entertainment, Turtora testified, and she said a little bit of both. “I knew that couldn’t be true,” Turtora said.

Eventually, Anthony was forced to own up to the lie after detectives brought her to Universal Studios and met Turtora there. She directed them to a building Turtora said he knew was not an events building.

“Melich began to look around and asked if we were in the events building,” Turtora said. “Ms. Anthony looked at me, put her hands in her back pocket and stated, ‘I don’t work here.'”

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defendant Lied About Universal Studios Job”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Nothing we didn’t know, but another “Check-mark” on the “Con” side of the Juror’s Notepads…
    (It’s surprising that Casey didn’t tell someone that Caylee’s father was “Mickey Mouse”) LOL!!

  2. luvanrs Says:

    Why would she even lie about that? Like the police wouldn’t find out? That whole deal is bizarre as well

  3. Honeydog Says:

    When she tells a Lie, she has no additional Thoughts. If someone happens to call her on it, she makes up another one to cover it. Like a Spider— constantly “Spinning”…

  4. […] So now that she's been acquitted, what's next for the "White O.J.?" I'm guessing babysitting and teaching jobs are pretty much off the table, and I'm also guessing that she can't get her job at Universal Studios back, given that she never had it in the first place. […]

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