Casey Anthony: Lee Anthony Takes the Stand…

Lee Anthony took the witness stand this morning and told the court about his unsuccessful efforts to find his sister, Casey Anthony, during the month while Caylee went missing.

From Fox News:

Lee Anthony testified on the seventh day of Casey Anthony’s murder trial that he tried to track down his sister at a nightclub, by text messaging and by telephone calls in early July 2008 but was repeatedly unsuccessful.

Brother Lee Anthony was the latest family member to testify in Anthony’s trial. Her mother, Cindy Anthony, broke down in tears on the witness stand Tuesday when prosecutors played a 911 call in which Cindy Anthony reported her granddaughter missing.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Lee Anthony Takes the Stand…”

  1. Nelson Corn Says:

    This woman is in for the publicity. She could care less about her grand daughter. Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame, and our warped media and society will give it to them

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I was fighting to stay Awake during Lee’s Testimony.
    It was so… Nothing. The Prosecution was so
    “Disorganized”, and all the “Side-Bar” Interruptions and switching Questions affected the “Content” and Consistency of his Purpose there. In his 2-Hours on the Stand, I would think the Jury felt like I did— Confused and Taking-away very little. The only and best parts were that he reinforced Casey’s habitual Lying, Disconcern, and Uncooperativeness, confirmed a Statement we heard made by Cindy a long time ago (Casey was an “Unfit Mother”), and that the Odor from the Car was “Potent” and “Offensive”. Granted, those things were good for The Prosecution, but, now, with Lee bringing-up what Cindy had said— along with saying that she said “Caylee was a Mistake”— it tends to Discredit CINDY’S Testimony. Which one is the Jury supposed to believe?… A
    “Wonderful” Mother.. or an “Unfit” Mother, out of the same person’s Mouth…. Do they even believe LEE now.. or did he make that UP. I suppose The Defense will Latch-on to that one now, as showing the type of “Dysfunction” Casey endured from her Parents. Some people were saying that he wasn’t very
    “Brotherly”, compared to his Displays of Love and Affection toward Casey in previous Hearings, but I tend to think— like George and Cindy— he’s
    “Between-a-Rock-and-a-Hard-Place”… Not wanting to really “Help” The Prosecution put his Sister to Death, but at the same time being Cautious because of her Accussations toward him. I expected The Defense to get right to that Subject today, and, although I don’t want to hear this Shit anymore, it makes me wonder why they didn’t. Anyway, because his time on the Stand was a bit of a Mess, I think that Lee will probably be Called-up again at some point later-on as more things Develop.

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