Casey Anthony: Blogger/TV Personality Added to Defense Witness List

…and it’s not Marinade Dave 🙂

According to court documents, the defense team has added Stephen Watts, journalist, blogger and TV personality, to its witness list.

From WESH:

Watts’ site said he has worked or appeared on shows and networks such as “Nancy Grace,” “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” TRU TV and “Inside Edition.”

He has covered cases such as Drew Peterson, O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Haleigh Cummings and Casey Anthony, the site says. He also said he is working on a book about the media’s influence on the justice system.

The defense’s addition to its witness list was filed Friday, according to the clerk’s website.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Blogger/TV Personality Added to Defense Witness List”

  1. Sherry Says:

    …and it’s not Marinade Dave


    In the Drew Peterson case Watts was accused of tampering with the Kathleen Savio autopsy when he assisted Dr. Baden in turning the body over. he was videotaping the autopsy, too, which didn’t make many too happy, although Savio’s family weren’t the ones angered by it.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    First, I’m wondering how The Defense can add any new Witnesses at this point— I understood that Process as being over a long time ago… There was a “Cut-off” Period/”Time Limit”, and the Witness Lists for both The Defense and The State were Completed, Exchanged, and Submitted. I thought once the Trial begins, that’s it.. unless something incredibly Extraordinary surfaces, which, by no means, should be Overlooked or Left-out, due to extreme Relativity and/or Proof-bearing substance.

    Second, The Defense’s reason for suddenly wanting this guy is as plainly-Obvious as the Nose on your Face. They know THEY’RE the ones “Drowning”, and, what are they DOING??.. Checking-out BLOGGERS in their spare TIME?? No wonder Baez didn’t have his Shit together for Amy HUIZENGA today.. Tried to tell the Judge he was “GOING to do it over the Weekend”…. What a Piece-of-Work.
    Anyway, if The Defense is planning-on using this guy’s “Book” to help them Ram the “Undeserved, Unfair, and Biased Public Opinion” of Casey Anthony down the Throats of the Jurors, I ask… Where does this FIT-IN with THESE particular people on the Jury???? The Jurors in that Courtroom were Interviewed, Questioned, Approved, and Sworn-in based on the Court’s complete Satisfaction that they were NOT “Influenced” by the Media, or “Biased” one way or the other. So, what’s the frickin’ POINT??? Hey, why not just add ALL the damn TV-Show Personalities and Blog-Site Hosts and Journalists
    whose Words and Pictures ever Befell the Public’s Eyes and Ears, and, while they’re AT it, bring the PUBLIC in TOO… I mean, seriously.. So..the..hell..WHAT??!! THESE Jurors aren’t THEM. Well… I’m just DYIN to see where all THIS goes now….

  3. SpookyTooth Says:

    Funny comment, that it is “not Marinade Dave”
    We are all surprised that this time the bumbling blogger did not manage to ingratiate himself into case and create drama for another 15 more minutes.

  4. zelda Says:

    I’m with you honeydog. Judge Perry is getting an “F” from me.He is wif old baez on too much crap.They do the Buddy thing. Baez thinks he has him in his pocket.
    THE PROSECUTION NEEDS TO STAND UP!!!!The preperation and filing of witnesses has already been done,,,,,,,,,,,,,WATCH THE JUDGE!!!!!

  5. Deborah Cow Says:

    DBK’s desire to practice / exercise his loosely veiled hatred of women and homosexuals in general, to create conflict, his political demagoguery, financial fraud and yellow journalism has forced us to band together to expose his moral corruption and to fight against his overbearing, inflated self-importance and flagrant dishonesty. Using the power of the Internet to practice verbal quackery and cheap confidence tricks in order to obtain money, fame or any other advantage via pseudo-journalism, this mountebank known as Marinade Dave DBK has no shame. DBK has caused a sitting judge in a criminal case to recuse himself; he has urged his sycophantic followers to cause chaos for a professional investigator and for private individuals whom DBK perceives have offended him. AND on two recent occasions, he has published photos of individuals wherein he deliberately and incorrectly published their identities making false accusations about them as sexual perverts.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    well to begin with ive been following this case from the beginning my personal oppinion is she is guilty i from watching this case just came to me is another lie in which is beyond me how this is .. is the nanny that she said she had was way before the time this tragedy..had already been given the name zanny…in the beging of this damm.horrible family disfunction..casey i think was a spoilded girl .. and when cayllee was born her mom put the attention on caylee ”and casey was extremeley jealous..which got worse over can just tell in alot over the jail house tapes just how her mom talks to her like child like !!!! her mom and dad should have been more demmanding to meet the nanny seeing she had thier grandaughter alot of the time’ like when casey was supposingly working..and my theroy is casey sitter was the chloroform my god!! i get sick thinking about this i think she knocked this child out and put her in the trunk of her car when she went out needed a sitter.and i think she gave her to much and when she opened the trunk caylee was taking i dont know mabey convolions or something so casey panicked put the duck tape over her mouth shut the trunk and let it be till the smell of her daughter decoposing. but what ever the case may be this girl waited a month before saying she was missing is clear sign of guilt just like dr. g had said .i think life in prison is to good for her so i think death penatily is needed her my god .. i think this chid suffered a horrible suffering death looking at her mom shutting the trunk to killing her ”

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