Casey Anthony: 911 Tapes Played in Court…

Cindy Anthony put her head down on the witness stand and sobbed earlier today as recordings of her 911 call to police were played during testimony in Casey Anthony’s murder trial. The call was made after she discovered that Caylee had been missing for a month.

Another call featured today was the jailhouse call between Casey, her mother, brother and friend Kristina Chester.

From CNN:

“We’re talking about a 3-year-old girl,” a hysterical Cindy Anthony says on the call, made July 15, 2008. It was her third call to police that day, but this one was different — made after Cindy Anthony’s daughter Casey Anthony admitted to her brother that Caylee — who was actually 2 at the time — had been missing since June 16 and said the girl’s nanny had kidnapped her.

Also played for jurors Tuesday was a phone call Casey Anthony made to the Anthony home from jail on July 16, following her arrest. In the call, she speaks to her mother and brother and to her friend Kristina Chester, but wants her brother to give her the phone number of her then-boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro.

On the call, a tearful Kristina Chester tries to get answers out of Anthony regarding Caylee.

“I got arrested on a f—ing whim today,” Casey Anthony tells Chester on the call, “because they’re blaming me for stuff that I would never do, that I didn’t do.”

“Casey,” Chester said later in the call. “Your daughter, your flesh and blood, your baby.” But Anthony cut her off, saying, “Put my brother back on the phone. I don’t want to get into this with you. … I haven’t slept in four days.”

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: 911 Tapes Played in Court…”

  1. Sherry Says:

    The calls that were played today made a devestating impact against Casey. No matter what Baez manages to prove in the cross about Cindy, the jurors will still sympathize with her. Baez is done and Casey has, for sure, lost this, imo.

  2. Kim Says:

    Can you tell me why Casey is holding her lips like that? Is it supposed to make her look sad? It doesn’t

  3. zelda Says:

    because she is a sociopath………immature and a sociopath. she still thinks she is the” cat’s meow” and I would venture that she is weaving a story as she listens to cover her ass. I can’t stand her face.

  4. Sadie Says:

    I don’t think she said “slept” you better listen to the phone call again

  5. Honeydog Says:

    MY GOD, the incredible LIES in those Phone Calls… the clear DIFFERENCE between Cindy and Casey’s Emotions and Demeanor regarding Caylee… the way they just put a HUGE STAMP of “Untrustworthy and Dishonorable Character” on Casey’s head…. the powerful and unforgettable Groundwork for The Prosecution’s stand……….
    Hearing these played in their entirety like that in the Courtroom versus the TV Clips, was like the difference between reading about a Tornado and actually being within one. When they all ended, I honestly felt like it had been the first time I heard any of it, and the Impact left me Stunned— Not to mention turned my Stomach even more than ever before, which I didn’t think was possible. I think it’s going to be extremely Difficult for the Minds of the Jury to view Casey as Likeable and deserving of Understanding or Pity, or regard her as anything other than truly being Capable of ANYthing… from now on.

  6. zelda Says:

    GAWD I HOPE SO……………..!

  7. luvanrs Says:

    Which still makes me wonder..why weren’t George and Cindy hounding her to see that baby during those 31 days? It wouldnt have made a difference..she was already dead, but I can’t understand this whole situation. I guess I keep thinking about what I would do.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    *luvanrs*~ They WERE. Especially Cindy. Casey kept giving Cindy believable Reasons why she and Caylee couldn’t or wouldn’t come Home, until Cindy ultimately wouldn’t take “No” for an Answer and Tracked Casey down.

  9. luvanrs Says:

    this whole thing is just so sad 😦

  10. Irene Lewis Says:

    will someone please tell the state about shirley plesea and how cindy attacked casey over her stealing the nursing home check where cindys dad is..please am i the only one that read about this?

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Not only didn’t The Prosecution mention that one, but, to my knowledge, they never brought-up about Casey taking Amy Huizenga’s Checkbook and going on a Shopping Spree and emptying-out Amy’s Account. I recall that the Court was trying to decide whether to bring Casey’s “6 Felony Charges” into Evidence, but then I never heard any more about it…

  12. Sherry Says:

    Irene, I believe the State fears it would look desperate for a conviction by bringing up what happened to Casey’s grandparents.

    Honeydog, the State was warned by HHJP that if they used those prior bad acts then it would give Casey an effective appeal due to ineffective counsel. She would get another trial, most likely, since everyone wins on appeal for that reason when they show proof-Casey would have just that because Baez opened that door.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    Thanks for the Info on that one, Sherry. I can understand.. Don’t need that to happen.. but, too bad though— I mean, it IS “Relative” to her Behavior during those 31 Days. So.. What about the “Tattoo”? Can’t recall if that’s coming in…

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