Casey Anthony: Trunk Had the “Smell of Death”

The manager of the impound lot which held Casey Anthony’s car has testified that he detected a “very unique, distinctive smell of human composition which came from the trunk of Anthony’s car.

From Reuters:

“The instant flash in my mind (was), whew, I know what that smells like,” said manager Simon Birch, who examined the car within four to five days of it being stored at the lot.

No one reported Caylee missing until July 15, 2008, when Cindy and George went to the impound lot after receiving a notice that Casey’s car was there.

After driving the car home and confronting Casey, Cindy called 911 and told police her granddaughter was missing. She said Casey wouldn’t tell her where Caylee was, and that she smelled “a dead body” in Casey’s car trunk.

Birch testified he worked several years for a garbage company and about 30 years in tow lots, where six or eight times he had smelled the odor of decomposing human remains in a vehicle. He said he recognized the difference between human decay and trash.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Trunk Had the “Smell of Death””

  1. offthecuff Says:

    I encourage George to get right up and go to that Calendar and write real big…on the wrong day, big cross out, then go to the right day!! Messing up the calendar would enrage Baez even more!! But I understand Baez may need that calendar to keep track of everything.

  2. wat a good stories

  3. Sherry Says:

    ROTFLMBO! Good one offthecuff!

    I hear that the jury members were shaking their heads in disgust when Baez went after George! George is hanging tough because he knows what Baez is doing.

  4. offthecuff Says:

    I thought that Baez was trying to establish that George knew it was decomp not trash like he later stated (under the Cindy influence)

    Why he would want to establish that point is a mystery to me. Maybe he is trying to show that George is not credible because

    1) He later changed his story from decomp to trash

    2) As a detective and concerned father, he should have called 911

    3) His account of the trunk varies from the towing yard manager who stated he also knew decomp and the trunk had an odor that was exponentially more vile than the car. On the witness stand, George seemed evasive about the trunk also smelling like decomp. He kept referring to garbage.

    Therefore, Baez is attempting to establish that George is also a liar (like his daughter), and that he had something to hide(which is why he doesn’t go to police)

    Baez is correct that George changed his story (to match Cindy) and that he was trying to hide something, but he wasn’t trying to hide his crime.

    He was trying to keep the decomp to himself because he was in shock and scared about the decomp, and like all Anthonys, he wanted to first try to solve their problems without police interference. He was trying to potentially hide anything that Casey may have gotten herself into…to protect Casey.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Some pretty powerful Testimony from Mr. Birch, and I can’t see the Jury not believing him. As for George on the same Subject, regardless of how he referred back and forth between the Garbage and the Decomp Odor, he has always come-back to the Fact that the Smell of Decomposition is what he felt and believed was present. I agree that it was a mixed-up and very confusing time when George brought the Car home, and I don’t think any of us can say exactly what we would do or how fast we would do it, if we were in the same situation. I do remember George stating, in that very first Interrogation with the Police, that Cindy came out into the Gargage, crying, and said “She’s finally done it… our Caylee is gone”. What exactly she meant, you can take a couple different ways. Who knows what they actually and honestly Thought, and how they proceeded to process all of it. We know that Cindy removed everything FROM the Car Trunk, and Cleaned it and Sprayed it. My Guess is that they DID both think the Worst, but I don’t know that I mySELF would definitely proceed to do anything before I was able to CONFRONT my Daughter. I mean, I think that would be the normal thing to do, and then go from there, and, it wouldn’t neccessarily mean that I was “Hiding” anything or “Protecting” her just because I waited to Question her before I DID do anything. In any case, regardless of their “failure” to rush in the House and call the Police, neither ONE of them had anything to do with Caylee’s death— THAT’S a Fact.. THAT’S the Bottom Line.. WE know it, CASEY knows it, and BAEZ knows it— no matter WHAT he is trying to “Establish”.

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