Casey Anthony: Day Four of Murder Trial Begins…

It’s Friday and the fourth day of the murder trial of Casey Anthony. What can we expect to see today?

Well, on day three, we heard from her former boyfriend Ricardo Morales who testified that Anthony was cheery when she picked he and his friends up from the airport on July 15, 2008. This was about a month after authorities believe Caylee was last seen.

Day four should be much of the same. In fact, it has already begun!

From WFTV:

Casey Anthony entered the courtroom just before 8:30am, wearing dark pants and a black vest over a white shirt. She had her hair pulled back in a bun.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry quickly denied the defense’s motion that Casey’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, filed Thursday morning at 8:30am to renew a motion for a mistrial.

Judge Perry then called court to order at 9:00am.

The former girlfriend of Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, testified that the Casey and Caylee had an “amazing” relationship. Mallory Parker was called to the witness stand by prosecutors who coaxed her into describing how Lee and her had searched for Casey in Orlando bars in an attempt to locate her when her family hadn’t seen her In many days during the summer of 2008.

Prosecutors said she was having fun with friends around the same time her daughter went missing.

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20 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Day Four of Murder Trial Begins…”

  1. luvanrs Says:

    an “amazing relationship” with her daughter..yet they had to search for her in bars when her daughter was missing?????

  2. Cheryl Says:

    There has NOT been ONE single person who has said that she was anything but a GREAT MOTHER! The prosecution CANNOT prove MOTIVE Of any kind! The fact that she wanted to go out and party and could not with a child is a complete lie. Her parents wanted to BE Caylees parents, to the point that Casey had to fight to BE her mother. Cindy even tryed to get Caylee to call her Mommie?? So, NO this girl MORE THAN ANY other parent had two people who wanted NOTHING MORE THAN TO SPEND every waking moment with this child. CASEY did NOT NEED TO KILL HER DAUGHTER TO PARTY…all she had to do was go party!

    George Anthony is lying through his teeth! Pretending NOT to understand the questions, answering questions that he HAS NOT BEEN ASKED and claiming he does not remember for most of the questions. Talk about the smell in the back of the car…why couldn’t George Anthony have put the child in the trunk, took her and dropped her body and then abandoned the car next to the dumpster himself!
    He told Casey to do what he had told her since she was 8 years old, LIE, and STALL, as a detective HE KNEW that the body could not be found until it had decomposed and it was impossible to determine cause of death. The same duct tape that was on the child’s mouth (so that the pool water would not come out in the car)was the same duct tape he used on the gas can and on the posters he put up of Casey. While tells Casey she is to be over the top happy and on with her life so as NOT to give anyone any reason to suspect anything was wrong. WEll, nobody said Casey was good at the cover up and Zanny the Nanny was truly an amateur lie…Since this person does not exist..but George had not planned on that or past a certain point…thinking neithe of them would be suspected??????

  3. zelda Says:

    I just read what cindy said in court today……good gawd………..casey just lied and lied about EVERYTHING…….she just weaves stories about everything and whenever she gets in a corner small or big. AmAZING.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    OMG Ciny Anthony deserves an AWARD for this performance!! I have watched this woman in atleast THREE TV interviews taking reports into Caylees room smiling and going on about how it is hard but she remembers the good times. NOT A tear! And yet today, she is in tears five minutes after she gets up there. She has been schooled by her lawyers…her job is to make the jury feel sorry for her & the judge so that when Baez gets up there his hands are TIED! Anything he says is going to make it look like he is attacking the poor grieving grandmother! She is playing it like a champ! Also, who lives with your daughter and KNOWS as she said her every month mentrual activity, and yet she is pregnant SEVEN months and no on knew that??? Casey gets the crazy lies from her teacher…perverted George and drama queen Ciny! I CANNOT imagine living in a house with these two! George telling his mistress that this was a horrible accident that had gone wrong! Cindy giving an interview and telling reporters on June 16 someone had been swimming in their pool! Because she found the ladder up to the pool and they NEVER leave the ladder there because of Cayle…YET WE WILL NOT HEAR the prosecution ASK THESE QUESTIONS. ALL they want to do is continue showing how Casey Lies! Well, Iknow liars, drug addicts, drunks, NONE OF THEM WOULD EVER KILL THEIR CHILDREN!! I think this Casey is a KOOK like her whole family, but I DO NOT believe she intentionally killed this child. The state has NOTHING! They do not even have MOTIVE! If she wanted to be free and party as they are saying is why she did that is pure BS! She had to fight these people tooth and nail to be a parent to Caylee because they wanted to parent her…so all she had to do was LET THEM.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    While her friends testified that Casey was a “Good Mother”, I have no doubt they were telling the Truth— at least from what they SAW. I beg to differ though, that “Liars” do not Injure or Murder their Children. Casey is a Pathological Liar… a “Good Liar”, as she herself admitted— Making her also quite capable of being a good “Actress”. As a matter of Fact, we’ve already witnessed that ourselves. Some years ago, the Case of Susan Smith is just one Testimony, among others, to the ability of a seemingly “Loving” and “Attentive” Mother who bold-faced Lied to her Husband, to the Authorities, and on National TV, after purposely Drowning her three little Boys. Whether by the continuous use and/or an Overdose of Pills or “Chloroform” to get Caylee to go to sleep (Rick Morales testified that Casey had problems with Caylee about that), there would be no reason to “Cover-up” Caylee’s death, and no reason for this Trial, if Casey did not “intentionally” put Caylee’s Life in Jeopardy, and cause it to end. This is Common Sense. No, Casey did not have to kill her Daughter to go “Party”… But, you can’t just “GO Party” when you have no Babysitter to be able to do so. She had to do SOMETHING to Caylee to keep her Quiet and out of the way, in order to free herself from that Restriction. One of Casey’s friends stated that when Casey would bring Caylee along to Parties, Caylee “Slept through ANYthing”, right there in the same crowded room. Personally, I’ve always believed what was mentioned by another of her Friends… that
    “Zanny the Nanny” referred to using the Drug “Zanax” to keep Caylee asleep. I tend to think that this would have also made Caylee quite “Sick” (Vomiting, etc) either during the process of the Drug beginning to take affect, or after she woke-up. This may have been where the “Chloroform” came in… Try something different. Casey “Computer-searched” Chloroform, Ex-boyfriend Rick Morales had that Picture on his Facebook Page, “Win her over with Chloroform”. He claims it was a “Joke”… He thought it was Funny— I find the Computer-searches and his Facebook Page oddly Coincidental. I believe that Casey eventually began using Chloroform for an alternative and easy “Knock-out”, and Caylee died after too many times of too many Drugs. I’ve always also believed that, in her Desperation to come-up with a “Story” to Cover-up what she had done, Casey put the “Duct-Tape” on Caylee’s mouth to make a “Kidnapping” appear more “Believable”, as it’s a known Fact that some Kidnappers use Duct Tape to “Quiet” their Victims. In any event, Casey Anthony IS directly responsible for her Daughter’s death, and, just because the “Weapon” was not a Gun, or a Knife, she DID “kill” her. And yes, there is indeed a a “Motive”— The Motive is, to be able to GO where you want, DO whatever you want, WHEN you want, and stay as LONG as you want.. WITHOUT having to take care of and deal-with a little Child whose Demands and Needs and Wants from you are Constant. You just can’t have a “Good Time”, in the way you want to have it, while being “Annoyed” by a Child. I have no doubt that Caylee was always well-Fed and Clean and well-Dressed— but that wasn’t by CASEY’s hand. I have no doubt that Caylee’s “Nickname” for Casey (“Momma Out”) was because her Grandparents had to tell her that her Mother WAS “Out”, most of the time. I have no doubt that Cindy WANTED Casey to be more Responsible and spend more Time with Caylee— If this weren’t True, Cindy would not have told Casey that she was a “Bad Mother”. Why would Casey tell Lee that “Mom is always telling me that I’m a Bad Mother”?.. There had to have been a Reason.
    While I have no doubt that Casey “Loved” Caylee, I have no doubt that these Witnesses never knew what went-on “Behind Closed Doors”. No Matter HOW Casey “Portrayed” herself with Caylee, NO “GOOD” MOTHER would, or even CONSIDER wrecklessly-giving their Child DRUGS in order to Engage in their own Pleasures, no “GOOD” Mother who was DEEPLY-attached to their Child’s Heartstrings would EVER even THINK about putting and leaving their precious little Body out in the Woods to Rot.. even be able to go NEAR places to have Fun afterward.. or not be SO totally DISTRAUGHT and DEVASTATED that they show NOTHING of ANY type of Remorse.. and no “Good” Human BEING could or would sit in a Courtroom, with Arrogance and without Conscience, and believe that THEY should be the one to feel Sorry for. And this “Sexual Abuse” Stuff? How Clever of her. How Convenient for her. What a Shameful Disgusting Self-Centered Selfish Low-Life she is. Anything to get what she wants.. Just like always. I have no doubt she even Lied to Tony Lazzaro about Lee attempting to “Touch” her, just for Attention. In her Letter to her Jailhouse Friend, she can’t even remember IF her Father actually did anything to her. ANY 8 or 9-year-old Kid would DEFINITELY remember being “Sexually Abused”— NOT “He MAY have”. I sure hope The Prosecution flashes that Letter in front of the Jury, and then rams it down Baez’s throat. As for George himself, I don’t believe he would have Harmed his Grand-daugher in any way shape or form, for ANY reason, and if he HAD found her in the Pool, he would have not wasted a split-second to use his Training in “CPR” and call Paramedics. As for him not remembering some things about which he was Questioned.. Nothing wrong with that.. At least he’s Honest about it. Better to not say what you’re not completely and definitely sure of, than to “Guess” and have it be ground in Stone. I give both George AND Cindy credit for what surely must be an extremely difficult position to be in, and not Holding-back what they know to be True, even at the Risk of condemning their own Flesh and Blood. If they really wanted to “Lie through their Teeth” and “Cover-up” for their Daughter, now would be the Time. It appears however, that it is CAYLEE to whom, and instead, is the most-deserving of any Help they can give. All in all, Casey Anthony may be the one on-Trial here, but she’s THERE because, first and foremost, Caylee is NOT… and it’s Caylee for whom
    the Truth MUST be told— not Lies and Deception for CASEY’s Benefit. Someone has to be held Accountable and Punnished for their deliberate Act of Fatal Cruelty, and, no matter how many “Cards” in the Deck The Defense thinks they are holding, they have a lousy “Hand”, on which I would not Bet a Penny.

  6. zelda Says:

    I send the jury in this case every bit of my positive energy for their upcoming decisions. They HAVE to see what we out here see and that you put so well honeydog.
    I think the nations hope in our laws and in child advocacy hangs on this case.Justice needs to fly in the face of unspeakable crimes against our children!
    I am still haunted by Susan Smith’s horrifying act.It hit everyone in the country in our most sacred place….motherhood..
    casey is a real gem………she embodies all that we abhor ……….she needs to pay.

  7. Cheryl Says:

    Susan Smith was NOT a good mother and that was PROVEN! Her friends and family all said she had no BOND with those kids. She killed those kids so that she could be with her boyfriend that did not want children… NOTHING at all like this case. Baez was right on when he said the apple does not fall far from the tree…Casey is as nutty as the family she has lived with all her life. And you cannot FAKE or pick and choose if you have a bond with your child either you do or you don’t and she did and everyone saw that! Even Cindy the drama queen could NOT deny much as she tryed to be Caylee’s mother, the child WANTED her own mother. To be honest, there is no way to say exactly how this child died, the pool does sound believable because Cindy Anthony went into work and told her co-workers someone had been in their pool because the gate was left open and the ladder was put up to the pool. But she is crazy enough to be telling that story because SHE left the dam ladder up (NOT A CRIME TO FOGET) and is so guilt ridden she has to come up with a story~ Who knows, I guess I just have a gut feeling about this one and I do not feel that Casey Anthony had the balls to pull this off NOR do I think she HAD to! She did not have to use choloform, find a babysitter or anything else. George and Cindy fought her tooth and nail to leave Caylee with them ALL the time, move out and go about her life Casey is the one that would NOT do that? So, this does not fit into any motive, NOR is there one shred of DNA evidence of Caseys nor or around Caylees body, which is ODD! Explained only if she WAS in pool of Chlorinated water and all DNA would be gone. Makes sense that Casey would have had to of held her, touched her clothes, her hair..thus Caseys DNA should have been somewhere and it was no where. As a person who had to do alot of research on evidence, They have nothing! A liar, a cheat, DOES NOT EQUAL a murderer and that is all there is too it, you may hate this girl and you may “want” her to have been a bad mother because it fits into what you want it to but that just isn’t the case here.

  8. Cheryl Says:

    The posts that I read here are EXACTLY why Gool Girl Nancy Grace and all the others like her should be taken OFF of the air! People make judgments based on what they hear on HLN and NOT the actual evidence. All I am saying here is that when we stop allowing our system to work based on the evidence and giving the jury ONLY PROVEN FACTS, people are convicted based on personalities and how the media have painted them and NOT because they are GUILTY! This hurts ALL of us! First because while you may not care that an innocent person is going to die for something they did not do, or rot in prison, the SICK, DISGUSTING, GUILTY person is walking the streets to do it AGAIN! When they first came out with DNA proof, THOUSANDS of people were released from prison, MANY had DIED for crimes they NEVER committed. And some of these, no MOST of these had eye-witnesses! And that is because an eye witness is the worst! Experts have said for years during a crime the victim sees a picture in their head and want so desperately to “get” the person they convince themselves that the person they fingered actually did it! Scary! Jane V-Mitchell said they other night on her show..this is as bad as the Ramsey case where the Ramseys got lawyers and were never brought to justice!! She is STILL beating that drum while it HAS BEEN PROVEN that neither of that little girl’s parents COULD have been involved AND the evidence that could have gotten the person was overlooked because the investigators were trying so hard to convict the Ramsey’s. That woman died still trying to prove she did not kill her child! While Nancy Grace’s theory was well she dressed her kid up like a sex symbol so she must have wanted something to happen to her? She is as SICK as the person who killed the little girl..and I guess we are to take from that…that all the little girls mothers on Toddlers and Tiars want their children to die or someday may kill them? I really hope that most of the people in this country have alot more sense than Nancy Grace gives them credit for! But you know the more convincing she is the more $$$ she makes. IT has to be GORY, and sensational or she is not making money. I choose to read the court transcripts and hopefully the families of jurors are not feeding them Nancy Grace Kool aid and they base their verdict on the evidence. And believe me, if the evidence PROVES Casey Anthony killed her daughter than I too would want to see her brought to justice, but they have to PROVE IT. Funny thing about proof, it does not have to pieced together, or sometimes just doesn’t make sense, it leaves no doubt and that is EXACTLY what the jurors have to have NO DOUBTS based on the proofs that they are given. And so far they have NOT been given any.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    *Cheryl*~ No one is Arguing with you. We are here to express our individual Thoughts and Opinions and different Points of View. I’ve said what I wanted to say, it’s what I myself “Think”, and, at this Stage of the Game, I still stand-by it. We have all watched this Case unfold over the last 3 years, and, indeed, Shows like NG (which, other than catching her mingled-in with other Reporters outside the Courthouse, I no longer watch) have tended to Influence the Public. However, other “Quality” Coverage of this Story and Case (i.e: Greta VanSusteren, JVM, Prime News) have always (and continue to do so) presented “all sides” with Reputable Intelligence, Fairness and Credibility, and Panel Discussions are never exempt from including Noteworthy– and often some of “the Best”– current and former Defense AND Prosecuting Attorneys, Forensic Experts, Legal Analysts, and the like. Additionally, these particular Shows are also in possession of Court Documents. For myself, while I may watch and “listen”, I do it because I have an Interest in further “Learning”… the “Law”, the detailed Analysis and Dissection of both Factual and Alleged Evidence, and simply because this area of Life and our Justice System is both Fascinating and Helpful in trying to understand it. I don’t “Hate” Casey Anthony because of some TV SHOW, Media
    “Influence”, or simply wanting to join the Ranks of other “Casey Haters”, and I don’t base my Comments on “wanting” Casey to “fit into” ANYthing— I have my own Mind, I know I use it wisely, and I’m far from being Stupid and Naive. If someone— anyone for that matter— possesses unjustified Conceit, belief that their Shit doesn’t stink, obviously tries to “Get Over” on people, is Sneaky, Manipulative and Conniving, Steals from Friends,
    “Points the Finger” at Innocent people, and expects everyone to Kiss their Ass… on TOP of being a Liar… Yeah— plain and simple.. I can’t STAND them. Joran VanDerSloot (Natalee Holloway Case) is another Classic Example of that despicable
    “Character Type”. Now having explained one of the actual reasons why Casey Galls me, I further don’t like what I believe she is truly Responsible for, and I absolutely don’t like what she’s doing right now. Anyway, so far in this Trial, I’m finding it interesting that everything we all DID watch and hear and form Opinions about from some of those TV Programs you condemned, is turning-out to be the same Evidenciary things now being presented in Court. Guess it wasn’t all Hype and Ratings after all. In any event, you bring-up some interesting and good Points, they’re well-taken, and we ALL hope that Justice is served for Caylee.. with Honor and Righteousness.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    I think what is so digusting and most glaring about HLN and the other shows that I “condemned” is that they ONLY present ONE SIDE! For instance during todays trial it was NEVER mentioned by Vinnie on HLN while he was gasping at Cindy’s testimony..that Cindy and George are ready to sign a book deal! And that they sold a picture of this grandchild that they adore for 20,000.00! They also have NOT touched on the fact that these two people have done numerous PAID interviews for various media outlets AND during most of those that involved Caylee’s bedroom, her toys, her dolls there wasn’t a tear by anyone? Yet, Cindy Anthony gets on the stand and within minutes she is sobbing uncontrolably? This was SOO fAke that what they did say is that most of the jurors were not paying attention to her. Finally, although I did not see Casey’s top as “skin tight” as Vinnie discribed, the whole thing was kind of cheesey..but Baez did make the point that it is really just common sense. NOBODY is going to live with someone as BIG as Casey was at seven months pregnant and NOT know it. There isn’t a person in this family that isn’t a liar! And I am certainly glad they are using the word “believable” instead of GENUINE for any of them. Finally, the fact that Cindy Anthony DID SAY that the ladder WAS up to that pool on June 16! After she had said previously that she KNEW the ladder was NOT up to the pool? So, again, soo Many LIES and there is no way ANY of it says Casey Anthony Killed her daughter! I was a single parent for YEARS and every week my single friends would want me to go out with them..AND probably 80% of the time I could not go, I was pissed I wanted to go but I had a CHILD!! And MANY times I would say how pissed I was, but you better believe ONE thing in this case especially, that was NOT a motive for murder. I want to be clear…I am not saying she did not do it, I don’t know and NETIHER DOES ANYONE THAT IS NOT IN THAT COURT ROOM I am saying they are NOT proving it. And when there is a DOUBT they should NOT be able to get a guilty verdict. In some ways I think it is admirable that Casey did not go out when her mother could not babysit…let’s face it if she wanted to go bad enough to kill her kid, she would have either left her alone or got any idiot to keep her? Yet, she stayed home unless the one person who cared for her as much as she did could be with her. As they were panning the camera around the court room what was stunning was the only one in that court room that had the EXACT same stoic, blank look on their face was GEORGE ANTHONY. When they play it back for the millionth time look at Casey and then look at George they have the same look???

  11. luvanrs Says:

    If she drowned, why did she have duct tape wrapped around her face? Why would that be placed there?

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Exactly *luvanrs*… And if she Drowned
    “Accidentally”, why would they ALL choose to be where they are now and willingly subject themselves to needlessly going through this… And if George had indeed Drown his own Grand-daughter (which he DIDN’T) and/or he and Casey “Plotted” her Disposal, why was there no “Cover Story” in place between them…. And why would Casey herself make such a “Knowing” and “Revealing” Remark, three years ago, that “The Media is going to have a frickin Field Day with this when it all goes to “TRIAL”… And why, WHY, would The Defense allow their Client to sit in Jail— for THREE YEARS— if she was Innocent of any Wrong-doing……
    It’s all the “Manufactured” Story of The Defense— Absurd.. Unbelievable.. and absolutely containing no Sense or Support or the ability to Prove it, whatsoever. And.. with the things that have Unfolded over the past several days, we, like the Jury, all know NOW, that Baez’s “Opening Statement” was a big fat Lie.

  13. Cheryl Says:

    Well, I guess I just have NOT found that network that fairly reports on this trial yet. Today, after watching myself all morning and listening to Baez ask the FBI if the ONE hair could be proven to belong to Caylee, she said NO. Then they went on to dicuss that because the hair did not come out by the root there was no DNA thus it could not be proven to belong to Caylee…So tonight on Judge Pirro who I always thought was fair SHE actually argued with Dr. Baden who is a national expert on these matters and he kept telling her how surprised he was that this ONE hair was even allowed in evidence as it can prove nothing! The only thing it proves is that it came from a female, does NOT prove that it was Caylees and absolutely does NOT prove that it was post mordem…however Jean Pirro kept saying it over and over and the Dr is just looking at her shaking his head. NOW, the prosecution has put the air from the trunk into cans and are going to have each juror smell it??? Again, Dr. Baden stated this was NOT a good idea, first it has never been done or recognized as any type of evidence, secondly, it is subjective, in that each juror will interpret the smell in a different way. I truly believe if they had REAL evidence against this girl they would not keep TRUMPING up rediculous unproven junk science and relying on the MEDIA to put it out there in a whole different way. I am all for if there is evidence that proves this girl did this ..then bring it on! And at that point if there is no evidence to PROVE that she was molested or just raised by a bunch of sociopaths (which I think she was) then she should either get life or death. But if they cannot PROVE their case she atleast needs to be court ordered for psychological treatment for a long time.

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Cheryl~
    I watched the live Proceedings too, as I do everyday. Based only on everything I saw and intensely listened-to there– and nothing else– in my opinion, overall, and with Jeff Ashton’s final Re-direct, if I were a Juror, based on even the few confirmed concrete Facts that it was “Female”, “9-inches Long, “Brown”, “Un-treated” (unlike Casey’s), and, she did say having the “Death Band” Characteristics, it would be enough for me to come to the Conclusion that it was Caylee’s. Regardless of whether or not Testimony and Evidence like this was ever done or “Recognized” before, the Testimony and Evidence was there NOW.. presented by an extremely Knowledgable, highly-Reputable, and Thorough Source.. and has to be Considered by the Jury. Now the Cans with AIR Samples? Whew. I don’t know about that, as, more importantly than what you mentioned about each Individual’s sense of “Smell”, is the Fact that, how many of these Jurors have ever SMELLED a Decomposing or Decomposed Body to be able to “Compare” it to, and be Accurate in their Conclusion. Unless the Court physically took them all to a Location where it is possible to DO this beforehand, I think that one may not Fly too well. I love Dr. Baden, and have always thought him to be the Best I’ve ever listened-to, but take this into Consideration…. His wife is Linda Kenny-Baden (really like her too), once a member of Casey’s Defense Team, and who also has been on the Air daily, still Reporting in the “Defense” capacity.
    Due to the Fact that Dr. Baden, once ALSO part of this Case, actually, but innocently, went “against” her in a TV Interview— which, by the way, caused him to be “Relieved” and replaced by Dr. Henry Lee—
    he is watching his P’s and Q’s, and, although would never say anything not “Reputable”, he is, at this time, being Cautious not to Affect his Wife’s Statements and Opinions. Granted, I believe what he is saying, but he also has another Reason not to Condone the Prosecution’s side at this particular time. Personally, I wouldn’t call anything I witnessed in Court today “Junk Science”. It’s far from it actually. What they know from years of Study, Testing, and Experience can not be Regarded as something “Bogus”, or warranting DISregard. As for the Media, again, they will say what they will. I am viewing this Trial with an “Open Mind”, taking-in everything from both Sides, but, even though “Direct” Evidence is not Predominant, the “Circumstantial” is quite Strong, and has, more times than not, been proven to Outweigh it. For me, it’s just the “Common Sense” Factor combined with actually only a few very Significant and Outstanding Details presented so far, which maintain my Opinion of Casey’s Guilt. There are alot of things being “Weaved” through this Trial… I Weed it out, and just stick with the “Nitty Gritty”, where the
    Answer is usually easily Found.

  15. Cheryl Says:

    Well, I guess we are destined to disagree here. After watching Judge Pirro’s show last night (that you should try to see maybe online) the evidence should have never been presented. As you stated it had the “characteristic” of a death band. When someone is on trial for their life you need more than a characteristic or likeness as evidence. Dr. Baden although he is Linda Baden’s husband would not go on national tv and risk his expert reputation for the likes of Casey Anthony…Just as Linda Baden understandably left the defense team because it was far more than she was willing to do pro-bono. However, Linda is still appearing on television and standing behind the defense. Dr. Baden stated on Judge pirro’s last night that this hair banding characterisic had been used in other cases NOT DEATH PENALTY cases. AND because in each case it was overturned and proven to be wrong it has not ever been used in this type of case. Which is why it should not have been used. When Baez asked the FBI agent can you prove this belongs to Caylee…she answered NO. If I were a Juror, right then it would have been off the table. When I said that I think it is horrible that prosecutors and Judges are allowing evidence that is NOT the standard my reason for that is this: For many years I have been involved with the Court system and all it’s players, and as much as people want to believe they are in for the people, while there still may be some..the majority are in it for the fame and the reputation and the money. The money will roll in for these people if they get a conviction..sounds cold? It IS the reality. This is why we constantly hear about lawyers and prosecutors charged because they withheld evidence that would have cleared a defendant or did not pursue evidence that would have cleared someone. And in this case to have a Judge to sanction their tricks is so much better for them. And to have someone as respected as Judge Pirro make the statement..”how else would a hair get into the trunk of a car…my kids never played in the trunk.” Is completely unbelievable! MOST young mothers have everything from clothes, toys, hairbrushes to just about anything you have for their child in their cars! And of course they throw things in the trunk Hairs can and ARE on everything! But the Judge was playing the game here and as a Judge she SHOULD be above that tactic. What we were told about our scales of justice during my years of school was that it is not meant to be is meant to be a remedy. And this is exactly how it is approached in todays court rooms. I am old school, I guess, While the evidence cannot always BE without a doubt it should NEVER be this controversial and I do not think a conviction should be given on evidence that the majority of the scientific community reccomends NOT using. While Judge Pirro and others have touted that “well this should have been let in because just like DNA it has to start somewhere” NO. DNA was tested and tested and tested until it was 99.9% accurate and THEN it was used in court cases. Which is why it released hundreds of people that were WRONGLY convicted…some unfortunately were dead and it did not help them. But these people have not learned a thing from that…because they do not care! Its a job and it pays and they will use whatever the JUDGE is stupid enough to allow. I say these things not for Casey Anthony…although somebody needs to, I say these things because these ARE the standards that the rest of us will have to live with in our court system if they are permitted to use. I just watched a show on a girl who is sitting in jail (for life) right now..her daughter drowned in their pool…she was home and that is what convicted her???? And who KNOWS? And that is the problem.

  16. zelda Says:

    Yes Cheryl….many people have been wrongly convicted……..many have not. Some guilty as hell people have been let off .Your point?
    look at the Kyron Horman case…………the step mom looks guilty as hell…… one has been charged in that case.I believe she is guilty as sin…..she tried to have her husband killed also …..she was the last person to see Kyron etc. etc…….and yet she is free.
    casey Anthony is a sociopath……..a pathological liar……….but she is getting a fair trial.I’ts not a perfect world……….but I am more concerned with the victims rights than the killer.

  17. Cheryl Says:

    MY POINT? IS VERY CLEAR! In this Country EVERYONE is entitled to a fair trial! And for a death penalty case the evidence should PROVE something None of this evidence PROVES a dam thing! It’s ALL characterisic of OR the possiblity of! COME ON! Susan Smith ADMITTED to strapping two little boys into car seats and pushing the car into the water and WATCHING FOR the MANY minutes it took for that car to sink and suffocate those children! She did this because her boyfriend did not want children. NOTHING had to be proven, EVERYTHING ws on the table, how sick and cruel she killed those little children. She got 30 years AND she will probably be out in time to live out some of her life. YET, in the CASEY Anthony case they HAVE NOTHING but a girl who has been raised by a pervert and a liar and of course SHE LIES with every word out of her mouth..but they have NOTHING ELSE and they want to put her to death!! PATHETIC!! just as pathetic as those who claim “they KNOW she did IT” if that is the case then they all need to RUSH down to the DA’S office and get sworn in so that we atleast have ONE person who has some REAL evidence. As far as Kyron Horman, if they had ONE shred of evidence against the step mother she would have been brought in but I guess fortunately they were not able to trump anything up on her…Please understand any one who would kill a child, unless they are mentally deranged should pay with their life…BUT we cannot just hate the personality of the defendant and call that murder. Thanks for your comment.

  18. zelda Says:


  19. Honeydog Says:

    Okay. I’m going to say one more thing, and then I’m done with this….
    A little Girl is dead. It was not an Accident (for the Reasons already stated, and recently Indicated in Court). SOMEone killed her, or is definitely Responsible for her Death. That person needs to be held Accountable. There is no one on this Earth who “Kidnapped” her, nor is there anyone else out there who had any Reason whatsoever to Harm or Kill her. Over a Month’s time, no one saw this little Girl, but they all saw her Mother. Her Mother Lied, Stole, and casually went-about her daily Life. Her Mother showed no Remorse over the Loss of her Child, and still doesn’t, to this day. If her Mother was truly Innocent of any Wrong-doing three years ago, this Trial would not be happening. The Defense’s job is to try to get her Off— Stand-up there and Lie and Play Games and Cover-up the Truth, right in front of their Client… Allowing her to witness
    “Professionals” doing the same thing SHE does, but that, Okay, she Committed a Crime, but it doesn’t mean she has to “Pay” for doing so. That is what I consider “Disgusting” and “Pathetic”. The Prosecution wants Justice for the Victim. This is what it’s all about, and the one and only thing that matters. Someone DOES have to Pay…. And that is what I consider “Right”— and the ONLY thing that’s

  20. Cheryl Says:

    OMG Finally, Both Dr. Baden and Geraldo are saying what has needed to be said MONTHS ago! The prosecution is trumping up anything they can BECAUSE they have NO REAL evidence! The hatred that people feel for Casey Anthony because she IS a liar and a completely sick human being JUST LIKE Cindy, George and LEE is driving all the accustions. Even Mark Furman made it clear that Cindy Anthony has LIED continually (what IS her excuse) Huh, maybe SHE killed her..she’s a liar? But her latest is that SHE told Furman she Always takes the ladder away from the pool because Caylee COULD climb it, YET the loving mother that she is sat on the witness stand and SAID CAYLEE COULD NOT climb the ladder? Wonder why she said that..MAYBE because as Leonard Padia said they were ALL plotting and getting their stories straight when Casey was released from jail the first time. Pissed him off so bad he stormed out because NONE Of them would go with him to try to find Caylee instead they wanted to be left alone together in the house! I can tell you this if ANY or ALL of them are involved in this, than instead of the little demented one going down for it because she is just a little bit more stupid that they are and could NOT tell a believabal lie if she tryed. THEY ALL SHOULD GO DOWN! Nobody knows who parked the car at the dumpster? NObody knows who was looking up Cholorform on the computer and you would have to be a MORON to believe that a cop and a nurse DOES NOT know how to use a computer?? Nobody KNOWS what went on at that house in those five hours that Casey, George and Caylee were alone there? OF course EVERYBODY has an opinion and I do respect that but to state emphatically that you KNOW this and you KNOW that is just BS.

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