Casey Anthony: Your Thoughts So Far…

We’re now a couple of days into the Casey Anthony trial. A few prominent figures in this case have taken the stand.

What are your thoughts so far? Have you heard anything new that really jumps out and gets you? Have you changed your thoughts on a guilty or not guilty verdict? (yes…I know it’s still early)

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Your Thoughts So Far…”

  1. Sherry Says:

    What jumps out at me is the gall of Baez being able to weave a lying story to free Casey! Unfortunately, a lawyer can defame another person or persons in the courtroom in order to raise that reasonable doubt. With Baez stating sexual abuse he will now have to put Casey on the stand. It is hearsay for Lazzarro or Grund to say that Casey told them this. I don’t know about Robin Adams’ letters but Robin cannot say that Casey wrote her about it. In those letters it will show that Casey only thought her father molested her.

  2. Kim Says:

    What jumps out is the knowledge now that Baez is a far worse lawyer than I had originally thought. Not only is he a sleazy low life with a foul mouth he is not well versed in his chosen field. I am annoyed for FL tax payers that this trial has become the Jose Baez law 101 course

  3. I think they had their “strategy” in place soon after Geraldo and Padilla rolled into town. It’s not about the truth, finding the child presumed dead at that time, or even freeing KC.

    It’s about putting on a grandiose show for some higher purpose:political, socio-economical, and pseudo-religious purposes.

    If you look at the computer of a child advocacy person with the same name as the “imaginanny” stolen from a local University, the passwords used on the computers, and the computer searches dating as far back as March 17th of ’08, it’s easy to see she had help and this was planned.

    Just my opinion as always.

  4. offthecuff Says:

    Thinker Belle, what do you mean she had help?

    The gas can set-up that Baez is trying to pin on George appears absurd. George planned to set up Casey with the duct tape through the gas cans?

    Why did George make a report if he suspected Casey and nothing else of value was taken? He was probably frustrated that she kept taking gas, so he put a lock on the shed, and then wanted a paper trail to eventually nab her for stealing.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Two things just hit me the other day….

    I wonder if Casey took the Gas Cans, not because she “needed” Gas, but thinking that the Gas smell would Cover-up the “other Odor” in the Trunk. I too have a Gas Can which is missing that other little “Cap”, and after I get it filled at the Gas Station for my Lawn Mower and it’s in the Car until I get Home, the smell of Gas in the Car is still strong for a while after I’ve taken the Can out. Just a Thought…

    About those 31 Days that passed before Caylee was found:
    Naturally, we know that Casey didn’t notify the Police that Caylee was “Missing” because she really wasn’t, BUT— If Casey HAD reported her Missing “too soon” before that Phone Call was ultimately made later on, Caylee would have probably been Found much SOONER, and her Body would not have been so “Decomposed”, which would have made it EASIER to determine the Facts about pretty much EVERYthing (i.e: Drugs in her System, Fingerprints, Cause of Death, etc). I’m wondering now, if Casey knew all along that the longer she could keep her Parents and her Friends “at Bay” about Caylee.. the longer Caylee’s Body layed out there, the better the chance that her Body would not be in any Condition to be able to Determine ANYthing if and when she was Found…. That she “waited” and filled her Time on-purpose, to allow the “Evidence” to “Deteriorate”. Just another Thought…

  6. Phil Says:

    After watching the trial I would have voted exactly the way the jury did. George, Casey’s Father told his girlfriend that it was an accident that snow balled out of control. Fit perfectly as to the defenses case of the accidental drowning. Casey and her Father were terrified of Cindy Anthony. Cindy said that the only good thing Casey had ever done in her life was give birth to Caylee according to Casey’s brother Lee. No DNA, NO finger prints, No other witness, No one proved who drove Casey’s car and parked it by the garbage dump. Nothing on the duck tape. Casey appeared to be a very good and loving mother from all the videos photos and character witnesses. The death of little Caylee is still a mystery, But there was no way to convict Casey of anything but lying to the police.

  7. zelda Says:


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