Casey Anthony: Tears Come When Moments with Caylee Described

Casey Anthony had to wipe away tears this morning as her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Lazarro, described to jurors affectionate moments the accused murderer shared with Caylee.

From the Associated Press:

Anthony Lazarro testified under questioning from Anthony’s defense attorney that she taught Caylee how to swim and regularly displayed affection for her daughter.

Lazzaro and his ex-roommates testified Wednesday that they met Anthony’s daughter several times and then at some point in early June, they never saw her again.

When they asked about Caylee, her mother told them she was with her nanny at a theme park or going to the beach.

Lazzaro and the roommates said Anthony’s demeanor never suggested anything was wrong. She would cook, clean and help out around the apartment, they said.

“She was a regular 22-year-old girl,” said Cameron Campana, a club promoter who was a college student at the time. “Peppy. She seemed normal.”

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16 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Tears Come When Moments with Caylee Described”

  1. Sherry Says:

    My mother was abusive to us kids yet no one knew it. Casey was good to her daughter, sure, at times in front of others. But I believe she was emotionally abusive to Caylee and that can be seen when you see videos of Caylee where there is no interaction.

  2. offthecuff Says:

    I think her little smiles and tears are for Lazzaro’s benefit. She still cares for him and wanted him to think well of her and feel badly for her. I didn’t see any tears when the other friends talked of her care of Caylee.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I have to say I agree with you both. I was thinking how Casey must have felt when she suddenly saw all these people she used to Hang-out with (and Sleep with) after three years away from the “Outside World”, and being reminded of the places and things they used to go and do, and the Life she is now missing. Funny how Casey never shed a Tear during those 31 Days (or even AFTERward for that matter)— After ALL, she and Caylee were so “Close” and “Loving” and “Affectionate”… and she “Adored” Caylee, and “did EVERYthing to Protect her”…..
    Yeah I’m sure she WAS a little “Touched” by Memories of Caylee that she apparently WIPED-OUT of her Mind on June 16th and hasn’t thought about since. She has about as much “Emotional Connection” to Caylee as, well, how long was it that she “slightly Weeped”… a few Seconds? If she missed that Child HALF as much as she was Reminiscing about being with Tony Lazzaro, she would have been bawling her EYES out. Casey is a damn good Actress, and— by her own Admission to her female Friend who stated it in her Testimony on the Stand— “a Good Liar”. Her little and brief show of Tears today, along with a slight Smile here and there when listening to Lazzaro, was as though she thought it was “Cute”— not the “Bond” and “Passion” and “Hurt” one would show for the lost-Child she was so “Close” and “Loving” and “Affectionate” and “Protective” and “Adoring” of. Casey has— and still is— Crying for herself.

  4. luvanrs Says:

    I thought they said she drowned…here is a witness stating that Casey taught Caylee to swim…

  5. Honeydog Says:

    WOW!!!! LUVANRS! EXCELLENT OBSERVATION!! I sure hope The Prosecution caught THAT one!! (I sometimes think we right here on the “Korner” Pick-up on more stuff than the Lawyers are, and think of things that not even some of the Reporters and Discussion Panels on TV do).

  6. ASHLEY Says:


  7. zelda Says:

    No…………they are trying to establish a reasonable doubt by creating a new story.That has always been the plan. Baez is reprehensible.
    He knows the only chance casey has is if they can prove that doubt.

  8. One Op Says:

    Maybe it is like a Susan Smith, Casey had hopes she could go to NY with Tony and he told her no. Somewhere back in the haystack I remember Casey saying Tony did not want girl kids. That stung bad, right after that Caylee is gone. Doesn’t anyone find any connection to all that? I do, as far as motive! Tony Lazzaro reminds me of a young man that belongs to “the family”! You know, Like a mafia family. If not, he could sure play one in one of them Jersey movies with whats his name and whats his name. John, Please don’t tell anyone I said all this or I may end up with a horse head on my pillow. Help!

  9. zelda Says:

    I will save you oneop!
    “up up and awaaaaaaaay”(anyone remember THAT?)

  10. One Op Says:

    Thanks Zelda, I need help! LOL

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of Tony Lazzaro, I understand that the Bag of “Garbage” found in Casey’s Car Trunk was from his Apartment. Why would Casey put HIS Garbage in HER Car and take it away, when Apartment Complexes have their own Dumpsters??!! Could it have been on PURPOSE that she did that, to help Difuse the OTHER Odor in her Trunk….

    If I’m somehow Wrong about the Garbage Bag being from Tony’s Apartment, then I’m going to Guess that the reason Casey parked her Car right next to the Dumpster at the “Ascot” was perhaps so she could grab a filled Garbage Bag OUT of it and put it in her Trunk— for the same reason….

  12. zelda Says:

    good observation honeydog……..there are a ton of “little” things like this that show casey’s cover up lies.She has and is lying about everything,,,,and old cindy is hard as nails.EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!
    The garbage thing is very transparent……….caylee’s body was in that trunk.casey has no clue about truth.she just says whatever works for her in any given scenario.Pathological to the max………..I don’t think she has a clue as to her present situation………not really.No connection to reality in her head at all……..just”whatever works” is her idea of the world.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    I think you explain it best… “No Connection to Reality in her Head at all”. Ya know, with the Pressures and Stress of everyday Life, I sometimes feel like I wish I could “Escape” from Reality mySELF… But, after witnessing what it’s actually like to really be THAT “BLANK”, it doesn’t look like such a good place to go.

  14. Mike Says:

    One of the biggest hurdles the Defence will have to exsplane is back when they were looking for Caley as a missing person and Casey was in Jail. Twice before they found Caleys remanes Casey had no reaction to reports of posable human remains been found. The people working at the Jail said she did not react to the lattest reports at all.But when they found a small human scull on DEC 11 she whent nuts . If you remember back when Lenard Padilea (Bounty Hunter ) had people looking for Caley and on 2 other times they thought they found a bunch of bones thinking they might be Caleys and even when brodcasted on Nancy Grace the peoplke in the jail with Casey said she never had any reaction to them what so ever But when Roy Kronk, someone she does not know found a suspishis bag with human remains before any thing had been proven Casey emedeatly started to take a panick attack and had to be sudated buy staff at the jail because she collaped when hereing an other posable body had been found neer her house in a woodedn area. Now The Defences opening statement said Caley dround June 16 2008 and her father George had disposed of her (Caley,s) body and some how Roy Kronk found her body and reburried her so he could find her and get the reward money.,If Roy Kronki had stole little Caleys body and re burried her How was it that Casey crumbled at the jail the day her little Caley.,s remains were found. She reacted that way because she knew these were Caley,s remains because SHE put them there. To much evidence that proves Casey was invalved in her daughter,s Murder and there is no way a person as self centerd and nasasistic as Casey is would take it this far befor she said that Caley died of a dronding accident . People that Lie as much as she does they do it to save there ass not to fry themselves. And to try and make us all beleave her Father George is that mad and hates her that much would have said enopugh is enough and say that caley died becase of an accident. He cant do that because it did not happen and he does not now how Casey killed her.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    The Video of Casey’s “Reaction” in Jail when Caylee’s Remains were found, is not coming into Evidence, but, good Points *Mike*.

  16. Mike Says:

    Hi Honeydog ” Ok they may not have video of her reaction but the people working in the jail were monitering her reactions of each time something was found. The TV was put in veiw so Casey could see any updates on weather they found her (Caylee)or not and they all knew the remains Roy Kronk found were Caylee’s because of Casey’s reaction. The people can testify that she reacted differant and exsplane that she took as panick attack and needed to be sedated before there was any proof it was Caylee. Because she knew it was because thats where she (Casey) burried her (Cayley). Not Roy Kronk.

    Now in court the defence said George took Caylee and got rid of her and that Roy Kronk had moved the body so he could get the reward. #1 how did Kronk know where George put the body? #2 If Kronk moved the body how did Casey Know to react to Kronks findings when George would have told her he put Caylee’s body some where else?

    Evan after all of this it still does not exsplane the evidence in the car!! I think mr Bias is way over his head and he has listen to Casey’s lies for so long he cant keep track of her story any more.

    If they wanted to go with the drowning story they would have been better without the sexual assault story because it would have been more beleavable.

    I am thinking that mr Bias probably told Casey that and she probably told him to go with it thinking the jury would feel sory for her and itès going to backfire on her.

    THe jury is going to say SHE killed Caylee and now she wants to distroy her parrents like the little spoild brat she is .

    I still dont think they will put her on death row. She will get life without any chance of parole. I personaly like that that better because she will have to live in protective custody with no one to talk too on a regular basis and with 23hrs a day in the cell and 1hr outside for excesise but it will be by herself.

    Maybe her and scott Peterson will share there story`s and write a book. LOL.

    I live in Canada and have watched Nancy Grace ever since this story broke and have listend too the jail house tapes. It realy blows my mind how mutch can be knmown about a case before iut goes to trial in the U.S.A.

    We had a case here in the ontario area in Canada that was high profile and the courts put a ban on any publacations here in Canada but it was on the news there in staes. So when it went to trial the jury had very little information on the way the two girls were murderd. The husband and wife kiled two 15 year old girls after keeping them prisinors inside there home for a few weeks. The husband evan went on the serch out in the woods.

    The thing is we did`nt here about anything in the case until after the sentancing. That would never fly in the states. Nancy would have to do weather reports instead. Let me know what you think. thanx Mike

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