Casey Anthony: George Anthony Questioned Over Missing Gas Cans

The prosecution today questioned George Anthony about gas cans he reported missing around the time his granddaughter, Caylee Anthony, disappeared.

From CNN:

On June 24, George Anthony called police to report the break-in and report the gas cans missing. He testified that he saw his daughter later in the day and argued with her about the missing cans, because he had a hunch she had them, as she had taken the cans before.

Anthony said that when he went to get them out of his daughter’s car, she bristled, brushed past him, quickly opened the trunk and retrieved the gas cans, throwing them down and telling him, “Here’s your f-ing gas cans.”

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11 Comments on “Casey Anthony: George Anthony Questioned Over Missing Gas Cans”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Baez was trying to deceive the jury into believing that the reason George didn’t call police about Caylee being missing was because he knew Caylee was already dead. George knew this and kept trying to get it across that he didn’t know Caylee was missing then. George did a good job holding his ground. Baez was using sleaze tactics, imo.

  2. eastwood34 Says:

    Either Baez is a total scumbag or, remember, she/they have had almost 3 years to cook up this story. if Baez fabricated this, he’s in deep shit

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t know how George can keep his Cool with someone who came-out on National Television and Slandered him in the dirtiest of ways, but who also is obviously enjoying jerking him around and pushing his Buttons to the limit. George did great today, and I LOVED it when Judge Perry told Baez to let George finish when Baez said he wasn’t going to listen to George’s “Narration”. NEH NEH-NEH NEH NEH!
    I hope George just hangs in-there and stays committed to his admirable Patience and Self-Regard, and never lets Baez get what he’s after.

    As for this whole “Gas Can” and “Duct Tape” thing, Baez is getting NOWHERE— and he ain’t going to. From what Jean Casarez reported later on, even the Jury appears to be Confused over what he’s doing. The Defense is never going to Overcome the stuff they laid-out on Day 1, and, at the end, The State is going to remind the Jury of just that.


    I wonder how the Defense will handle it when the question about the shovel Because according to Casey\
    her daughter died on the 16th of June why did she need to borrow the neighbor shovel a few days later if Caylee was dead. I f George dispose the body he had a shovel!!!!! I think she told the neighborer that she needed to remove bamboo root for Caylee !!! she said Caylee drown on the 16th what wrong with this picture Help@@@@

  5. knight owl Says:

    Everything is wrong with this picture because the defense made this whole stinking scenario up just like Casey made up the Nanny lie/story. Defense made a point of putting Linda Kenney Baden on tv right before the trial could start to tell us all that the Nanny story was a lie to pave the way for this new lie story and to get rid of the Nanny tall tale Casey told. Baez saying the body part of George’s verses just saying oral sex was to get more sensationalism from this lie. Baez is the lowest scum of a person. No wonder he and Casey get along so well, they are both scum and will take anyone down to get what they want. George Anthony loved Caylee and he would never have thrown her away in the woods accident or not. He would have given that grandbaby a proper burial. Throwing her away is only something her rotten Mother would do and did.

  6. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer and everyone here. Great blog post from everyone.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *Knight owl*, Good to see ya, and I couldn’t agree more with your Comment. Unfortunately, we out here happen to know alot more about everything and everyone in this Case than the Jury does. I just pray to God they have good Insight, good Common Sense, and some good, analytical Brains among them.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    The Gas Cans and the Duct Tape ON them is ONE thing, but the Reason for the Duct Tape on Caylee’s MOUTH is another….

  9. Honeydog Says:

    (ooops, wasn’t finished)…

    No need to Duct-Tape the Child’s mouth if she “Drowned”, and George wouldn’t think of putting a Pink Heart Sticker on it anyway… More-than-likely NO “Male” would— It’s a “Female” thing.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    (one more thing)…

    Besides The Defense’s attempts to imply that George could have “Drowned” Caylee.. or it was an
    “Accident” and he “Helped” Casey get rid of the Body.. or George was “Setting Casey up” by calling the Police and reporting his Shed broken-into and the Gas Cans gone but never mentioning that Caylee was “Missing” because he already knew she was Dead.. or, FOR GOD’S SAKE, what the Hell ARE they SAYING????!!!!…… ANYway, bottom-line, The Defense claims “Caylee died when she Drowned in the Family Swimming Pool”— An “Unfortunate Accident”.
    Have to say here, first, based on THAT, isn’t what they are Accusing George of “Contradictory”?…
    Further, GEORGE would have no reason not to Report Caylee’s “Accidental Drowning”, nor especially “Set Casey up”, KNOWING it would lead to everything that went-down over the past 3 years, and that it would go to Trial, and they would ALL end-up Suffering for it. I know that Geroge and Cindy haven’t been the Smartest Dogs in the Show in the past, but I would never believe that George would intentionally put himself through THAT, and he’d never get away with it anyway. Screw the damn Gas Cans.

  11. Natalie Says:

    Yes George called the police to report cans missing because he for one said there had been some burglaries in the neighborhood and two, Casey had already claimed she was in Tampa or Jacksonville when shed was broken into so of course there was nothing wrong with reporting cans missing nor suggesting Caylee missing. Baez is a thug.

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