Casey Anthony: Father “Badgered” on Witness Stand

It looks like George Anthony didn’t appreciate the series of questions asked by his daughter’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, while he was on the witness stand.

From CNN:

When Baez attempted to confront George Anthony with statements made in police interviews and his deposition, throwing several different dates and subjects at him at once, Anthony accused the attorney of trying to confuse him. “You’re badgering me,” he stated. “You’re trying to make me upset.”

As Baez pushed him more about when he mowed the lawn, whether he bought new gas cans and why he put tape on the old can if he had the new ones, Anthony snapped back that he and his wife were running on fumes at that point and spending every day searching for their daughter so he does not recall everything he did.

“I’m asking you to treat me with a little respect,” Anthony said, and he would show Baez respect in return.

Judge Perry cut Baez off when he began to ask a question about George and Cindy Anthony being allowed to sit in court during other witnesses’ testimony. “Do not go there,” he warned.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Father “Badgered” on Witness Stand”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Baez is getting reprimanded for alot of things so far.

    Here is Bill Schaeffer’s assessment of the cross exam of george:

    WFTV legal analyst Bill Shaeffer said George Anthony was clearly in control of Baez’s cross examination.
    “Really, George took over the cross examination away from Jose as far as tempo mood and testimony,” Sheaffer said. “George is a very powerful witness for the state. I believe the jury is starting to realize that this fabricated story of George being involved in the accidental death and cover up is nothing more than fiction.” Judge Perry was becoming increasingly impatient with Baez’s stunts.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I was really impressed with how George handled the Situation, and I’m praying that he continues to maintain his Cool as he builds-up his Credibility and allows Baez to bring his own down by his own Hand. George obviously is well-aware that Baez is being Relentless in his Mission to Pin all of this on him, and his Genuiness, Patience and Humility is not only Admirable, but I believe will Pay-off for him in the end.

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