Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Says Anthony Was “Same As She Always Was” Before Arrest

In his testimony today, Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, said that the accused murderer was acting normal when she picked up him and his friends from the airport the day before she was arrested.

From the Associated Press:

Ricardo Morales dated 25-year-old Casey Anthony from February to April 2008. He also testified Thursday that she and her daughter Caylee regularly stayed over at his apartment during that same time period.

Morales said that he remained friends with Casey after their break-up and that the last time he saw her with Caylee was when they spent the night at his house the first week of June. But he said she later agreed to pick him and some friends up from a trip to Puerto Rico on July 15.

“She was the same as she always was,” Morales said of Casey’s demeanor that day. “Happy. Smiling. Just as usual. Same Casey.”

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Says Anthony Was “Same As She Always Was” Before Arrest”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    One big, interesting, and significant part during Morales’s Testimony…. When asked if he ever saw Casey “Abuse” or “Injure” Caylee— although he said “No”— he ADDED that he knew “She had trouble getting her (Caylee) to Sleep”, in the same Sentence. Baez replied, “and that was only once”.. and Morales said “No”.. “She had problems getting her to Sleep”.

    Although he claimed that it was just a “Joke” and he thought it was “Funny”, Ricardo Morales was the one who had that Picture posted on his Facebook Page, saying “Win her over with Chloroform”. I have to admit that I’m a little Suspicious here. I’m not saying that I think he himSELF may have used it on Caylee, but I AM wondering if he may have known that Casey did, being that he said what he said on the Stand. It’s a little too Coincidental that something as specific as referencing “Chloroform” is on his Computer, and knowing of Casey’s problems getting Caylee to go to Sleep. Too bad for The Defense that they already chose to claim that Caylee “Drowned”— I’m sure Ricardo Morales would have been the next Name on their list of “other people to Blame” for her Death (i.e, HE used the Chloroform on Caylee). Good for The Prosecution that he came-out with what he did to help “Connect the Dots” on the
    “Chloroform” Issue….

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